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Concrete driveway designs that’ll help boost curb appeal

If you’re trying to make a good first impression with your curb appeal, then don’t forget your driveway. Even though your driveway is a space for your car to sit, it still plays a big role in overall impressions. Concrete driveways are a durable and long-lasting option, but a plain driveway won’t do you any extra favours.

Con-Tile Industries in Edmonton are a professional concrete contractor company that offers custom concrete designs. They share some curb appeal boosting driveway designs and ideas:

1. Mix and match finishes

If you want to give your driveway a really interesting appearance, then don’t be shy about using more than one finish. Combine a stamped edging with exposed aggregate to create a unique pattern. Or, pair a broom finish with stamped borders all throughout for a more elegant appearance. By mixing styles, you can customize your driveway and give your home an overall unique style. Need some inspiration? Look at these beautiful driveway designs and get some ideas for your own!

2. Add a focal point

Much like adding a focal point inside your home as a feature point of interest, consider the same for the driveway. Not only will this add an eye-catching addition, but it’ll really give your driveway a luxury finish. The designs can be anything from a simple pattern of stamped concrete to more specific designs. Medallions, address numbers or abstract patterns are a few popular choices. You can also make your own pattern by mixing colours and shapes into a new design. Design something that’ll be unique to you and your driveway!

3. Combine the driveway with the walkway

If you have a beautiful driveway pattern in mind, then why stop there? Continue your driveway pattern into a seamless sweep with your walkway up to your front door. This will not only blend the two, but it creates a real feature entrance and walkway for your home. Driveways typically have a separate feel to them, but drawing it into your home’s design will make it look high-end. Not to mention that major overall curb appeal boost!

4. Use colour to add interest and compliment your home

You want your driveway to help boost curb appeal, but you don’t want it to attract too much attention. If you want to add colour to your driveway, then draw tones and colours from your home. If your home has natural stone, used stamped concrete and colour it in rich earthy shades to complement it. Have a more modern home? Stamped can still add curb appeal, but opt for softer greys instead.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

At Con-Tile Industries, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. They pride themselves in their experience, knowledge and skill when it comes to their concrete services. They offer concrete service in driveways, patios, basement floors, garage pads and much more. Whatever design or dream you have in mind, Con-Tile Industries will work with you to make that a reality.

Contact Con-Tile Industries now for all your concrete needs!

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The preparation and process of a professional paint job

Painting is one of the more common home renovation projects that homeowners attempt to DIY. While DIY painting is possible, you’ll achieve flawless results from experienced, professional painters in Surrey. One of the most important parts of any paint job is the preparation, followed by precision and quality control.

Blue Chip Painting in Surrey shares more:

The importance of preparation.

Preparation and can make or break your paint job. Preparation is sometimes the most time-consuming part of painting, but one of the most important. Typically, the difference between a professional-grade paint job and an amateur one is found in how the surface was prepared before any paint went on the wall. Take shortcuts in the prep-work, and you’ll pay the price in poor results.

Preparation for painting includes cleaning, scraping, filling, sanding, caulking and sometimes wallpaper removal. For the exterior, it could include power washing, algae, and moss removal. Once all blemishes have been filled and sanded, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned again. Dust, pet hair, dirt or even the smallest of debris can diminish the finished look of your paint job.

Drop sheets and protective masking are placed on floors, furniture and other items in the renovation space. This will help protect those things and make clean up easier.

Priming and painting with precision.

If you’re worried about your own DIY painting abilities, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache hiring a professional painter like Blue Chip Painting. They’ll use high-quality products, and help you determine if your walls need to be primed before painting. After the prep work is done, their highly trained and experienced painters will make short work of painting your home.

Like everything, practice makes perfect. With a steady hand and always consistent coverage, you’ll see how efficient professional painters in Surrey will be completing your painting project. You won’t have to worry about paint on the ceiling or trim, roller lines or gunk stuck in the final coat. A painting company is committed to quality control, ensuring the job is done correctly from start to finish. That is why Blue Chip Painting backs their work with their 5-2-1 Guarantee of Workmanship.

Thorough clean-up finishes the job.

Painting can be messy, but it is less so when you hire professional painters. The best part, they are responsible for all the cleanup! This includes clearing the space of drop cloths, cleaning up any sanding dust, cleaning all equipment and removing any tape that might have been used. When you come back into the finished room, it will be completely rejuvenated, but you won’t be able to tell painters had even been there.

If you don’t think you’re up for a DIY paint job, connect with Blue Chip Painting in Surrey.

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Root of the Problem: Bamboo Owners Urged to be Cautious of up to 30ft Growth

Invasive bamboo can become a major problem for homeowners who may not realise that some varieties can spread up to 30ft, environment specialists have warned.

When bamboo is left unchecked, certain varieties can cross boundaries, cause damage to property and prospectively cause problems with neighbours.

Environet UK, which specialises with invasive plants including Japanese knotweed and bamboo, has issued a warning for those renovating a garden who may not be aware of how certain bamboo can be hard to control. 

Bamboo is optimal for its screening qualities and helping to create privacy, but it has the potential to be damaging to property due to the remarkable distance the roots can travel. 

Certain varieties have large underground roots, and ‘running’ types can grow up to 30ft from the main plant. Bamboo owners will be able to attest to seeing new shoots unexpectedly appearing in new locations, and its powerful growth can push through brickwork, cavity walls and exploit cracks in concrete. 

Nic Seal, MD of Environet UK, said, “If you do decide to plant bamboo, make sure you choose a clumping variety such as Bambusa or Chusquea and avoid the running types which send long roots out spreading many metres from the original plant. It’s also a good idea to place it in a pot or bed which is lined with a strong vertical root barrier designed to contain bamboo.”

Types of running bamboo that can require attentive maintenance include Phyllostachys nigra, ablack bamboo that stands 20-35 feet, and Phyllostachys bambusoides‘Allgold’, which can reach a height of 35 feet. 

Renovating a Garden

If you are planning a garden renovation, there are several ways to ensure that you create a sustainable garden, such as using plants that are productive and wildlife friendly.

Sustainable gardens have the advantage of enabling expressive architecture alongside being able to absorb greenhouse gases, air pollution and dust. 

For example, early- and late-flowering plants provide nectar for insects just after they emerge from or before they enter hibernation.

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4 major benefits of installing a whole-house humidifier

Bad air and pollution aren’t just problems when you are outdoors, they can also be an issue in your own home. Having dry air at home can dry out your skin and your respiratory system, affecting congestion or cause sore throats. It can also affect asthma and allergies by making them worse.

That’s why when it comes to both comfort and health, it’s important to keep your home humidity levels and air quality at its best.

Red Seal Heating and Cooling in Edmonton are a professional HVAC company who provides furnace, A/C and humidifier services. They share some of the benefits that a whole-house humidifier offers you and your home:

1. Improve your overall health 

A humidifier works alongside your heating and cooling system by adding moisture back into the air. In the winter months, in particular, the drier air dries out your skin causing itching or even cracks. Adding moisture back into the air though can help prevent this. It also helps bring back moisture into your nose and lungs, which can become easily dried out. If you often find yourself short of breath, coughing or getting nosebleeds, it’s likely the dry air.

If you’re also looking for an extra combatant against colds, humidifiers help your body and home do just that. Many viruses and allergens that thrive in low humidity, won’t survive long in a high humidity household.

2. Boost overall comfort

In addition to the health benefits, a humidifier will also help you sleep better at night. High humidity will save your respiratory system from drying out in the middle of the night. If you’ve ever been woken up or woke up yourself with a dry throat or coughing, this will help prevent that. It also helps people who normally snore, to snore less. Dry noses make it harder to breathe, which results in more snoring. But the right moisture in the air will keep away the dryness and the snoring!

3. Keep your home in better shape 

If you have real hardwood floors in your home, a humidifier will help keep them from drying out and cracking. Drier air also makes finishing and furniture more vulnerable to shrinking, warping and cracking. Paper, such as books or photos, are also affected as the dry air makes them more brittle. A humidifier though will help keep the air at just the right level of moisture to keep your home in top condition. This will also save you money from any costly repairs as a result of the dry air.

4. Save both energy and money 

The less you find yourself needing to reach for the thermostat, the more money you will save. Luckily, a humidifier can help do that. High humidity actually helps air retain more heat, meaning you will actually feel warmer. So, come those chilly winter months, instead of reaching for the thermostat, use your humidifier instead! Likewise, come summertime, lowering the humidifier will help keep the air cooler.

A whole-home humidifier is attached to your home’s existing HVAC system, so it uses less energy to add humidity to your home. This way, your whole family can benefit from clean air, instead of just one room, and at a less overall expense.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton 

Red Seal Heating and Cooling are a family-owned and operated business that offers quality heating and cooling services. They pride themselves in guaranteeing the best experience and service for each of their customers. Whether you need an installation, repair or just a tune-up, they are the ones to call.

Contact Red Seal Heating and Cooling for a free quote today!

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4 questions to ask yourself before choosing a new patio door

Picking the right patio door is a matter of both functionality and style preference. After all, your patio door will play a role in how much light is let in and will affect energy efficiency and the style of your home. Just as your front door is the feature of your entrance, the patio door is the feature of the back of your home. This is why there are a few questions to ask yourself before you settle on a new patio door.

Networx Windows, Doors, Exteriors in Vancouver are the experts for all thing’s windows, doors, and exteriors. They share some questions to ask before you pick your new patio door:

1. What style do you want? 

First things first, choose a style! Patio doors come in a few different styles that will either complement or add a different style to your home. Sliding doors are both functional and great for small decks or pool sides. French doors are sleek, modern and definitely make your patio entrance a real feature. Or, if you want to really transform your space, consider installing moving glass walls. These will not only maximize light into your home, but it will also give your home a really luxurious look and feel.

2. How much energy-efficiency do you want or need? 

Just like energy-efficiency plays a major role when you pick new windows, so should it play a role in your new door. If you are going for more window space to allow in more light, then look for thicker panes and Low-E coatings. It’s important to invest in your patio glass since it’s a major culprit for heat loss. Particularly so, when the winter months roll around.

Don’t forget to also take the material into consideration. Wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl, are all popular and available options. Vinyl and fiberglass are particularly high for energy efficiency ratings, whereas aluminum and wood are both low maintenance, and wood offers a touch of ageless beauty.

3. What colour do you want? 

Unlike the front door, your patio door colour won’t affect your curb appeal, but it will play a role in the design of your home. As an easy rule, your patio door colour should match the area around it. Do you have a pool area with tables and chairs? Then go for more pastels and matching blues or whites. Or, do you have a grill or an open garden? Try drawing colours from those, such as greens, pinks or reds. Keep in mind too, that you can paint the interior one colour and the exterior another. That way your patio door will match your home both inside and out! Need ideas? Check out these photos of patio doors for some creative inspiration.

4. Have you considered security? 

Don’t forget to pick a patio door that has the right security measures in place. The type of locks you choose will depend on where the patio door is and what style it is. For example, does it open out onto a raised deck or balcony? Or is it ground level and opens out into your garden or pool area? If you have a sliding glass door, consider adding a security bar for extra safety. For French doors, dual-locking will help double up on security.

Doors in Vancouver 

At Networx Windows, Doors, Exteriors, their goal is to ensure that you get a fit that perfectly meets your budget, design, and energy efficiency goals. Improving your lifestyle and home and making sure it’s at its best is their top priority. When you work with Networx Windows, Doors, Exteriors you can be sure your happiness is their number one goal.

Don’t hesitate to contact them today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
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When to Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an important electrical feature of any home or building. They keep the electrical system regulated and act as a control panel for all the power in the building. Over time, however, they may be in need of a replacement to keep you and other occupants safe and keep the system running without any problems.

Here are some ways to know when your circuit breaker may need an upgrade, from Can Electric Ltd. in Edmonton.

There’s an electrical overload

When your breaker experiences an electrical overload, it means that the breaker can’t handle all the appliances it’s meant to power. This may cause it to trip more often. Installing a new breaker that allows for more devices to run will leave you will less electrical problems. It’s also a safer choice, as a breaker can heat up and lead to the wires fraying. Having an electrician check out your breaker and see if an overload is present will also let you know what you should do next.

The switches are loose

The switches on your breaker should never be loose when switching between the on and off functions. If you find that the switch moves freely between the features, or doesn’t click when set to one side, this may be a problem. This may cause more short circuits, or fuses to be blown more regularly.

Your appliances are performing poorly

Lights flickering, kitchen appliances malfunctioning, or televisions turning off suddenly may be signs that the breaker isn’t working properly. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t always trust it’s an issue with the appliance itself. Their poor performance may have the circuit breaker to blame, if it’s acting faulty, smoking, or hot to the touch.

Electricians in Edmonton     

Can Electric Ltd. is home to your local, Edmonton-based your local, electrical service specialists. They have a wealth of electrical installation and maintenance experience to help create the best customer service possible, offering solutions for almost any residential and commercial electrical services and installation applications. Their professional electricians will provide you with quality services for your homes and businesses promptly and safely.

Need electrical help? Check out Can Electric Ltd. today! 

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Tips for Painting an Accent Wall

If you’ve watched HGTV or kept up with interior design trends over the last few years, you’ve seen accent walls in action. Accent walls are walls painted a different color to help accentuate features of the room like the color scheme or architecture. 

But what goes into picking and painting an accent wall? Believe it or not, it’s a lot harder than just picking a wall and painting it a different color. While trends come and go, there are some things that painting services craftsmen keep in mind when consulting on accent walls. 

What type of color should I paint my accent wall? 

The color you choose will come down to your personal preferences and the details of the room you’re painting. It’s always good to pick colors that have a nice juxtaposition or compliment each other. 

Bold colors used to be very popular colors for accent walls, but going with a more neutral tone is probably a better choice. You can always work your way up to a bolder color, but it’s hard to come back from a bold choice.

Which wall is the natural focal point? 

When you walk into a room, where does your eye naturally go? Is there a specific wall that your eyes just gravitate to? If so, then that’s probably the wall that you’d want to paint a different color. 

The focal point will depend a lot on the arrangement of the furniture and structure of a room. With that being said, make sure that the wall you paint will work as a focal wall despite arrangement of the furniture. A painting services company will help you find an accent wall that works. 

What if I don’t want to paint? 

Accent walls don’t necessarily have to be painted. You can add wallpaper, texture or even a unique design to an accent wall to make it pop. 

Whatever you’re leaning towards, Handyman Connection’s skilled craftsmen will be able to help you. Reach out for a consultation today. 

*Not all services provided in all areas, check with your local office.

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Waking Up Your Stairs: 8 Ways Painted Stairs Breathe Life Into Your Home

Are you looking for an unconventional way to transform your space? Well, have you considered giving your stairs a makeover?

Whether you’re looking to add some flair to your home or you want to transform a new space, taking a risk with bold colors, beautiful patterns, or cool textures can help you reach your design goals.

In this post, we are going to explore some ways painted stairs can enhance the appearance of your space.

1. The Rainbow Effect

Shake up your painted stairs and try adding a different color to each stair riser. Not only can this add some a pop of color to your stairwell, but you can go as dramatic or as subtle as you would like to go.

2. Add Some Words of Wisdom

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? Or maybe you have a few of them. That is okay! The possibilities are endless. If you want, you can add a quote to each riser.

3. By The Numbers

Something simple and creative when it comes to design is sometimes the best way to go. Grab a stencil of your favorite font, pick your paint, and get to work. Adding numbers to your staircase can be a simple way to transform your staircase.

4. Keep It Simple

What is more simple than black and white painted stairs? This simple idea can be the perfect statement piece you’ve been searching for. Whether you decide to keep the surrounding area simple or go bold with wall decor or bright paint, you have the option to do so with a simple black and white staircase.

Read >>>>> 10 Ideas for painting stairs

5. Pattern After Pattern

If you are creative, you can grab your favorite stencil and paint of your choice and get to work. Creating a beautiful pattern on each stair riser can transform your space. If you deiced to go a simpler route, you can choose your favorite wallpaper and add it to each stair riser for a completely new look.

6. Consider Tile

Whether you want to hand paint your own tile or buy tile already painted with your ideal pattern, a beautiful tile can give your staircase a whole new feel. Depending on your design goal, you can try a few different tiles on each stair riser or stick to one consistent pattern.

7. Paint The Stairs

In most cases, paint is added to the stair riser, but in this case, try adding it to the stairs. Whether you want to try a bright color or a more neutral hue, you can completely transform your space to suit your design needs.

8. When in Doubt, Go Distressed

Sometimes, the unfinished look is what’s in. If you’re going for a more industrial design style or want a nice break in style in your home, you may want to try the distressed look for your staircase. The fun part of this design style is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you wanted, each stair could have its own unique paint job.

Want More Design Ideas For Painted Stairs?

Whether it is painted stairs, stair refinishing, or another project, explore some more design styles and get some more inspiration for your next home design project with us. Contact New look painting if you are searching for staircase painting services in Calgary, AB.

New Look Cabinets & Interiors is a RenovationFind Certified Painting company in Calgary. They specialize in interior painting, line painting, as well as cabinet painters Calgary, cabinet refinishing and furniture refinishing. They offer superior workmanship, excellent customer service and are passionate about every project they work on.

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How do you put together an estimate for a painting project?

Painting projects can seem pretty straight forward. But how much does it really cost? How much time will it take and how much money will you need to spend? Do you really need cans of paint, or do you need less?

These are some of the questions that can pop up as you’re considering painting one or more of your rooms. The good news is, the answers to these questions are pretty straight forward! While any good painting services company will be able to help give you exact estimates, here’s an inside look on how we do it. 

What expenses go into painting? 

The painting expenses are pretty simple and straightforward: 

  • Paint: This is the most obvious, but paint is going to cost money. How much money will depend on the brand of paint you’re using and how much paint you’ll need for your room. Larger rooms will require more paint and potentially, more coats.
  • Materials: Things like paintbrushes, masking plastic and paper, tape, and primer. The materials needed will vary job to job and in some cases, these might be things that a professional painting services company already has. 
  • Labor: This can be the hardest to measure. While any painting services company will give you an exact breakdown on labor, keep in mind you’re paying for their expertise as well as their time and energy. 

Why should I go with a professional service? 

If there was any part of your remodel you could get away with doing, it would be the paint portion. But skill and expertise can make a huge difference between a sloppy paint job and a seamless one. 

At the end of a remodel, you want your room to look polished and perfect. Working with a professional painting service can help guarantee that level of quality. Call Handyman Connection today to get an estimate for your home.

*Not all services provided in all areas, check with your local office.

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Should I Paint My Cabinets?

We’ve all seen the horror stories about painted cabinets.  The paint chips off, it doesn’t clean well, it doesn’t look as nice as if you had just gotten new cabinets installed. It doesn’t have to be like that! Cabinets can be painted so that they look and feel brand new again.  If this is something you’ve been thinking about, you probably have some questions about it.

Distinctively Paint in Calgary shares the answers to some common questions homeowners have about painting their cabinets.

Will it be durable?

When painting cabinets, the most durable, washable product available must be used.  Choose only products used in professional high-end cabinet shops.  There are several products that are tried and true for cabinet refinishing which are designed specifically for that purpose.

Think about the fact that brand new, high-end, custom-built cabinets are finished locally on-site and in a commercial spray booth.  When painting your homes existing cabinets, demand the very best finishes such as those used on new cabinetry. This will ensure your cabinet finish is durable, beautiful and washable.

What colours can I pick?

When picking colours to paint your cabinets, the sky is the limit!  You can choose literally any colour available in any paint line.  The team at Distinctively Paint loves helping clients with colour selection and can offer some great tips.

Don’t forget about lighting: Be sure you don’t just pick a colour a friend used or something you saw online. Consider that colour is greatly affected by lighting and other colours in the space.

Consider two-tones: Two tone kitchens have been growing in popularity in the last few years.  A neutral colour on the perimeter cabinets and a fun, bold colour on the island is a great way to get a little creative on a smaller scale.

Enlist professional help: For best results, have our colour consultant come to your home. They can help you choose the colour that goes perfectly with your counters and backsplash and also looks great under your lighting. The right colour choices make everything look like a cohesive package to give you that designer feel.

Look at popular paint colours: Of course, there are several popular colours that get used repeatedly for painting cabinets.  For example, Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White and White Dove are 2 popular off whites to use.  If you are in love with the dark blue island trend, Hale Navy is a beautiful option.  If a warm charcoal island is more your style, take a look at Iron Mountain, also by Benjamin Moore.

Will people be able to tell it’s painted?

When finished by a professional cabinet painting company using industry specific products, your kitchen will look and feel brand new.  Your neighbours won’t be able to tell the difference.

How long will it last?

Properly painted cabinets will last a decade or more.  It all comes down to choosing the right finishing product, and a thorough preparation process.  Cabinets need to be repaired of any defects and thoroughly sanded.  Old silicone must be removed and the correct primer, designed to chemically bond with both the topcoat and substrate, must be applied prior to the final finish being sprayed.

Can I make changes to my kitchen at the same time?

Is your island shape dated?  Would you like to remove the cabinet above the stove and insert a big beautiful hood fan?  Perhaps you’d like to add a crown molding or an additional row of cabinets to go right to the ceiling.  Distinctively Paint can help with all of that.  With Distinctively Paint and their trade partners, they can update your island, make edits to your cabinets, change the backsplash or add a new stone or quartz countertop.

Once everything is painted, you won’t be able to tell where the old cabinets stop, and the new improvements begin.  It will all appear as though you had an entirely new set of cabinets installed – for a fraction of the price of brand new.

Painters in Calgary and Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary

At Distinctively Paint, respect, quality, and timely work are the three key principles that the company upholds. When you work with them, you can be guaranteed that your home is in the best hands possible and that you will love the results. They pride themselves on ensuring absolute customer satisfaction every time. Plus, if you aren’t sure about what colours to choose, their house colour specialist will come in and help you choose.

Ready to get painting? Contact Distinctively Paint today! 

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