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Furnace installations: why the right company matters more

When it comes time to buy a new furnace, many homeowners focus on the right model and type. This is important, but investing in the right company to install your furnace is just as important, if not more. Take the time to research who you will hire, including their qualifications and experience. Doing this extra research will ensure your furnace is installed properly the first time and it performs efficiently for the long-term.

For a completely qualified and professional company, look no further than Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning. As an award-winning and customer minded company, they share the importance of choosing the right furnace Edmonton company to install your furnace:

Qualified companies assess your needs

While a low-cost installation seems like a tempting choice when replacing your old furnace, it’s not always worthwhile. Furnace models are becoming more efficient and economical, but proper installation is vital to them operating to their potential.

A qualified and experienced company will know that and assess your home carefully before the installation. Things such as the right size, efficiency ratings that are best for your home and personal needs, or the need for new ductwork will all affect the right choice for your home. An Edmonton furnace company like Acclaimed! takes the time to assess your home and your needs first, before installing a new furnace. That way, you get the right match from the start, and doesn’t cost more in energy use than it has to.

Acclaimed! Also has access to the best brands in the industry like Trane, Goodman, Carrier, or Our Signature Series. This allows them to provide the best options for you as they’re not tied to one brand.

Guarantees reliability

Proper installation, the right size, and the right type will ensure that your furnace doesn’t breakdown prematurely. Furnace installation requires the right skill, experience, and knowledge to handle properly. Otherwise, breakdowns will continue to happen, and more often, as the furnace works harder than it needs to. You could end up spending more on constant repairs, and dealing with the inconvenience and discomfort of not having a working furnace.  It’s also likely the furnace will wear out long before it’s supposed to.

Reliability in a company also relates to their qualifications and licensing. A company that has won awards, supplies permits, and hires fully-trained, and certified technicians is an Edmonton furnace company you can trust with your home. With Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling and Furnace Cleaning, you can rest assured knowing that no team member is hired without both owners feeling 100% confident that they’d want them working in their own homes. Everyone on the team has passed a criminal record check, multiple interviews, and fits into the core values of the company: respect, accountability, integrity, and teamwork.

Future customer service

Once you have a reputable and trusted HVAC company, you’ll likely use them again in the future. Any maintenance checks, tune-ups, or emergency help can be handled by a company you know and now trust. Down the road, renovations or HVAC changes will also be easy to handle and get help for. A company that has been in the business for years will likely also be around for many more to come. Even when your new furnace becomes old, you have a safe and trusted source to find a new model. If you even sell and move as well, you can still have a trusted company to inspect and provide for your new home.

Ready to work with a qualified and skilled Edmonton furnace company? Then contact Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning today!

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5 Home Improvements Before Winter

Seal Your Windows

Make sure to always check your windows before the winter months. Some windows can last up to 25 years, but before the cold months come around always go around your house and check all your windows. If they do need to be repaired, caulk the cracks along the windows or call Handyman Connection for better assistance.

Apply New Interior Paint

Did you know that adding bright colors to your home can actually boost your mood? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can make your home feel brand new. Our craftsmen can help you repaint your walls.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Get ready for winter by renovating your kitchen so it’s in the best shape for the holidays. Add a tile backsplash to the walls or replace the countertops. Handyman Connection is happy to help!

Refurbish Your Doors

It may be time to fix or replace the doors in your home. Whether it’s a bathroom door, bedroom door or your front door, Handyman Connection can help.

Install a New Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat it may be time to install one. They are easier to use and also more efficient! This year may be the perfect year to finally install one in your home.

View our infographic for more information and if you need assistance with any of these home improvement items, call us today our skilled craftsmen are happy to assist with any of your needs.

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Protect your farm with a new fence

If you own a rural property, your choice of fence will affect the safety and security of your livestock or produce, as well as the beauty of your property.

Dotted around the Calgary region, we see several different types of farm fence that appear again and again.

However, there are more than ten styles available and your choice depends on many factors.

You may need more than one type – for instance, a perimeter fence to keep the cattle in and a garden fence to keep them away from your plants,

So, what exactly are your choices? And what factors do you need to consider before selecting the right type of fence to install?  

Key considerations before choosing your farm fence

Your farm fence will likely do more than simply mark the boundaries of your property.

It will serve many purposes, so let’s first look at the factors that almost every farm owner will need to consider before even starting to look at fencing materials and styles.

Your budget

Farms often cover large areas. That means the investment in your fence could be significant and it’s important to get your choice right. With such large-scale fencing projects, consider the budget you are prepared to allocate.

The type of farm you have

A basic consideration with a farm fence is what type of farm you have: is it mainly for livestock or fresh produce? Different types of farms need to protect against different types of threats and your fence can help or hinder this.

Strength and durability requirements

With such a significant investment, you want your fence to last. A key consideration is the amount of wear and tear it will be subjected to – livestock and horses may be tough on farm fences. If you have a problem with wild game intrusions, you may need extra strength in your fence.

Style preferences

You may have your heart set on a particular style of farm fence – or be open to the many choices available. If the appearance of your fence is as important as its functionality, this needs to be taken into account when considering your choices.

Privacy and security requirements

How important are security and privacy? In many rural properties, privacy is rarely a major issue like it is in city properties but nobody wants a fence that makes their farm look like it’s lacking security.

Each of these considerations – plus the impact of the harsh elements in this part of the world (cold, sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, ice) – will influence your decision of farm fence.

Now, let’s take a look at the main fence options available for protecting your farm.

The main types of farm fence in Calgary

The following types of fences are broken down by fence material, as this is the single biggest factor that affects the style, durability, and cost of your farm fence.

Wooden fences

Wood provides many great options for farm fences:

  • Post & plank fence – a traditional farm fence consisting of three horizontal wood planks running the length of the fence with vertical wooden posts for added stability. Ideal as a horse or cattle fence.
  • Post & rail fence – provides a classic “prairie” look with three horizontal rails (wood or galvanized steel) running the length of the fence and posts added for stability. Another great choice for livestock fencing.
  • Top rail fence – another rustic fence providing an open view of the landscape, with one horizontal wooden top rail with vertical wooden posts added for stability. Wires may be added in between the posts.
  • Split cedar fence – provides an “Old West” appeal, is environmentally friendly, and also virtually maintenance-free. However, it comes at a higher outlay than other types of wooden cattle fences.

Barbed-wire fences

Galvanized barbed wire is commonly used on Calgary farms, especially as a cost-effective and practical option for cattle pastures and enclosures. They are generally cheaper than post and rail fences but do not provide the traditional style.

High-tensile wire fences

This is smooth wire pulled at very high tension and supported by heavy posts. It can be used for either temporary or permanent farm fencing and its strength means that it is suitable for livestock. If the electrification option is added, it is especially effective.

Page wire fences

Page wire is galvanized wire knotted or welded into rectangles, creating a continuous mesh. This is connected to wooden or steel posts. These fences provide excellent strength for livestock like horses, cows, dogs, goats, pigs, and sheep.

Chain-link fences

A chain-link fence provides an affordable and secure way to protect certain areas of your property (e.g. a garden or a dog kennel) or to delineate the entire property and prevent wild game or intruders from entering.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences can do all the things that wood can do but with less maintenance (no painting, insect-protection or staining required). They are ideal for large properties with livestock or horses or even to protect smaller areas like gardens, but they do generally come at a higher cost than wood.

Remember, there is a fence type suited to every purpose on your farm. Do your homework first and it will help you choose the right fence to provide the necessary protection for all areas of your property. 

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Why asbestos removal is not a DIY homeowner project 

Finding out there is asbestos in your home is a nightmare situation for any homeowner. Trying to do a DIY removal not only risks worsening the situation but also endangers your health. If breathed in, asbestos can lead to severe internal damage, so professional help is always best.

Progressive Environmental Inc. in Vancouver is a professional asbestos and mould testing and removal company. They share more about asbestos and why hiring their professionals is the safest call to make:

Difference from mould

Unlike mould, which is a living thing, asbestos was a product used in construction during the late 1800s. It has been banned since the 1979s, but homes built up until that point may still contain some asbestos. Asbestos was used to strengthen cement, for plastics, insulation, roofing, floor tiles, and even paints. If disturbed, asbestos breaks down and releases dust particles in the air. Short-term exposure, if inhaled, may only have a low health risk. However, long-term risks can cause lung tissue scarring and, in severe cases, will lead to lung cancer.

Mould, in comparison, is naturally found in the environment and can grow indoors given the right setting. There are also twelve different types of mould, each varying in colour, shape, and degree of health risk. It is also generally easier to spot than asbestos as it grows on surfaces. Reactions from exposure to mould range from allergic reactions, infections, or rashes. Severe cases, such as long-term exposure, can be more dangerous.

Asbestos removal is risky

Without the right experience and care, asbestos removal can be a risky process. If any of it is knocked loose, the dust particles released can be easily inhaled. Old asbestos as well will naturally deteriorate and risk being released during a renovation. Even DIY asbestos kits aren’t always entirely reliable when identifying the presence of asbestos. Without proper experience, the results can be misread, and the equipment itself isn’t always professional quality. Even conducting the test itself incorrectly risks disturbing the asbestos and releasing it into the air.

The problem may be more involved

If you find signs of asbestos under your floor tiles and DIY remove it, there’s no guarantee that’s all there is. As a widespread construction material, other areas in your home likely contain asbestos. DIY searches for more asbestos, such as tearing down walls or removing more flooring, risks disturbing the asbestos. Because asbestos does not grow like mould, it requires professional experience to know where to look and safely test. The removal process itself may also be more involved, depending on the amount of asbestos present in the home.

Leave it to the pros 

Removing asbestos should always be left to a professional. Beyond just knowing where to look for asbestos, they have the right tools and equipment for the job. While store-bought asbestos testing kits are available, they are generally not recommended. Even if you think your home has asbestos in it, it’s safer to call in a professional for an inspection. A professional will know where to look for asbestos, how to safely check it, and if any is found, how to safely move it from your home.

Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Your health and safety are the main priorities of the professionals at Progressive Environmental Inc. They work quickly, efficiently, but most importantly, safely, to help protect your home. Whether you need asbestos or mould testing and, or removal, they are the right company to call. 

Contact Progressive Environmental Inc now!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Window repair vs replacement and when to choose

Before you start budgeting for new windows, first consider whether the damage is repairable instead. Foggy windows, cracked glass, or leaks doesn’t necessarily mean that a full replacement is in order. Knowing the difference can save you money or offer a solution to make your home more energy-efficient.

Reliable Glass & Windows Ltd. in Calgary provides high-quality windows and installation services. They share what type of window problems can be repaired or when a replacement is best:

Cracked glass: repair

Cracked and especially broken glass should be repaired immediately and not ignored. Aside from the visual problems it creates, it’s also a matter of safety. It is important as well to recognize the types of cracks in the glass and what caused them. Stress cracks, for example, start at the edge of the window and then spread out. That may be caused by slamming the window or from extreme temperature fluctuations. Pressure cracks, though less common, are also caused by extreme weather or from elevation issues. If the glass can’t withstand the elevation, the pressure buildup will cause it to crack. Replacing the windows with thicker glass and ones that suit the climate will help prevent future cracks.

Broken sashes: repair

Sashes can become damaged for several reasons but are generally easy to fix. Sometimes painting the window frame can cause the sash and frame to bind together. In this case, clearing away the dried paint should fix the problem. Otherwise, the sash may have jumped the track, or in spring sashes, the problem may be a worn-out spring. These are all easy to fix problems that do not include the costly replacement of the entire window. If you have older windows and sashes that constantly break down, however, then it may be more beneficial to consider a replacement.

Foggy windows: replace

In double- or triple-paned windows, fog buildup results from moisture that has gotten between the panels of glass. If the condensation is on the inside of the window––simply run your finger on the glass to check––then the humidity is from indoor air. Otherwise, if the issue is limited to one window and the fog doesn’t clear, it’s the window. The seal on the glass panes is likely broken or damaged, and the insulation gas is escaping. In this case, replacing the window is the best option.

Increasing bills: replace

If you’ve noticed that your monthly bills are steadily rising and there’s a constant draft coming from the window, it may be time to consider new windows. Old windows often become drafty as their insulation and durability begin to wear out. While caulking the window can help lessen drafts, it won’t completely fix the problem. Instead, investing in newer and more energy-efficient windows will save you much more in the long run. Your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also protects your HVAC system from working so hard, which will help prolong its lifespan.

Windows in Calgary

If you need window repair or energy-efficient replacements, then Reliable Glass & Windows Ltd. is the company to call. Their professionals provide quality customer care, work, and support for any project. Everything from window repair and replacements, upgrades, or consultations are what Reliable Glass & Windows proudly provides.

Contact Reliable Glass & Windows Ltd. today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Demolition: DIY vs hire a general contractor

Depending on the type of renovation you have planned, there is likely some demolition work involved. That may mean tearing out old tubs and sinks, or bigger work like tearing down a wall. Either way, knowing when it’s safe to DIY and when a professional is needed will keep you and your home safe.

Wynter Renovations in Calgary provides full-service general contractor work for residential and commercial jobs. They share what demolition projects you can DIY and when to hire their general contractors to help:

DIY: small demolition

Small or light work can be easily DIYed to save on the labour costs of hiring a professional to handle it. These projects include taking down cabinets that you don’t plan to reuse, tearing out tiles or pulling up old flooring. It can also include moving out old appliances, and, as long as the water is off, taking out small fixtures like sinks. The same goes for tearing out trim detailing, like baseboards.

DIY: small deck removal

If you have a small backyard deck or patio, and the design or use just isn’t working anymore, tear it out. Low to the ground decks are safe to dismantle and maneuver during the process. If you’re careful as well, the wood from the deck can be resold or reused. Start with the railings and stairs before moving on the boards and rest of the deck. Once the old deck is out, hire a contractor to design and build a newer, better deck to boost your home’s value.

Pro: structural changes

Any work involving structural changes, like moving or tearing down walls, should always be left to a professional. If you can’t safely identify the parts of a wall or know where a load-bearing wall is, don’t attempt to DIY. Aside from the mess, there are a few safety hazards of inexperienced demolition. Hidden electrical wires or even pipes can easily be damaged when tearing down the wall. The cleanup afterwards as well is an involved process that takes time and care to clean everything properly. Leaving it to a general contractor guarantees both the safety and timely turn-around of the work.

Pro: opening walls

If you have plans that involve opening up a wall, whether to install new wiring or plumbing, call in a pro first. The main reason is there’s no guarantee of what you may find behind a sealed wall. Mould is a common problem, but older homes, in particular, have a higher risk of having asbestos involved. If any is found, all work must stop, and the asbestos cleared by a professional. Before you make any holes in your walls, hire a general contractor to help. If you suspect mould or live in an older home, have your home inspected for mould or asbestos before any renovations begin.

General Contractors in Calgary

Whatever service, help, installation, or repair you need, Wynter Renovations is ready to help. Their team of professional general contractors guarantee that every project is handled with quality care and detail. Everything from basement renovations, new builds, kitchens, renovations or remodels, Wynter Renovations is ready to help.

Contact Wynter Renovations today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

Click to Find >>>> General Contractors in Calgary.

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How to Remove and Install Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Professional Tips on How to Remove and Install Kitchen Tile Backsplash

It’s finally time to update your kitchen. The updates have been planned, the colors have been picked, and your next project is the kitchen tile backsplash. Before you begin, here are some pointers on how to remove and install kitchen tile backsplash in your home.

Before you begin, ready the area you are working in. Taking your time, working carefully, and having a clean workspace is key to making sure you do not damage the drywall underneath the backsplash and that your work is completed with quality results. Make sure the surrounding kitchen counter is clear and empty, all outlet covers are removed, and the electricity is turned off when you are working on the kitchen tile backsplash.

You will need a hammer, electric or hand sander, putty knife, utility knife, a drywall sanding pad, drywall joint compound, and at least 120 grit sandpaper. Use your hammer and putty knife to remove the tiles but work carefully to not mark or damage the drywall underneath. Next, scrape the adhesive off the wall with a putty knife if it is hard or use the sandpaper if it is soft. If you scrape the drywall on accident, repair any scratches and gouges with the drywall joint compound. Once dry, sand. Sand the entire wall smooth when complete.

When the wall is ready for the new and improved backsplash, spread a thick layer of thinset where the backsplash will lay. This adhesive will help the tile set well, without any roughness or affects from the old adhesive and sanded wall. It is recommended to begin laying the backsplash along the edge of the countertop first to make sure it is applied flush to the counter. Then begin to work it upwards, away from the counter to place it properly.

If you are ready to begin picking out your new kitchen tile backsplash, our tips on how to remove and install kitchen tile backsplash are here for you. But more importantly, you might want to save yourself the hassle and hire professional contractors to complete the installation for you. Either way, your kitchen will be updated and sparkling new before you know it.

Contact Handyman Connection

Contact our local Handyman Connection office to learn more about our tile and backsplash services. Call or text your local Handyman Connection office to learn more about our home maintenance and home repair services.  

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How a general contractor can help you stay on budget

Embarking on home renovations or building an infill home are significant investments. Adding beauty, function, personal enjoyment of your home, and resale value to your property are the returns. The first place you should start with any home renovation is reviewing your finances and creating a budget.

As general contractors in Edmonton, Four Elements Construction can help you create a budget for your renovation that meets your needs. Then once planning and construction are underway, you’ll benefit from having a professional project manager helping you stay on budget.

General contractors will create a detailed plan

With your budget in mind, the design team at Four Elements Construction will draft a detailed plan for the renovation. Having a plan in place will identify costs and help you track them throughout the renovation. Without a well-laid plan, you’ll experience more change-orders, over-spending on materials, and paying more for mistakes made along the way. Design and budget planning is essential to achieving the renovation results you want without overspending.

General contractors can offer expertise to help the renovation stay on track

Edmonton general contractors will include details on building materials and finishing materials in the contract, budget, and design plans. These will consist of parts of your renovation like tile, flooring, countertops, and so on. Four Elements Construction will keep lines of communication open and will help you choose finishings that will best suit your design tastes and your budget.

Make sure you are open about what you like and want. If you change your mind during the renovation, it will cost you more money. You might have to purchase new materials and pay for labour and installation twice. Fewer changes mean you will stay closer to your budget. Read these renovation budget tips.

General contractors can show you some cost-effective options

If your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean you can’t renovate. Four Elements Construction can show you some cost-effective alternatives that can still give you a modern, refreshed home. For example, installing vinyl plank flooring that mimics the look of real hardwood flooring could be a smart way to achieve the look you want without the more significant price tag. Or, if you like the layout of your kitchen, you can choose to reface your cabinets instead of investing in all-new custom cabinetry. Options are out there, and an experienced general contractor will be there to help you achieve the best results for your budget.

Start planning your home renovation. Contact Four Elements Construction.


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Renovate your home or build a new home?

If your needs have changed and your current home no longer meets them, it’s time for a change. Deciding whether you should invest in a significant home renovation, buy or build a new home can be challenging. Here are some things to consider when making this tough decision.

Where do you want to live?

If you love your location and can renovate your home to suit your changing needs, staying put might be the best idea for you. Consider your location, and it’s proximity to schools, work, parks, and other services. Do you have good relationships with your neighbours or are you tied into the community? These things are possible in a new location but might take time to develop.

Talk to a licensed home builder like By Design Construction. They can help you determine if a duplex can be built or perhaps if a laneway home can be built on your current lot or suggest a new neighbourhood that will meet your needs.

What is the condition of your current home?

A contractor can inspect your current home to make sure it doesn’t have any major issues. Problems with outdated framing and joists, electrical systems, and foundation issues could factor in your decision to renovate or build new. If your home doesn’t have good ‘bones’ and will require extensive work to get it into good shape before the big remodeling project even starts – you might want to consider starting from scratch and building a new home.

What is your budget?

If you have a budget worked out for your home renovation or new home build, it can help you decide the next course of action. With financing in place, you can get a cost estimate to remodel while pricing out a new home build on a new or your existing lot. It would help if you considered the costs of building and moving vs. the cost of renovating and staying.

Determine the costs of selling and moving. That includes realtor fees, storage, movers, cleaners, taxes, and sometimes having to rent a place temporarily. Moving is also time-consuming and stressful. If you’re embarking on a significant home remodel, you should consider the remodel cost plus additional costs. If the remodel is extensive, you might not be able to live in the house during construction. Do you have somewhere you can stay, or will you have to rent storage and suite elsewhere? These are all things that should be included in your budget plan.

What is the return on investment?

For some, the value of staying in a neighbourhood they love is enough return on investment. Others might want to see that value added to the price of their property. Get an appraisal of your home before and after the project. A contractor or real estate agent can help you with this. If a monetary ROI is essential to you, you should invest in renovations that recoup more of their cost at resale. These renovations include exterior improvements, kitchen, and bathroom renovations.

Whether you decide to renovate or build a new home, By Design Construction are custom home builders that can offer guidance and cost estimates. The best place to start is with a conversation.

Contact By Design Construction for a FREE onsite consultation today.

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