National Fire Prevention Week: Handyman Connection’s Tips for Safeguarding Your Home

National Fire Prevention Week: Handyman Connection’s Tips for Safeguarding Your Home

Since 1922, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has sponsored National Fire Prevention Week, which serves as a crucial reminder of the critical significance of fire safety and preparedness and takes place from October 9th to the 15th. At Handyman Connection, we recognize the significance of this week and are committed to helping you protect your home through our home improvement services. Here are some essential tips and ideas to enhance fire safety in your home:

  1. Create a Fire Escape Plan: Develop a clear fire escape plan with two exit routes from each room. Practice this plan with all household members, both during the day and at night. Ensure everyone knows how to escape safely.
  2. Install and Test Smoke Alarms: Ensure you have working smoke detectors on every level of your home and inside each bedroom. Test them regularly, and if they are ten years or older, replace them immediately. If you happen to need help installing or testing your smoke alarms, contact Handyman Connection for our Electrical Services today.
  3. Upgrade to Hard-Wired Alarms: Consider upgrading to a hard-wired smoke alarm system for increased reliability. Handyman Connection can assist with installation and maintenance.
  4. Electrical Safety: Schedule regular electrical inspections to identify and rectify potential fire hazards, such as faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, or outdated electrical panels.
  5. Appliance Safety: Routinely inspect and maintain appliances like stoves, ovens, and dryers to prevent overheating or electrical malfunctions that could lead to fires. Need help fixing appliances so they are safe to use? Use our Home Maintenance services.
  6. Fire Extinguishers: Keep fire extinguishers in key areas of your home, such as the kitchen and garage. Ensure that everyone knows how to operate them.
  7. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Install carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family from this odorless, colorless gas that can be deadly. Test and replace detectors as needed.
  8. Regular Maintenance: Keep up with routine home maintenance to reduce fire risks. Handyman Connection offers services for plumbing, electrical work, and more to maintain your home’s safety.

This National Fire Prevention Week, take proactive steps to safeguard your home and loved ones from fire hazards. Remember that every second counts and preparation can make all the difference in an emergency. If you need assistance with fire prevention measures or home improvements, Handyman Connection is here to help you create a safer living environment.

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At Handyman Connection, you and your family’s safety is one of our business’s biggest priorities. We also know that sometimes it can be hard to tackle home improvement projects on your own, especially when it comes to fire prevention and safety. But with Handyman Connection, our home handyman crew is more than happy to lend a helping hand to you. By either calling us or Requesting an Estimate online, a reliable and experienced handyman will visit your home and get it back on track to being a safe and beautiful environment.

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The 5 Best Metal Roofing Companies in Vancouver

The Best Metal Roofing Companies in Vancouver

You may not be surprised that metal makes a durable and long-lasting roofing product. More and more homeowners are choosing metal roofing in Vancouver thanks to its strength against many elements. Metal roofing can hold up against heavy rains, strong winds, and freezing snow. And beyond the durability, metal roofing has other benefits that make it an attractive choice.

The benefits of metal roofing


A metal roof might be the last roof you ever buy. Depending on the product and type of roof, metal roofs can last well over 50 years before needing a replacement. A metal roof is an investment that ensures maximum protection from the elements for your home and increased property value.

Rain and moisture-friendly

There is a misconception about metal roofs: many assume they are noisy during downpours. This might be true of a metal roof over a barn or a shed. But when it comes to sturdy and insulated homes, metal roofs do not create the noise you might expect. And when it rains that hard, you can rest easy knowing the durable metal roof won’t sustain damage. This is true for hail, too. But when it comes to the actual moisture from rain or even a humid day, how does a metal roof hold up?

Metal is the least porous roofing material. It does not hold moisture but allows the moisture to deflect or roll off the roof.


Metal roofing, especially when compared to asphalt or cedar shingles, is a more environmentally friendly material. First, metal will last longer than asphalt or cedar shakes. So, you don’t have to replace a metal roof as often as other types. Second, metal roofing can increase the energy efficiency of your home. This is mainly due to metal’s reflectivity. The metal won’t absorb the heat from the sun but will reflect it away from the house.

Simple to install and maintain

When you hire a professional metal roofing company in Vancouver for your installation, the process should be relatively faster than laying shingles. And when that roof is up, it is virtually maintenance-free. Due to it’s low maintenance and incredible longevity, you’ll likely never have to replace your metal roof.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

When you are ready to take the leap on a new metal roof, there are specific things you should look for in a metal roofing company.

Training or experience

To assess a contractor’s training or experience, look for certifications, education, or simply years of experience. These roofing experts below have decades’ worth of experience, are certified journeymen roofers, or have spent many years diligently training under a certified roofer.

Insurance and WCB

Roofing is a job that involves safety risks. Ensure your metal roofing contractor has all the necessary insurance, is registered with WCB, and is committed to safety. Inquiring about these items is also an excellent time to ask about the proof of training or education.

Commitment to customer service

When you hire any renovation contractor, you invite them into your home. You should, therefore, feel comfortable and at ease with whoever you hire. A proven commitment to customer service will show from the moment of your first meeting or interaction with the company. A second way to gauge the contractor’s commitment to customer service is to pursue reviews from previous customers.

Service flexibility

A roofing contractor can offer service flexibility in many ways. For some Vancouver roofing companies, this comes as emergency services. For others, you may receive various roofing materials and service options. You can also ask how the roofers will work with you, your schedule, and your budget.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Vancouver metal roofers:

1. Xtreme Roofing

Xtreme Roofing logo

Xtreme Roofing serves the entire Greater Vancouver Area with its varied services. They offer commercial and residential roofing services for all kinds of projects. No matter the roofing renovation project, Xtreme takes great pride in its commitment to safety. With safety and customer service in mind, Xtreme Roofing can also cover all your metal roofing needs. They specialize in metal roofing, as well as asphalt shingles and flat roofs.

In addition, Xtreme Roofing manufactures metal roofing products. So, no matter the odd job or sizes you need completed, Xtreme can make a metal roof custom for your home or building. They will continue to work with you once the metal roofing is installed. Xtreme Roofing offers maintenance and repairs for metal and other roof materials.

Furthermore, their metal roofing is available in a wide range of colours. In addition to specializing in metal roofing, Xtreme manufactures seamless metal gutters. Additional services to consider with Xtreme Roofing are their beautiful “green” roofs, skylights, and 24/7 emergency services.

Key Services & Features

– Residential and commercial roofing
– Metal roofing
– Shingle roofing
– Flat roofing
– Roof repair and maintenance services
– Free, no-obligation quotes
– Gutter, soffit, and fascia installation
– Restorations
– Skylight installations
– Available 24/7 for roofing emergencies
– Seamless gutters
– Manufacture metal roofing and gutters on-site

Customer Feedback

Dan and his crew just replaced the roof on our home along with performing some necessary remedial work on the roof structure. The remedial work was well designed and executed, as was the basic re-roofing and associated clean-up. The crew was very pleasant to work with as well as being efficient and considerate. The basic job was very competitively quoted, and the additional work was fairly priced. Bases on my experience I can offer an unconditional recommendation for this contractor.

-Bob, Google

2. Canam Roofing Ltd.

Canam Roofing

Canam Roofing Ltd. is committed to staying current on roofing trends and technologies. And they apply this commitment to all of their metal roofing and other exterior products. Overall, Canam Roofing offers a wide variety of high-quality roofing products. Canam Roofing has served the Greater Vancouver Area for over 20 years. They are expertly trained roofers with full WCB coverage.

Get peace of mind on your metal roofing installation by hiring trustworthy and dependable Canam professionals. They can help make the process easier, too. Canam provides warranties and financing options to further instill that peace of mind.

Key Services & Features

– Residential and commercial roofing
– Metal roofing
– Roof repair and maintenance services
– Skylight installations
– Offer financing options
– Gutter, soffit, and fascia installation
– Seamless gutters
– Shingle roofing
– 15-year workmanship warranty
– Free, no-obligation quotes
– Gutter cleaning

Customer Feedback

Canam Roofing installed a complete Owens Corning Roofing System in July 2018. Stephan and his crew did an amazing install. As an owner Stephan is very honest and professional and is hands on working along side his crew. Canam went the extra mile to satisfy us as a customer and kept his promise to do a great job and clean up thoroughly. Our roof was 4600 sq ft (Quite Large) and was finished in 3 days. WITH HIGH WINDS THIS WINTER, NOT ONE SHINGE MOVED.I MUST GIVE A RATING OF 10 OUT OF 10 TO CANAM ROOFING.

-Marvin, Facebook

3. Northwood Roofing Ltd.

Northwood roofing logo

The Northwood Roofing company in Vancouver is locally owned and operated. Over its 17 years in business, Northwood Roofing has steadily grown to become a leading metal roofing company in Vancouver. From start to finish on any roofing project, Northwood ensures a pleasant and seamless experience. This will come from the sales staff, customer care agents, project managers, and roof installers. At every step, the Northwood Roofing family will guarantee 110% effort.

Metal roofing in Vancouver is one area of specialization. In addition, Northwood Roofing also offers other materials like cedar shake, plastic, and EPDM for commercial roofs.

Key Services & Features

– Metal roofing
– Residential and commercial roofing
– Roof repair and maintenance services
– Shingle roofing
– Wood shingle roofing
– Slate tile roofing
– Plastic and EPDM commercial roofing
– Maintenance programs designed for Vancouver’s climate
– Gutter, soffit, and fascia installation
– Offer repair and maintenance promotions

Customer Feedback

I was referred to Northwood by my neighbor who is a general contractor. They were professional, responsive and helpful with recommendations. I had 3 layers of old roof removed, new plywood, roofing, gutters and chimney paining done. They were good communicators; for example they were planning to start on a particular day but recommended to change it by a few days because the weather was planned to be very hot so the roof would have gotten soft and damaged during installation. Good suggestion. The job was arranged on a handshake. The main job was done in 2-1/2 days, new gutters took a day and invoicing done at the end. Bill was paid with no complaints. I fully recommend them.

-Dale, Google

4. Above All Roofing

When you hire Above All Roofing, you are guaranteed completely customized services. Additionally, they offer these services, promising to deliver the best customer service in the industry. They are a full-service roofing company with the expert knowledge to take on metal roofing renovations in Vancouver.

This local roofing company has served Vancouver homeowners with metal options and more for over 35 years. They are trusted professionals with a positive reputation for excellent roofing. And above all, they understand the rainforest climate and the moisture it produces. With this, Above All Roofing uses a precisely detailed approach to install the best metal roofing in Vancouver.

Key Services & Features

– Cedar and fibreglass shingle roofing
– Metal roofing
– Masonry repairs
– Skylight installations
– Emergency roof repairs
– Gutter, soffit, and fascia installation
– Flat roofing
– Over 35 years of roofing experience with over 2,500 happy customers

Customer Feedback

During a wind storm, a tree fell on my roof and punctured it in two sports. Brian from AboveAllRoofing came in and not only repaired it, but also checked and fixed anything else on the roof that needed fixing such as caulking. I had of course identified the spots of the leak by going into the attic as it would have been next to impossible to find them otherwise.
His prices were as quoted and very reasonable.
It was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a home repairman in my 35 years as a home owner. I highly recommend him and will definitely ask for him next time I need any roof work. He also does gutter replacements too.

-Tom, Yelp

RenovationFind Certified

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5. Robinson Roofing & Sheet Metal

Robinson Roofing Logo

Robinson Roofing and Sheet Metal was started over a decade ago by owner David Robinson. David is a certified Red Seal journeyman roofer and has a team of highly trained foremen, managers, and product experts. David started Robinson Roofing on the foundation of trust, integrity, and communication. The entire Robinson Roofing ad Sheet Metal team shares a passion for their work. And they share those with homeowners through a variety of roofing services.

With Sheet Metal in their name, you can expect metal roofing services and specialized knowledge.

Key Services & Features

– Metal roofing
– Asphalt and cedar shingle roofing
– Residential and commercial roofing
– Emergency roof repairs
– Holiday light installations
– Replacement of drainage system components
– Gutter, soffit, and fascia installation
– Roof repair and maintenance services
– Free, no-obligation quotes

Customer Feedback

Awesome company. Very courteous and prompt. They had to deal with the job in our complex under very unusual/difficult circumstances. Quality work and quality products and very friendly employees. They handled the situation professionally and I would never hesitate to recommend Robinson Roofing to anyone.

-Jackie, Google

Here in Vancouver, we receive enough rainfall to officially classify the city as a rainforest climate. So, when it comes to roofing installation or repairs, you want a company that knows the area. Moreover, you want a roofing company that understands how heavy rainfall impacts a metal roof. Our RenovationFind list of companies includes local metal roofers. These journeymen, foremen, product specialists, and customer care associates understand your challenges with a new roof. Contact our top picks today to learn about style options, colour options, and the benefits of metal roofing.

We chose these companies based on their experience, focus on safety, and the words of their previous happy customers. And remember, a RenovationFind Certified metal roofing company in Vancouver is a company you can trust!

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Smart Automation to Upgrade your Home

We’ve seen significant growth in the home automation industry in recent years. This growth has led to more affordable and accessible smart home features for homeowners everywhere. So forget needing to be super tech-savvy or extremely wealthy to enjoy the benefits of smart technology in your home. When you use an experienced contractor to suggest and install new smart home features, you’ll have many options at your fingertips!

Nelcan Electric in Vancouver shares more on some smart home upgrades they can install in your home.

Lighting and Shades

Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzzword. In reality, homeowners are all looking for more ways to save on energy bills and reduce consumption. They also want to make a positive impact on the environment. This is where smart home automation comes in. Installing smart dimmers, occupancy sensors for lights, light control systems, and smart shading solutions provides many benefits. From reducing energy use to increasing system performance, hiring an electrician to install lighting and shade features will increase the energy efficiency in your home. Not to mention, these features will also add style and offer a new way of living.

Neclan Electric uses Lutron to install lighting controls and motorized shades. Lutron has continued to offer light control solutions for more than fifty years! With Neclan Electric and Lutron, you can’t go wrong!

HVAC control and smart thermostats

Today, smart home automation goes far beyond lighting and shades. HVAC technology has improved to include smart home features as well. These features allow you to control your home’s temperature, even when you’re not home! You can adjust your indoor heating and cooling system from your devices instead.

For smart thermostats, Neclan Electric uses Nest. Neclan Electrtic also uses Lutron HVAC control for HVAC systems. Together, these two systems work seamlessly. Call Neclan Electric today to see how they can upgrade your HVAC system.

Home Audio & Theatre

You can also modernize your home audio system and home theatre with smart home automation. Whether you need to turn down the music or your movie, you can now control these things from a device other than your phone. These new smart features will bring your home into the future.

Neclan Electric uses SONOS controllers, sound and power to bring automation into your home. With Sonos, Neclan Electric can mount an iPad in a central location in your home. From there, you can use this interface to control your audio system.

Electricians in Vancouver

Neclan Electrical is ready to help with all your electrical needs! They offer transparent pricing and use only friendly and knowledgeable certified electricians. Their residential services include renovations, panel upgrades, maintenance and repair. They also provide EV charger installation as well as smart home automation. On the commercial side, Neclan Electrical also provides data infrastructure, strata maintenance and tenant improvement services. They remain committed to eco-responsibility and offer top-of-the-line, energy-efficient, locally-made products that last.

Call Neclan Electrical today!

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More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Celebrating Skilled Trades: The Heart of National Tradesmen Day

See How Tradesmen and Women are So Important In Our Lives and Society as a Whole

Every third Friday in September, National Tradesmen Day takes center stage, offering us an invaluable opportunity to recognize and celebrate the hardworking individuals who keep our homes, communities, and infrastructure running smoothly. These skilled tradespeople, often working behind the scenes, are the unsung heroes who play a pivotal role in making our lives easier and more comfortable. At Handyman Connection, this is part of our core values, where tradesmen and women are an important part of our foundation in creating reliable handyman services for home maintenance and improvement projects.

The Backbone of Our Society

Skilled trades encompass a wide range of professions, from plumbers and electrical handymen to carpenters, mechanics, welders, and masons. These craftsmen and women are the backbone of our society, responsible for constructing and maintaining the essential systems and structures that we rely on daily.

Think about it: the reliable plumber who fixes that stubborn leak, the electrician who ensures your home stays well-lit and safe, the carpenter who builds custom solutions for your needs, and the handyman who tackles an array of tasks to keep your home in top condition. Without their expertise and dedication, our lives would be far more challenging. Perhaps you need our expertise for a home maintenance project; you could check out our home maintenance page and book our reliable handyman services today!

The Unseen Dedication

One of the remarkable aspects of skilled tradespeople is that their work often goes unnoticed—until we need it. They toil quietly behind the scenes, using their specialized skills and knowledge to make our lives better. They transform our houses into homes, our offices into productive spaces, and our cities into functional, safe environments.

National Tradesmen Day is an opportunity to shed light on the importance of their work. These professionals are not just fixing problems; they are contributing to our quality of life. Their craftsmanship ensures our safety, comfort, and convenience, and it’s high time we express our gratitude.

Supporting the Trades

At Handyman Connection, we understand the significance of skilled trades, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. We invest in our craftsmen, providing them with the training and resources needed to continually improve their skills. We believe that celebrating the trades isn’t just reserved for one day a year; it’s a year-round commitment. Check out our Why Choose Us page and see why people trust our handyman crew for home maintenance and improvement projects.

This National Tradesmen Day, let’s take a moment to honor and thank the skilled tradespeople who work tirelessly to keep our world running smoothly. Whether you require a repair, a renovation, or a new home maintenance project, remember that you’re not just hiring a handyman; you’re enlisting the expertise of a skilled tradesperson who is dedicated to making your life easier. It’s a partnership that we’re proud to be a part of, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence and dedication in the years to come. Happy National Tradesmen Day!

Contact Handyman Connection and Our Home Maintenance Crew Today

If you need a reliable and expert handyman or tradesman for your home to get a deck repaired, your home painted, or something else entirely, then contact us today! By either using our Call Center to call us by phone or by Requesting an Estimate online, you can then book an appointment for a Handyman Connection pro to visit your home as soon as possible.

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Your Handyman Project


Whether it’s your home or your office that you plan on renovating and reviving, The Handy Squad London is here to help! Due to several years of hard work on past projects, we have the knowledge and experience when it comes to design and practicality. We have the best tradesmen in the nation to spruce up your residential or commercial space.  


Kitchen Gadgets 

As we know, the kitchen is known as one of the most social areas in many households. So we want our customers to feel special in their refurbished space, especially when creating memories like baking cookies with their children. During our time, we have created many unique ideas that can improve the atmosphere in the kitchen. For example, installing new light fittings like spotlights gives your kitchen a significant visual upgrade. This is helpful when cooking and serving food as well as modernising the room and making it appear larger. 

It has been recommended by our expert London electricians that you should consider pairing spotlights with dimmer switches, so you can create the ideal mood lighting in the evening. And if you need a light switch changed, contact the Handy Squad and we’ll get it done in no time. 

But that’s not our only cool feature; boiling a water tap has become extremely popular over recent years. And it makes perfect sense! No more standing around waiting for the kettle to boil. Your morning tea or coffee could not be made quicker. Speak to our London plumbers about replacing old taps, and installing a modern boiling water tap which will make your hot beverages effortless. 


Bathroom Ideas 

Everyone loves a cosy, stylish bathroom, especially when relaxing in the bath after a long day at work. This is why Handy Squad London has come up with a range of renovation ideas to improve your space. This includes installing a new bath or shower, tiling bathroom floors, or hanging mirrors, to name a few. But our most passionate idea that has become very popular is to install a new basin, using fashionable trends for inspiration. 

For your sinks, we can turn them into something spectacular, such as by building them with gold accents and even basins that feature temperature control panels. Recently, this has become a well-liked and admired feature among interior designers. 

Looking for more?  

Our bathroom and kitchen projects aren’t the only source of elegance we can provide for you. 

We also provide exterior design ideas such as transforming the dirty, worn look of your garden space by jet-washing 

Furthermore, we love to work on office interiors too. Painting them in a refreshing light colour such as blue, white or green is a fantastic way of creating a fresh aura and tone to the room and is bound to increase productivity. 


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How to tackle the ‘Odd Jobs’

Odd jobs are small or big tasks, ranging from the TV-mounting task to the draught-proofing task for your home’s heating, that make you think, “Who do I call to get this done?”. But there’s a simple way to breeze through these odd jobs.  

Here at The Handy Squad in London, our multi-skilled handymen can complete a huge variety of odd jobs such as; installing gun cabinets, replacing toilet seats, cable-tidying, boxing in pipes and many more! It’s not easy tackling something like these odd jobs alone, though, as they’re time-consuming and sometimes require expensive tools. So, who else is better to call than our London handyman? 

Examples of Odd Jobs: 

Draught proofing 

Draught proofing is one of the best ways of saving money from your heating bill. Sounds good right? Well, it gets even better because The Handy Squad has a terrific team of skilled traders who can do exactly that.  

 With cold winters and bills increasing, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in something that will save you money overall and keep your house warm and cosy. So, if you have draughts in your home, it means warm air is escaping either through gaps in windows, letter boxes or even cracks in walls. The Handy Squad will be able to stop and prevent this from happening so your home is securely insulated for the winter.  



Lift and shift furniture 

Navigating large pieces of furniture through flats, apartments, or any upper-level living spaces can be more than just a challenge; it can be a daunting endeavour. The weight of the item, combined with tight corridors or flights of stairs, can make the task seem nearly impossible. While some might dismiss it as a mere chore, for many, it’s a significant hurdle. Don’t risk injury or damage to your precious items. Let our experienced handymen handle the heavy lifting and intricate manoeuvring for you.  

Replace ceiling tiles 

As you have seen, typically in older buildings and offices, ceiling tiles (also known as ceiling panels) are stained and broken because of their old age. Why not give your space a clean, modernised look by having professionals replace ceiling tiles? It may seem like a small difference at first thought, but it will have a significant difference on the overall look of the office, creating a more professional atmosphere. 

Our Handymen 

Our Handyman services are perfect and convenient for those in need of these odd jobs. Our team consists of electricians, plumbers, carpenters and more! Therefore, we can complete the job you want, no matter how small, big or odd. Contact us today! 


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Revitalise Your Patio and Steps with Professional Pressure Washing


Every beautiful patio or set of steps, regardless of age, can look worn out as the seasons change and years go by. The charm once held by these pristine areas might fade, making them less appealing or even unsafe to use. Before considering a complete overhaul or pondering how to repoint a patio, there’s a simpler and effective solution: a comprehensive jet wash. For this, nobody does it better than Handy Squad, the top-tier handyman service offering outstanding pressure washing services in London.   

The Battle Against Time 

Outdoor spaces, over time, grapple with challenges. Dirt accumulates, stains persist, and those pesky weeds find their way between cracks. Simple washes or sweeps fall short against these adversaries. 

Additionally, growths like algae, lichens, and moss take hold, attracted to the surfaces like iron filings to a magnet. Not only do they hamper the appearance, but they also present a slip hazard, especially during wet conditions, endangering family members and visitors alike. 


Handy Squad’s Signature Solution 

With the Handy Squad at your service, there’s no need to break your back scrubbing or resort to harsh chemicals. Our team specialises in patio pointing, repointing patio surfaces, and offering jet wash patio cleaning methods that ensure every nook and cranny is spotless. 

Pressure washing, a common synonym for jet washing, is a game-changer for outdoor maintenance. It’s the go-to for many seeking property maintenance services, especially when looking to restore the vibrancy of patios, decks, or driveways. 

Moreover, while reviving your outdoor spaces, why not give your garden furniture a refreshing makeover? Much like patios, outdoor furniture is also susceptible to the elements, and a good wash can make them look as good as new. 

DIY: Is It Worth It? 

While the idea of doing it yourself may sound tempting, acquiring and handling pressure washers can be an intricate and costly affair. Without the necessary expertise, the risk of causing unintended damage is high. So, if you’re searching for the perfect “handyman near me” or a reliable “odd job man” in London, Handy Squad stands out with its diverse range of handyman services, including property maintenance London services and patio repointing. 

For a garden that gleams and steps that beckon, contact Handy Squad. We are committed to transforming your spaces into something both breathtaking and secure. 

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Renovation ideas to expand your living space

Whether you have a small living space or just want to maximize the space you have, there are various small space design tips and tricks you can use to make your space larger. Truly, you can expand any room in the house with the right design. This process only gets easier when you have a general contractor to help!

Electric Woods will know precisely how to maximize your living space. Here, they offer some ideas you can implement.

Smart Storage

Storage can take up a lot of space. This is especially true when it comes to cabinets. Instead of going with a more common cabinet design, consider installing taller cabinets. For example, for kitchen renovations in Edmonton, taller cabinets can go a long way in maximizing space. When you need more storage space but don’t want to take up all the eye-level space you have, upper cabinets that stretch to your ceiling are an option! They will free up countertop space, and that clutter can really make a room look smaller. This way, you’ll have more storage options for things like small appliances and extra dishes as well!

Keep it light

When renovating any room in your home that you want to feel more significant, stick to light and bright colours. Bright paint colours and light furniture and appliances will create a more open, expanded feel. In your kitchen and bathrooms, choose light-coloured countertops and sinktops. Dark window treatments can also weigh down a small living room and give a closed-in feel.

Electric Woods will use their design knowledge to expand the space in any room in your home! They offer home renovations in Edmonton that will make the rooms in your home feel bright, light and airy!

Let the sunshine

Installing more windows in your living space will definitely provide expansion. Large bay or bow windows are excellent for creating a sense of spaciousness. After all, they will bring much more light into your room. And again, light truly helps a room feel more expansive. Bow windows, consisting of several angled units, will increase your interior space. Another option is to add a skylight. Skylights will let in a flood of natural light. They will help open up a room and make it feel larger.

Electric Woods can assess your current space and suggest where to add windows. As general contractors in Edmonton who have designed and renovated many living areas, they can propose where a skylight might go. They can also suggest if bay or bow windows may be an option.

Ready to renovate? Call Electric Woods today!

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How Electric Woods can take the stress out of your home renovation

Hiring the right contractor may be the most crucial step when you’re ready to begin a home renovation. After all, we’ve all heard stories about kitchen renovations that didn’t turn out how homeowners had hoped. Or worse, work that didn’t get finished at all. That’s why it’s essential to research general contractors in Edmonton and choose a company you know you can trust!

Electric Woods is a full-service general contracting company with an outstanding reputation. They share more about how smooth and easy your home renovation process will be when you choose them.

Project Management

When you hire Electric Woods for your home renovations in Edmonton, they will take care of the entire process from start to finish! Electric Woods offers complete project management for all its home renovations. This means they will begin by creating a thoughtful design for your renovation based on your individual needs. From there, Electric Woods will manage all trades involved in your renovation. They will also secure any permits you may need. Finally, they will ensure all completed work surpasses industry standards. Owner Sean O’Brien also personally oversees each project as the primary project manager. With his experience and expertise, as well as his team’s, you can’t go wrong!

Open communication and transparent pricing

The last thing any homeowner wants is to receive a bill after their kitchen renovations in Edmonton are complete, which is higher than expected. Unfortunately, this can happen within the home renovation industry on any project type when homeowners don’t research general contracting companies first.

However, when you choose Electric Woods, you can rest assured there will never be any surprise costs. This company commits completely to open communication and transparent pricing. As a result, you will always know how much your home renovation will cost before any work begins. They’ll ensure there is a contingency budget for any unforeseen issues in the renovation. For example, finding mould behind a wall. That way, you can prepare mentally and financially for any mishaps.

If there is any part of your renovation you’re unsure of, the team at Electric Woods will communicate openly and effectively. You’ll always feel confident you understand each step of the renovation process, including timelines. And there will never be any hidden costs in the end.

Certifications and credentials

When you are doing research for a home renovation contractor, background checks are essential. You want to be sure the company you work for is in good financial standing and has proper insurance and WCB coverage. You also want to know they have a proven track record for completing excellent work.

However, doing all this research yourself can be time-consuming. You can reduce your research time when you hire a contractor with top certifications and credentials. Electric Woods is a RenovationFind Certified company and an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau! All RenvoationFind Certified companies go through extensive legal and financial background checks. They are also vetted for insurance and WCB coverage. Plus, RenovationFind monitors all their companies with a third-party monitor that keeps up to date on customer reviews. So, in other words, when you choose Electric Woods, you’re choosing a company backed by excellent certifications!

Call Electric Woods today to begin your next home renovation!

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Benefits of booking fall maintanence for your furnace

Winter is right around the corner. That means it’s definitely time to call your HVAC contractor. With colder weather coming soon, you want to be sure your furnace is in good working order well before heading into the heating season.

In this article, DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. in Port Coquitlam shares some benefits of booking fall maintenance for your furnace.


The last thing you want you or your family to experience is a cold home because of a furnace malfunction. Besides the discomfort, this can lead to illness as well. One of the best ways to help ensure a warm home through the winter is to book fall maintenance for your furnace and HVAC system. Things like a cracked heat exchanger or dirty burners can also be a safety hazard. When you schedule fall maintenance for your furnace, you help keep your home and all who live inside safe and comfortable.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. uses a 19-point inspection system for safety and service checks for all its clients! They will ensure your furnace is in the best condition possible before the winter begins!

Energy savings

You can save on energy consumption and bills when you ensure your furnace is working at its best with a fall maintenance appointment. A furnace running smoothly and without build-up means a furnace that uses less energy to do its job. As a result, you’ll see lower utility bills. You’ll also be doing a little more to help the environment.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. will check all furnace parts and components to ensure nothing is about to fail or isn’t performing as it should. They commit to always putting their customers first and offer cost-effective solutions for your HVAC system!


When you schedule a tune-up every fall, before your furnace does its work each winter, you help support its life. Depending on the make and model of your furnace, its life expectancy is about 12-20 years. However, your furnace will not last as long as expected if not maintained properly. Plus, many furnace warranties require maintenance check-ups to keep warranties valid.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. uses its precision heating maintenance service to support the longevity of your furnace! On top of this, when you schedule a tune-up with them, you lower the risk of needing more heavy-duty repairs down the road.

HVAC Companies in Port Coquitlam

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. offers fast service and competitive pricing for all your HVAC needs. This company is also dedicated to reliable service for all its customers. They offer a wide range of HVAC services for the Vancouver area. In addition, they provide a full roster of energy-efficient HVAC products to suit the needs of their clients — and their commitment to customer service shows! DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. boasts over 1,000 online reviews with a 4.9-star rating!

Call Direct Buy Ltd. today! 

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