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The perfect look for your stock kitchen cabinets  

New kitchen cabinets are a great way to add a fresh look and value to your home, and stock cabinets are a budget-friendly choice. To add further value and appeal to your new cabinets, consider adding MDF panels for a unique look.

Quix Group in Winnipeg provides superior European decorative MDF-based panels. They share some ways to use their decorative panels to dress up your kitchen stock cabinets:

What are stock cabinets and MDF panels? 

Unlike custom cabinets that choose the design and finish options, stock cabinets are pre-built cabinets. These cabinets come in set sizes and measurements and are ready to be installed in a few days. High-quality stock cabinets are built to be robust and durable, so while budget-friendly, you aren’t losing longevity. They can also conveniently be upgraded and updated with new hardware and accessories or looks like refacing with MDF panelling.

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a type of engineered wood product. It is made by gluing hardwood and softwood fibres under high pressure and then compressing them into panels. Unlike real wood panels, MDF is much less expensive and can easily be customized with different designs and styles. It’s also a better base if you want to paint your cabinets, or in the case of new panelling, it’s an easy replacement.

Acrylic panels 

Another type of stock cabinet panelling option is to choose acrylic, which is a great option for the kitchen. The acrylic finish is non-toxic and gives the panel a smooth, high-gloss appearance. It’s also scratch-resistant and doesn’t easily chip or crack. Add in that it’s available in a wide range of colours, and this panel adds a sleek, modern, and eye-catching new look. The mirror-like sheen creates the illusion of more space in your kitchen which is great in smaller spaces. Using acrylic panels on your top cabinets in a large kitchen will add a sense of height.

Lacquered UV panels 

If you don’t want the glossy look of acrylic, then the lacquered UV panels are a great alternative. These panels are waterproof, scratchproof, and steam resistant, making them great for a kitchen. The surface is hard and durable, and the UV protection ensures the look won’t fade over time. Like acrylic, lacquered comes in a nearly endless array of colours, so you can easily pair the right look to your kitchen. If you’re looking to add value or make a stylish long-term investment, lacquer is a great option. 

J-door appeal 

To pair style with convenience, look no further than the J-door. This option can be applied to all kinds of materials and looks great without a high cost. The handle design is integrated into a kitchen cabinet or drawer. The “J” shape in the cabinet creates the trademark hook-like feature, which is easy to pull open with ease. Even pairing a few doors in your kitchen with the J-door is a great way to play around with style and appeal and break up the look of the space. 

Stock Cabinets in Winnipeg 

Quix Group has been producing MDF products for years and has the experience, trusted reliance and quality to back them. They proudly supply superior quality European decorative MDF-based panels to add new value and appeal to your home. In addition, their team specializes in high gloss and super matte surfaces and can guide you to the perfect new look.

Contact Quix Group today!

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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How to create an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will not only add extra functionality to your outdoor space but will also increase the value of your home. Plus, it will give the foodies in the house (and guests!) the perfect place to enjoy al fresco cooking and eating. Modern outdoor kitchens go beyond a dining area and a charcoal grill. Instead, modern kitchens have adapted to the needs of today’s homeowners who want to maximise their space and fully enjoy their home inside and out, no matter the season.

Set a budget.

Of course, modern kitchen projects will depend on individual budgets. Some modern outdoor kitchens might feature high-tech appliances whilst others might be more focused on the do-it-yourself route to cut costs. We recommend making a base budget with some wiggle room as project costs might end up being more than anticipated.

Assess the space.

It is essential to assess the available space to know the type of outdoor kitchen you can install, including the types of appliances and how much seating space you will have. On smaller properties, the choices for the location of an outdoor kitchen are limited. However, there are countless small outdoor kitchen ideas that can inspire you and offer various options for modest outdoor spaces.

Outdoor seating.

Our London carpenters can assemble kitchen units, indoors and outdoors. So, if you have made up your mind on a specific kitchen unit but need a second pair of hands assembling and aligning it, get in touch with our team. Plus, our painters and decorators can paint exterior surfaces, such as paint house exteriors, to ensure the space you have for your outdoor kitchen looks its best.

Consider the material.

Outdoor kitchen.

If you want to design an outdoor kitchen for your British home, the outdoor kitchen needs to be weatherproof. Make sure you choose materials that can withstand the constant weather changes. Plus, we recommend picking materials that are easy to clean and low-maintenance, so you can enjoy this area of your home as much as possible with as little hassle as possible.

Don’t forget the plumbing.

Outdoor sink.

Without running water outside, you will have to keep going back and forth in and out of the house which might be a frustrating experience when you are trying to have conversations with your guests. At the Handy Squad, we have a team of plumbers in London, who can install garden taps, install sinks and complete a variety of other plumbing tasks you might require for your outdoor kitchen.

Light the space.

Let’s face it – you will not have excellent lighting conditions every day. You might be planning on having a daytime barbecue get-together with friends but it has extended into an evening of good food and cocktails. However, with no proper lighting, you will not be able to enjoy the rare warm summer evenings.

Outdoor lighting.

Your outdoor kitchen should be properly lit to ensure you can enjoy alfresco eating no matter the time of the day. Plus, remember to add some ambient lighting around your outdoor kitchen to create the right mood as well as lighting around the garden, so you and your guests can clearly see where you are stepping. Our electricians can install outdoor lighting, change light transformers on your current outdoor lights and more.

Shelter is essential.

Outdoor kitchen.

Shelter is one of the main features any outdoor kitchen should have. Not only will shelter allow you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen outside the summer months but it will also cover your outdoor kitchen appliances from the elements and, in turn, ensure these last longer.

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Warning signs your window wells are damaged or at risk

Blog submitted by Shield Foundation Repair in Edmonton

Early snowfalls can lead to slow melting water accumulations in low-lying areas of your home. 10 cm of snow in your window wells might not seem important, but that might not be a safe assumption. The melting snow could cause leaks, and you might need basement waterproofing in Edmonton.

Do you see horizontal waterlines on the window?

We marked the following photo with arrows to bring your attention to high watermark lines on the window. Those lines tell us that the window well filled with water during heavy storms.

The third photo below shows how water found its way around the window and over the foundation wall. Again, this is due to either no vertical drains or plugged vertical drains in the window well.

Does that look like your window? Call Shield Foundation Repair!

If you see lines like this, call Shield Foundation Repair for repairs and Edmonton basement waterproofing. The amount of water that can enter your basement in minutes is remarkable. Melting snow is even more sneaky because water might seep in slowly, but it’s as worrisome. A leakage problem can be invisible because water can run down your foundation and inside your walls. This is probably the culprit if you see mysterious puddles on your basement floors around windows or if it smells damp after every rain or snow event.

Window well maintenance tips

Keep your window wells free and clear of debris.

– Always maintain 100% rock topping in window wells for drainage.
– Regularly inspect window wells for signs that point to standing water.
– Look for signs of mould or mildew around window well areas.
– Be suspicious of musky odours in your basement.
– Inspect basement walls and floors around window wells for staining or dampness.

Bonus Pro-tip: When looking at buying a house, this is a dead way giveaway that there might be window well issues and water ingress.

Call us today to talk to one of our friendly staff about new or old leakage, moisture, or mould issues.

Contact Shield Foundation Repair!

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How to prepare a house for sale

Before putting your property on the market, it is vital to spend some time preparing your house for viewings. Not only will this increase the likelihood of getting more offers but it might also help receive higher offers. If you want to prepare your property yourself, we have put together the essential to-do tasks you should consider doing before selling it.

Alternatively, if you prefer to leave these tasks to the professionals, our team at the Handy Squad will be able to help. We have a large team of tradesmen, from handymen and electricians to plumbers and decorators who can quickly prepare your house and/or flat before putting it on the market.

De-clutter and clean.

Clean windows.

Before opening your property for viewings, it is key to give the house a deep clean. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to get distracted by dusty surfaces and large stains on the floor. Whilst deep cleaning the property, you can get rid of any unwanted clutter or remove any unnecessary items that might be taking up the room.

De-personalise the space.

Modern and sleek interiors.

De-personalising a home is all about creating a neutral and impersonal space. This means removing personal items, family photos and similar belongings to allow homeowners to envision the space as their own. It also includes updating outdated furnishings or simply moving them around. This will also help buyers not feel like they are intruding in your space or being distracted by your belongings. Our London handyman can also help rearrange furniture or, for those looking to add more neutral furniture, assemble flatpack furniture.

Go neutral.

Neutral house colours.

Part of de-personalising is going neutral but it is much more than that. Neutral colour palettes will not only give your property a modern and sleek look but will also help potential buyers imagine the home decorated in their own way. Flamboyant wallpapers and bold paint colours might be more distracting and overwhelming. Our painters and decorators will be able to hang wallpaper as well as paint any surfaces that you might require, including painting doors, painting rooms and painting kitchen cabinets.

Get rid of bad house smells.

Spray and clean house.

Eliminate smells that can put off buyers, including pet smells, toilet smells and bin smells. At the same time, do not go overboard and make a space smell too overpowering. The key is to opt for subtle scents that make any space feel and smell fresh. In case your property has bad smells coming from the pipes, consider speaking to a professional plumber. Our plumbers can unblock baths, install sinks, replace water taps and more.

Tackle home repairs.

Kitchen repair and improvement.

Do you have holes in your halls left by picture frames? Are there cracks on the walls and ceilings? Perhaps your bathroom door needs replacing? Or maybe you want to swap your old light switches with modern, new ones? Our professionals will be able to help. Our electricians can replace light switches, our decorators can repair holes in walls, our carpenters can hang new doors and more. A little goes a long way, and tackling these small issues, means that your home will be in better condition for those viewing the house.

Enhance the curb appeal.

Curb appeal of a house.

Let’s be honest, first impressions count, even more so during a house viewing. Ensure that the entrance of your home looks as good as possible will leave a good impression on potential buyers. This means: painting the house exterior, pressure the driveway, replacing the light transformer on your exterior lights, and even giving a new lick of paint to your entrance stairs.


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4 Home Upgrades Every Homeowner Deserves

If you’re looking to make some positive changes to your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about home upgrades that you will enjoy and will also increase the value of your home.

Fresh Paint

One of the first things that people notice when they walk in your front door, is whether or not it looks welcoming. So one way that you can make an underwhelming entrance more inviting is by adding new paint throughout the house. Not only will this make your space look clean and professional, but it will prevent the need to repaint in a few years.

Kitchen Island

If you love cooking, but hate the mess that comes with it, then a large and modern kitchen island is great for you. Not only will this space give you more workable space for putting your dishes away, but when it’s finished the end result will be clean, organized, and wonderfully beautiful.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can make a big difference in the value of your house, and they look beautiful! Hardwood flooring is extremely durable as well, so this will also help to extend the life of your floors.

Light Fixtures

Consider adding some new light fixtures throughout your home to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Decorative lighting is a great way to make a room feel more spacious and cozy at the same time.

From here, you can start to imagine how your house is beginning to look after you’ve made some of the above home upgrades. You’re one step closer to making your home more impressive and attractive.

Contact Handyman Connection

Contact Handyman Connection to schedule a free home improvement estimate. Call or text your local office if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our home maintenance services.

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Four benefits of air duct cleaning

Air ducts are an essential part of your home’s HVAC and ventilation system. When clean and working properly, they allow warm or cool air to circulate evenly throughout your house. Consequently, regular maintenance is critical to keep this system working at its best. Dirty ducts promote mould growth, restrict air movement, blow around dust, increase energy bills, and damage your HVAC unit.

Town and Country Furnace Cleaning in Calgary is your local choice for air duct cleaning. They share four benefits of scheduling regular air duct cleaning.

Cleaner air

If it’s been a while since your last duct cleaning, you might notice dust building up in your home. This is because dust, dirt, and other contaminants eventually find their way into your home’s duct system. As a result, debris circulates throughout your home through your HVAC system, lowering the air quality.

A dusty home is unpleasant for various reasons, including the impact on your health. People with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems will likely experience discomfort or difficulty breathing. Furthermore, dirty ducts allow bacteria, pollen, mould spores, mildew, and germs to grow and spread. This is not good for the health of you or your family. As a result, you may get sick more often, miss work, develop mysterious health conditions, sneeze, or feel constantly congested.

Fewer unpleasant smells and odours

Your home always smells a bit off- but you can’t locate the source. The problem may be with your dirty ducts. Over time, dust and dirt accumulation produces a musty scent. Additionally, odours from pets, paint fumes, mould, tobacco, cleaning products, or foods can get trapped in your ducts and flow through your home. A thorough duct cleaning fixes this issue. It removes all odours, so your home smells fresh and clean.

Prolongs the life of your HVAC

Dirty ducts shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system. The dirtier the ducts are, the harder the HVAC unit has to work. It becomes increasingly difficult for air to be pushed through and circulate throughout your home. Ultimately, your HVAC system will experience unnecessary wear and tear. Furthermore, neglecting to clean your ducts regularly can compromise them structurally. When it comes to HVAC systems, maintenance is much less expensive than replacing, making it preferable.

Lower energy bills

Regularly cleaning your ducts increases the energy efficiency of the entire HVAC system. When the ducts are clean, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard or use as much energy to heat or cool your home. It draws more power, resulting in higher monthly electricity costs. On the other hand, clean HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency. This saves you money!

Duct Cleaning in Calgary

Town and Country Furnace Cleaning have years of experience cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems in Calgary. Their professional services keep your HVAC and duct system working at its best. With Town and Country Furnace Cleaning, you enjoy cleaner air and excellent customer service!

Contact Town and Country Furnace Cleaning today!

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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5 myths about building a custom home

For some who have never built a custom home, starting from scratch, designing and building a custom home seems like a daunting task. Many don’t know where to start. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions about designing and building a custom home can create many unwarranted concerns. It’s essential to know the facts before you get started down the path of new home construction.

Landen Design Build in Calgary is a One-Stop Building Solution for affordable design and custom home or renovation construction. An experienced custom home builder and renovation expert with more than 40 years of design-build expertise! They custom design and create unique and outstanding new homes and renovation projects in and around Calgary. They also specialize in custom acreage homes.

Landen is a full design-build service with a complete in-house architectural drafting and planning service. This service also includes a no-charge preliminary planning service, offering up to 30 man-hours of real CAD drafting services with no strings attached. You can learn more in the explainer video at Landen also provides state-of-the-art full 3-D rendering and 3-D virtual tour design services. Furthermore, this is all included as a no extra charge design service.

Here are some common myths about building a custom home and why you should trust the professionals like Landen Design Build:

Myth 1: You have to be a design expert yourself

Building a custom home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to develop your own floor plan and design yourself. When it comes down to designing and building a custom home, you can have as much or as little input as you want. But, of course, it helps to know what features you want.

A skilled professional can walk you through this process and help iron out all the design details relatively pain-free. In addition, a good custom “Design-Build” home builder will help ensure that you get everything you’re looking for. And, in many cases, for much less cost than if you engaged a separate architect/designer and then shopped around for a builder to build off the architect’s plans.

Myth 2: You’re going to go over budget

One of the biggest concerns of building a custom home is the cost. However, you can build a custom home within your desired budget. Just let your home designer know your realistic budget upfront before and when design work is done. This is where a Design-build firm shines. They know what a design will cost versus a home designer or architect who has never held a hammer before. A quality custom builder that works on a fixed management fee will help you stay on budget. This is because they don’t have any motivation to upgrade you. No matter what the actual building cost is, the “builder’s fixed management fee” stays the same!

Furthermore, builders who work off of a fixed management fee have no reason to trick you into additional expenses. Additionally, they won’t try to oversell you on features you can’t afford. Of course, you can run into unforeseen costs with any project. However, an experienced builder should be able to anticipate those issues. You should note that any good builder will budget for a contingency buffer of 15% or more to help cover those unforeseen costs. Here are tips for staying on budget when building a home.

Myth 3: Custom homes take too long to build

Many factors impact the timeline for building a custom home. Custom or not, no builder can control obstacles like bad weather, labour shortages, and supply chain issues. Unfortunately, these problems can affect the timeframe and the cost to build. Most customs can be built within an 8-12 month window, depending on the complexity of the design. On the other hand, “track-built homes” can take as little as 5-8 months to build. However, track-built homes will NOT offer you the same custom features to meet your individual lifestyle needs!

When you hear stories about homes that take way too long to build, it is usually an issue with an inexperienced builder. Or, it could be a contractor that doesn’t have a long working relationship with their trades and suppliers. As a reputable and experienced builder, Landen Design Build has been working for over 25 years (and in some cases well over 35 years) with their trusted trades and suppliers. This means you will get front-of-the-line treatment. This is better than a builder with minimal history with other trades and who needs to “shop around”.

An added bonus to using a builder with long trade relationships is a proven track record of quality workmanship. You won’t get that from a builder who hires trades they’ve never worked with before! In many cases, there is a good reason why a trade is available to the inexperienced builder because no good builder wants to hire them!

Myth 4: Building a custom home is complicated

Building a custom home does come with a lot of choices and selections. Additionally, it will have many moving parts to the overall process. But, this can still be an enjoyable experience with the right design-build help. You can choose the desired details to achieve your dream home but will need an experienced custom home builder to navigate and deal with the complexities of custom building.

A track home builder who has built the same model home repeatedly knows right down to the door stop what the job will cost and how long it will take to build. However, a custom building is just that, a custom one of a kind, never been built before, home design. A good design-build builder will handle all project management, permits, scheduling, and detailed planning. A custom home builder may make it look like a piece of cake so that you can enjoy the building process.

Myth 5: Builders communicate poorly

No one can speak for all builders, but Landen Design Build prides itself on transparent communication. They are always accessible to clients. A good builder should constantly check in with you throughout the process. Whether just to update you on progress or confirm your selections and building details. Furthermore, you should always have access to your builder if you have issues, concerns or questions.

Custom Home Builders in Calgary

Landen Design Build is your one-stop design-build solution for custom homes and renovations in Calgary and surrounding areas. This award-winning builder comprises several registered and focused divisions to ensure every stage of your project is done correctly and runs smoothly. If you’ve been thinking about embarking on a significant building or renovation project, you’ll want to check out the experts at Landen Design Build, and get them on your team.

Contact Landen Design Build in Calgary for a consultation.

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Services to look for in a professional painting company

We know that most professional painting companies offer exterior and interior painting. However, there are various other services that you should look for. After all, you want a painting company that can go above and beyond and complete your home project.

CertaPro Painters in Winnipeg offers an extensive range of residential and commercial painting services. Their convenient and professional process ensures you enjoy your freshly painted home sooner. Here are five services they offer.

Colour consultation

Picking the perfect colour can be even more challenging than choosing the right painting company! One thing that can make this process easier is to hire a professional painting company that also offers colour consultations. Their design expertise and knowledge of colours are invaluable. In addition, they can bring new ideas to the table and help you navigate current trends.

Drywall repair

Before interior walls can be repainted, any damaged drywall underneath must be repaired. Otherwise, the new topcoat may flake off, the existing damage will persist, and you’re likely to have aesthetic flaws even with a new paint job. When you hire professional painters, they should repair and patch the drywall before beginning. This ensures a smooth, high-quality interior paint application that lasts.

Cabinet painting

Faded, stained, drab, and outdated cabinets bring down the whole kitchen. However, replacing cabinets comes with a big price tag. So what can you do? Repainting your cabinets is a great option. It brings new life to your kitchen, creating a cleaner and modern aesthetic. Plus, cabinet refinishing is faster and more convenient than replacing.

Ceiling painting

Over time, ceilings tend to discolour. This is due to dust, moisture, and sun exposure. Eventually, your glistening white ceiling will start to look dull and faintly yellow. Experts recommend repainting your ceiling every 7-10 years. However, if you’re already bringing in a painting company to do the walls, it’s a good idea to have them repaint your ceiling too. 

Power washing

Sometimes your siding doesn’t need a new paint job as much as it needs a good clean. Removing algae, grime, dirt, and mould protects the paint and helps it last longer. That being said, when your home’s exterior does need a fresh coat of paint, power washing is an essential first step. It prepares the surface for painting by creating a clean, smooth surface free of dirt and grime.

Painters in Winnipeg

CertaPro Painters of Winnipeg West understands that finding the right painter for your home improvement project can be stressful! With their experienced professionals by your side, your painting project will run smoothly and produce flawless results. They offer a range of services, including interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, drywall repair, power washing, stucco repair, staining, and many others! If you’re ready to upgrade your home with a fresh coat of paint, CertaPro Painters of Winnipeg West guarantees your satisfaction.

Contact them for a free estimate!

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RenovationFind Certified

RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
We are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Why so many homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring is rising in popularity. Homeowners choose these innovative flooring products for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond. Quality Red Tag Floors in Edmonton shares why:

They look amazing

Luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the look of its more expensive counterparts, minus the maintenance requirements. So if you want the look of natural hardwood or real stone tile in your home but don’t have the budget, vinyl provides a solution.

It comes in a wide range of design options—weathered woods, modern grey, farmhouse planks, textured stone, tile, and many others. It looks like these materials, but it feels like it too. Patterns are embossed into the tile or plank to give it that realistic feel.

They’re low maintenance

Luxury vinyl is extremely easy to maintain. On the other hand, a natural wood or stone floor requires more work and cost. Your luxury vinyl floor has a protective layer that doesn’t require waxing or polishing. You just need to sweep, vacuum and mop with a mild detergent. You don’t have to worry about refinishing or sealing the floor to keep it looking new.

They’re waterproof

If you have kids that like to splash in the tub, luxury vinyl is for your family! While some flooring options are water-resistant, properly installed luxury vinyl is waterproof. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for high-spill zones like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. However, many homeowners choose to use it throughout the entire house! Moisture and spills will not damage your luxury vinyl floor.

They’re affordable!

The affordability of luxury vinyl flooring is one of the biggest draws for homeowners. You’ll get all the benefits mentioned above, without being shocked by the price. You can have the look of hardwood or tiled floor at a fraction of the cost. In addition, you’ll save on maintenance costs over the years, making it even more cost-effective.

They’re comfortable

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank are comfortable underfoot. You’ll feel a real difference between quality vinyl and low-quality options. Additionally, luxury vinyl will feel warmer than cold tile – a significant benefit on those cold winter mornings! Luxury vinyl also offers sound insulation, which will reduce the noise of loud footsteps echoing across the house.

Flooring Companies in Edmonton

Quality Red Tag Floors offers affordably-priced, high-quality flooring for your home renovation or new construction project. Their flooring products suit the drastic climate changes we experience in Alberta and will last for years to come. They offer a wide selection of luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring. In addition, you’ll find quality engineered hardwood, laminate, porcelain tile, carpet and more.

Visit Quality Red Tag Floors for your next home renovation!

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RenovationFind Certified

RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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5 advantages of refacing your cabinets

Cabinet refacing is when you remove your kitchen’s existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace them with something new. This updates the aesthetic of your kitchen, increases the durability of your cabinets and is more convenient than replacing. Cabinet refacing is the perfect option for homeowners who want a fresher kitchen faster and without the hefty price tag.

Kitchen Tune-Up in Calgary NW offers five different ways to update your kitchen. One of these is cabinet refacing. They share the many advantages of this cost-effective kitchen upgrade.

1. Fast

Installing replacement cabinet doors only takes a few days. On the other hand, getting entirely new cabinets requires multiple days. Because cabinet refacing is a fast and easy process, you have minimal disruption to your daily life. You won’t have to change your schedule or plan around your cabinet replacement. Alternatively, a full kitchen remodel with replacement cabinets can take weeks. This convenience alone is a huge plus for cabinet refacing.

2. Affordable

Cabinet refacing is considerably more affordable than new cabinets. In fact, cabinet refacing is usually 50% less expensive than a cabinet replacement! This means you’ll have more money to spend on the rest of your remodel or more money in the bank. All in all, the affordability of cabinet refacing makes a kitchen update more accessible. You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a modernized, fresh, attractive kitchen.

3. Keep your current layout

If your kitchen layout works for you, why change it? Refacing the cabinets doesn’t disrupt your functional and preferred layout. It does, however, allow you to update the aesthetic of your kitchen. With refaced cabinets, you give your entire kitchen a facelift- without altering the layout.

4. Variety of choices

You can choose from various types, materials, and colours for your refaced cabinets. This allows you to find a style that suits you and matches the design of your kitchen. For example, Kitchen Tune-Up offers three main cabinet door styles: raised panel, recessed panel, and slab panel. Additionally, they carry a selection of woods such as oak, maple, and cherry. You can also choose from various finishes and paints.

5. Increased house value

Full kitchen remodels cost a lot of money- and you’re not guaranteed to recoup the costs when you sell. Ripping out your existing cabinets and installing brand new ones adds value to your home… but you’re unlikely to recoup a large percentage of the costs. However, you are more likely to recoup the costs of cabinet refacing. They will still update your kitchen and increase the value of your home. Learn more about the impact cabinet refacing has on profits.

Option to add more cabinets

Kitchen Tune-Up has a Refacing Plus option where they also install additional cabinets, drawers, and islands. This is an excellent option for anyone who yearns for more space without the large price tag of a full kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Refacing in Calgary

Kitchen Tune-Up Calgary NW provides kitchen updates for any budget. Their services include cabinet refacing, cabinet redooring, cabinet painting, wood reconditioning, and custom cabinet installation. They work fast and efficiently, arrive on time, and clean up to minimize disruption to your daily life. Plus, they have more than 30 years of experience transforming kitchens.

Contact Kitchen Tune-Up Calgary NW today!

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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