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How to Fix a Sliding Screen Door

A sliding screen door is a great way to feel like the outdoors are part of your home without bugs and other critters actually getting into your home. However, sliding screen doors can break or stick when you try to pull it open or closed. Luckily, fixing your sliding screen door is actually quite easy. 

How to Fix a Sliding Screen Door that Won’t Move

Clean the Track

Always try cleaning the track first. Dust, dirt, sand, pet hair and other debris can accumulate in the track making the door stick when you try to pull it. First, just try to clean this out and that may fix your problem. There are many DIY cleaning solutions you can easily make to help clean it out. Spray some of the solution in the track and take an old toothbrush and scrub out all the debris.  

Replace the Wheels

If that doesn’t work you may need to replace the wheels. You will first need to remove the screen door from the track. Then remove the old wheels and go to your local hardware store to buy replacements. Remember to take the old wheels with you to ensure you buy the correct wheels for your screen door. Luckily, once you have cleaned out the track your wheels will last longer because they won’t get caught on any debris. 

Straighten the Frame

You may also need to try straightening the frame. This is an easy fix as well. The metal frame around a sliding screen door is usually made from a lightweight material that can warp, bend or get damaged easily. Once the door is removed from the track check for areas that looked warped and bend them in the opposite direction, this will help straighten out the frame. 

Need more Assistance Fixing your Sliding Screen Door? Call Handyman Connection

If you need help from professional craftsmen call or text your local Handyman Connection. We are happy to assist with all your home repair and improvement needs. 

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How to rearrange furniture

You might live in a small house where you have limited space for furniture, so moving things around is the only way to give your home an uplift without breaking the bank. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home which was furnished and now you want to make it your own without having to buy new furniture – the best way is to shift furniture around.

Or maybe, you’re one of the many people who can’t stand to see their home the same for long periods of time. You have a furniture moving itch that makes you need to rearrange the way your whole house looks every so often to the point that when you go to your friend’s place you have to hold your tongue to not say “why don’t you move this and that over there?”.

Rearranging furniture can lift your mood, encourage you to declutter and give an opportunity to let your creativity run free. If you live alone and can’t move heavy items of furniture by yourself, perhaps stick to changing accessories or small pieces of décor, such as picture frames and shelves. Don’t fret if you need another pair of hands for heavier items, our London handymen can help you lift and shift furniture to make your house feel like home.

Do you want to rearrange your living room? Maybe you’ve just searched how to rearrange your office? No matter if you want to rearrange the furniture in one of your rooms or want to completely change up the furniture around your whole house, we’ve put together some tips on how to best go about doing it.

1. Measure it out.

When you are moving furniture from one room to the other make sure to measure it, otherwise, you might go through the trouble of moving it and then having to move it back as it didn’t fit that perfect spot.

2. Find a focal point.

To give rooms more structure, find the focal point of the room and arrange furniture around it. This focal point could be a large window, fireplace or simply your television. An alternative is to focus on the conversation areas of the room by positioning your sofas and chairs in a way so people can have conversations without having to shout across the room or twist their necks to talk to each other.

3. Think about balance.

It’s important to consider the size, shape and placement of your furniture to give your rooms a balanced feel. For instance, don’t group all the small or large pieces of furniture in one area, spread them around to create a visually interesting décor.

4. Consider traffic flow.

Make sure there is enough space for people to walk around your home without tripping on furniture or having to climb on your sofa to go to the bathroom. Create unobstructed paths for people to walk from one room to the other without any issue.

5. Get creative.

If you’re feeling like changing up furniture in your home, go for it and get creative with it. What’s the worst that can happen? Perhaps not liking something in its new place and changing it to another or back to where it was before.

Maybe you are looking for ways to rearrange your room to make it look bigger? To make the most out of small rooms, we would recommend reading our blog post on how to make your small room look bigger.

In case you need some help changing up your room, the Squad is only a phone call away. Give our team a ring on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote by filling our online booking form.

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How to assemble flat pack furniture

We’ve all been there…. In the middle of boxes, fixings, furniture parts that don’t seem to fit together and instructions in a foreign language that might as well not have been included, regretting our decision to assemble flat pack furniture by ourselves in the first place. Maybe this example is a bit extreme, but you understand what we are going for, right?

Flat pack furniture is a nightmare for many people and if you are looking for “how to assemble flat pack furniture”, you might be one of those people. You dream of assembling your flat pack wardrobe or flat pack sofa without the headache, you wish that putting together your new flat pack cupboards or flat pack bedroom furniture with your partner goes smoothly without any arguments involved. Your dreams can turn into reality if you follow our flat pack furniture assembly tips! And if all fails, searching for flat pack furniture assembly near me will do the trick and our London handymen will be right over.

1. Get another pair of hands.

No matter what you are assembling, it’s important to have some assistance. A friend, family member, partner or simply an acquaintance that you’ve bribed with some blueberry muffins, having a second pair of hands to help you assemble flat pack furniture is essential.

2. Always be one step ahead.

You’ve ordered some Ikea flat pack or perhaps some flat back furniture from another website and are waiting for the furniture to arrive to find out what you need to assemble it. Don’t! Go to the furniture’s website and find the instructions and materials you’ll need ahead of time, so if you don’t have a certain tool, you can order it and then, as soon as you receive your furniture, you can assemble it on the day!

3. Choose the right place.

If you are trying to assemble a huge wardrobe in the living room but you want it to go to your bedroom, perhaps it would be smarter to assemble it in your bedroom. How are you going to move it to your bedroom afterwards? Each piece of the wardrobe might feel lightweight but when you put it all together, it will be too heavy for you and your friend to move it, and then you’ll end up with your wardrobe in the living room. Probably not the right place for it.

4. Study the instructions.

Quickly glaring at the instructions is not reading the instructions. Yes, it might look easy and you are confident that you’ll do it in no time, but what’s more likely to happen is you trying to balance three flat pack pieces with one hand and going through the instructions with the other, so everything doesn’t fall on the floor… Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read the instructions thoroughly before starting the assembly.

5. Take your time.

Did you think that assembling your bedroom furniture was going to be easy and quick, so you had made lunch plans with your friends and now you’re considering cancelling? It might actually be good to take a break and then come back with a refreshed mindset, ready to finish the assembly. Perhaps you gave yourself a couple of hours to put together some flat pack chest of drawers and now are getting overwhelmed and stressed because it’s taking longer than you expected? Take your time. If you can’t finish it today, you will tomorrow.

6. Keep it tidy.

Do you have five different sizes of screws you need to assemble your flat pack bed and now they are all mixed together on the floor? You can do better than this. Separate them by size and shape, so then when you need a specific one, you know where it is.

7. Pay professionals to do it.

If you are getting frustrated and feeling like you’ve had enough of puzzling pieces of furniture together, maybe it’s time to give in. Perhaps you’ve already started to type “how much does it cost to put flat pack furniture together”. It’s okay to get someone else to do it. You tried, and now it’s just better for your mental health and for your relationship’s sake to call someone in to assemble flat pack furniture for you. It’s your lucky day! At the Handy Squad, we offer London flat pack assembly. So, get your phone out, dial 0800-0-12-12-12 and we’ll be with you in a jiffy.

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Prewiring for electric vehicle charging and solar power system

If you’re building a new home, you might be considering green and sustainable choices. You might want to purchase an electric car down the road but are not ready to do so just yet. Likewise, you might be thinking about switching to a solar power system in the future. Prewiring the electrical for these things during the construction phases of your new home is a smart and cost-effective idea.

Westland Electric in Calgary shares more:

Electric vehicle chargers require more power

Electric vehicle chargers require more power than a typical home. You will need a larger electrical service and electrical panel to accommodate this load

To set up an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, you’ll need a larger panel and conduit that has capacity. It is possible to do this down the road, but at great expense and inconvenience.

An EV charging station requires a larger electrical service to the home. The electrical service refers to the wiring running from the utility lines to the home, ending at the electrical meter base. The standard residential service is 100A. To add one or two 240V, 50A charging circuits for your EV, you’ll likely need a 200A electrical panel.

To set up an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, you’ll need a larger panel to match the amperage rating of your electrical service (200A) and conduit to the charger location that has capacity for the wiring the charger will require. It is possible to do this after your home has been completed, but at significant expense and inconvenience.

That means a post-construction upgrade from electricians in Calgary will include trenching to upgrade the electrical service to the adequate amperage. From there, you’ll also need to upgrade the panel feed and panel as well. All before a charger can be connected – often a difficult undertaking if the wiring needs to be installed in finished walls.

This process is labour-intensive and costly. If you ensure the wiring and service panel are EV-ready during construction, installing an EV charging station in the future can be done quickly, with no headaches and a much lower cost.

Roughing in for solar power is cost-effective during construction

A solar-ready home is a house that is designed and constructed so that installing a solar power system can be done easily in the future. If you’re planning your new construction home, a few small changes can make this future switch quicker and less expensive.

Part of preparing your home to be solar-ready is the design of the roof, ensuring there is a good placement for panels. Make sure there are no obstructions on the roof, like HVAC vents or skylights, that could cause problems when installing panels. Roof design aside, a significant part of making a home solar-ready is prewiring. Calgary electricians can install the proper conduit or cable and electrical panel size and capacity for your future renewable energy upgrade.

Roughing in the conduit for solar in the construction phase can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to doing it after the fact.  The conduit or cable has to run from the electrical panel, usually located in the basement, to the roof of the house. That means it needs to run through the walls throughout many floors of the home. If you install it after the fact, there is more labour involved when the floors and ceilings are not open. It’s best to have it roughed-in now.

Solar-ready electrical panels require an additional internal current-carrying capacity to accommodate the power your solar array can generate in addition to the normal loads your home generates.  Not every panel manufacturer has a solar-ready model – choosing a panel that is solar-ready is a very inexpensive upgrade compared to replacing an incompatible panel later.  While your electrical contractor in Calgary is checking that, they can also make sure the panel can handle both the future solar system and electric vehicle charging station.

Connecting with an experienced electrician can help!

There are many benefits to these eco-friendly upgrades. Reducing your carbon footprint and switching to renewable energy can have long-term cost savings. It’s better for the planet too. Have questions on the details? Contact Westland Electrical.

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The value of investing in professional architectural design

If you have plans to build a new custom home, add an addition, or even just remodel, you need the right design plans. You’ll want someone to create a clear blueprint for your general contractor to use. That’s where hiring an architectural design expert is the right investment for your next building project.

Jim Goud Drafting and Design in Calgary offers professional architectural design and drafting services. They explain why it is so important and valuable to work with an architectural designer: 

What is an architectural designer? 

An architectural designer or draftsperson is the one in charge of creating detailed blueprints and drawings for new buildings and home projects. These are then used by construction builders or general contractors to turn the blueprint into reality. Most architectural drafters will specialize in one of five areas: architecture, electrical, mechanical, electronics, or civil. However, companies like Jim Goud Drafting and Design offer services in everything from interior designs to residential and commercial buildings. They help put ideas onto paper in a concrete, detailed design that will be used to build a home, addition, or to remodel.

They know all the codes, permits, and details

A key benefit of working with an architectural designer is their detailed knowledge of building codes, permits, and city bylaws. Depending on the type of work planned, there may be specifications in place that must be met before construction can begin. Adding a suite to a basement, for example, has specific codes in place to ensure things like separate heating and ventilation is provided or that egress windows are installed in new bedrooms. New additions as well need building or development permits before they can be built. With an architectural designer, the stress of finding the right permits and knowing city bylaws is often handled by them.

You’ll save more money 

Investing in the help of an architectural designer will actually save you more money in the long run. Modern programs, such as AutoCAD, mean that more realistic and detailed 3D images of your project can be created. This can really help it come to life. The sizes of the rooms, proportions of each space, and the relationship between interior spaces become clear. Also, the relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces are better understood using 3D images. With the help of a designer using CAD programs, you’ll be able to iron out the potential bugs that can be costly, before the saws start to buzz or the hammers start to pound.

An architectural designer also starts with a custom design, so you don’t waste time or money customizing a cookie-cutter blueprint. They can also offer help when it comes to choosing the right materials for the job. That way you can plan the best budget ahead of time. Designers such as Jim Goud Drafting and Design ensure that your home needs and lifestyle needs are met and that there are no surprise costs or unexpected delays.

Architectural Designs in Calgary 

Jim Goud Drafting and Design provides hands-on, detailed, and quality service, whether for drafting or creating designs. With years of dedicated experience and skill, they guarantee that no renovation or building project will ever be a stressful experience again.

Contact Jim Goud Drafting and Design today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Bathroom renovation tips to help sell your home

Bathroom Renovation by Four Elements Construction

After kitchens, bathrooms are the most looked-at rooms in a home for potential buyers. If you are investing in home renovations to help sell your home in the future, there are some things to consider. Four Elements Construction are reputable general contractors in Edmonton. Whether you want to add a bathroom or upgrade the bathrooms you already have, they share some advice on bathroom renovations that will help sell your home:

Midrange bathroom renovations have good ROI

If you want to renovate the bathroom for resale, it needs to be functional, modern, and visually appealing. Keep in mind that upscale, luxury renovations do not have as good of a return on investment compared to a midrange bathroom remodel. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2020, a midrange bathroom renovation can recover 64% of its cost at resale. Compare that with an upscale bathroom remodel, which will only recoup 54.7%, and you’ll see that in this case, less is more.

Midrange bathroom renovations in Edmonton might include updating fixtures and faucets, a new countertop and sink, new tile flooring, and a fresh coat of paint. If you want a luxury bathroom to enjoy for yourself, go all out. But if you’re renovating to attract buyers and get a return on investment, consider these smart and simple upgrades.

Leave the plumbing where it is

For bathroom renovations, a major expense is installing or retrofitting plumbing. If you want to get a better ROI for the bathroom renovation, leave the fixtures where they are in your current bathroom layout. If you start moving where you want the shower or toilet, a plumber will have to spend a lot of time making those changes. Keeping the current layout will cut costs, so you can see more money come back to you when you sell.

Renovate to appeal to the masses

If you’re renovating to sell, you want to keep your choices neutral and light. You might enjoy bold colours or patterned wallpaper, but you want to appeal to the highest number of people. Choose finishes that are neutral colours, like white, beige, and grey. Light colours will make the bathroom feel larger, and they also bring a feeling of relaxation. You can jazz things up with accessories like a trendy shower curtain, towels, and unique hardware.

Get advice from a pro

As Edmonton general contractors, Four Elements Construction can provide advice regarding your bathroom renovation. They can suggest cost-effective materials that won’t have you sacrificing on quality or appearance. They know what is popular among homeowners. Their design team can help create a plan for the bathrooms in your home that will appeal to future buyers too.

Contact Four Elements Construction for your Edmonton bathroom renovation! 

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14 ways to update kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets play a major role in how your kitchen looks and how it functions. Whether you’re tired of the way your kitchen looks, or want to spruce things up to sell your home, there are several ways you can update your kitchen cabinets. Some methods are easy, cost-effective, and all have a good return on investment.

Whether you want to upgrade the look, style, function, or just the hardware, there are countless possibilities. With this handy guide, you’ll have plenty of ideas and ways to transform your old cabinets and give your kitchen an attractive value boost:

Consider cabinet refacing or refinishing

Depending on your cabinets’ overall status, renovating the cabinets can be as detailed or minimalistic as you want. Either just the doors themselves can be stripped and repainted, the hardware alone can be swapped out, or the entire cabinet can get refaced for a whole new look. There’s no right or wrong method; it’s a matter of personal choice, budget, and your cabinets’ status.  

Before you think about tearing out the old and buying new cabinets, save yourself the time and money and reface or refinish them instead. Refacing is when you remove all doors and drawer fronts and replace them with new ones. A veneer is applied to the exposed cabinet surfaces to match your doors and drawers.

Refinishing is when you keep all components of your cabinets, but give them a new look by painting or staining them. Both can be a DIY task if you have the time, patience, and skills. Otherwise, a trusty professional can just as easily and quickly handle the work for you. 

1. Paint the cabinets

You’ve probably heard it before, and yes, it’s true––paint is your friend! If tired out or worn colours are the problem, but everything else looks good, then try something new. To start, go for a brighter colour to help add some light to the kitchen. Crisp whites are a classic look, but also consider light pastels such as greens, yellows, or blues. Soft greys and beiges are other great options for a simple yet modern look. If you feel bold, though, try black, dark blues, or even a striking red to add a real feature look.

2. Reface the cabinets

As mentioned, cabinet refacing is when you keep your old drawer boxes and replace all doors and drawer fronts with something new. To complete the job, a matching veneer is also installed on the sides and faces of cabinet boxes, so all exposed faces are uniform with the doors. This job is more expensive than cabinet painting but allows you to completely change the style of your kitchen cabinets.

3. Update the trim

Another painting trick, but a more subtle one, is to add a new trim colour. Paint the cabinet face white, for example, but leave the rest a natural wood. If you want a blend of colours, pair a white face with a soft green trim or bold orange or blue. Trim can also be inverted, so the cabinet’s face is painted white, while the rest gets a colour treatment. Either way, the overall look will be a more rustic or even an attractive vintage appearance.

4. Add luxury with crown moulding

Don’t just think that crown moulding is limited to walls and ceilings because it’s not. Both ceiling-height cabinets and standard ones will benefit from the elegant addition of crown moulding. Not only is it a simple addition, but it also adds a custom and very high-end luxury appearance. It also adds its own characteristic to the kitchen as a whole and isn’t costly to do. Either match the crown moulding colours to your cabinets or choose a new colour for an eye-catching trim. Ceiling-height cabinets, for example, may benefit from a dark brown or black trim. That way, the ceiling, and cabinets will have a clear separation, and it’ll create a sense of more height in the room.

5. Get creative with wallpaper and trim

You don’t have to be a painting expert to add interesting patterns to your cabinets. Instead, just add wallpaper with readily available patterns. It’s also a great way to get a completely unique and customized look when you upgrade kitchen cabinets.

The same goes for installing trim pieces, such as extra baseboard trim, to create a 3D pattern. Any design from a farmhouse, shutter, or something unique, can easily be installed. Cut a piece of wood trim to the right size and then secure it with wood glue. Continue adding pieces to get your pattern, and voila! A completely new look.

6. Use chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint works great on tall cabinets. Tall cabinets or even ceiling height ones are a statement all on their own. Still, the right colour can help add even more height, while a separate shade can turn it into its own custom piece. That said, another great idea is to use chalkboard paint. The paint is easy to apply, and once dry, acts the same as a chalkboard. You can write or draw anything on its surface and then easily erase it later. For tall, ceiling height cabinets, transform the surface into a message board, grocery list, or a to-do list. You can even use it to draw pictures and designs that can be changed whenever you want. 

7. Mix and match the top and bottom

Remember, you also have cabinets underneath the countertop, which also need some attention. One of the best ways to do just that is to go for a two-tone kitchen decor. A good rule of thumb for this is to have light colours on top and dark underneath or the reverse. That way, you don’t have too many dominating or matching shades, and your kitchen gets a striking contrast. Apply crown moulding to the bottom cabinets as well, for a simplistic touch of elegance.

Another clever trick is to inverse not just colours but also the hardware. Do you have silver handles and grey paint on top? Then go for white paint on the bottom with warm gold handles. The same goes for a bold dark colour but then paired with light handles that will really stand out.

8. Swap out some doors with glass doors or install glass inlays.

Try swapping the cabinet doors for new glass doors for a new look. Alternatively, glass inlays combine the benefit of a beautiful new addition and still pair with old cabinet doors. With the right tools and a little skill, this can even be a DIY upgrade kitchen cabinets project. First, measure where you want to install the glass panel and what design you want. Then use a router to cut out the inner panel on the cabinet door and remove it. Next, set the glass and secure it with glass clips before reinstalling your new glass cabinet door.

9. Dress up in the inside

Now that you have glass doors, why not add some interest to the inside of those cabinets? Similar to dressing up the exterior doors, use either paint, wallpaper, or a little trim detailing to add a new look. You could even flex your artistic hand and draw patterns or pictures on the inside. Leave the outside of the cabinet a natural wood or painted white, then use a bold or bright colour on the inside. Not only will it add depth to the cabinets, but it’ll also help make them pop as focal features.

10. Consider open shelving or removing cabinet doors

Open shelving cabinets are both visually attractive and very functional. This kitchen storage style is also becoming very popular among homeowners. That said, don’t remove the doors on all your cabinets. Instead, focus on one area or section of the kitchen to add an open-face design. That will help keep a unique luxury feel and still provide you with room to customize when updating kitchen cabinets. A popular place for open shelving is beside the stove, especially if you have a feature range hood. Otherwise, open the shelving beside any windows to really maximize that open, airy sensation. Your kitchen will look brighter as a result, and the combination will create a nice balance.

Open shelving should be a consideration if you can keep the items stored on the shelves neat and tidy. Cluttered shelves can diminish the look and feel of your kitchen. If you’re worried it will look messy, stick with storing items behind cabinets doors. If you have kitchenware and decor you want to showcase, shelving or open cabinets will work great.

For a splash of colour, paint the inside or add a colourful trim to the exposed shelving edges. You can even pair stylish additions like pictures, colourful plates, or even plants for added interior décor. Install task lighting inside the cabinets to further highlight any features or add an attractive interior glow.

11. Address the hardware

Cabinet hardware, as in the handles and knobs, aren’t just there for functional reasons. Swapping out old hardware for a new look or colour can do wonders for the overall kitchen. Matching those new colours with your lights and faucets will further help draw the theme around the room. Sometimes just a simple hardware upgrade is enough to enhance or modernize the space.

To start, decide what shape you want. Do you want matching designs on the top and bottom cabinets or two different styles? Everything from drawer, drop, and cup pulls to knobs are possible ways to get a custom look. Take a look at your kitchen overall and then decide if you want that vintage, modern, or boho theme. From there, it’s time to look at the colours. Black or silver are both classic choices that pair well with any kitchen layout. However, bronze or brushed brass adds a welcoming warmth and a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

12. Utilize lighting

If you know about the lighting rule of three, you’ll know that task lighting goes a long way. That applies to both design benefits, but also to how much money you can save. Instead of constantly reaching for the overhead lights, just turn on your new upgraded cabinet lighting. You’ll use less energy but still have enough lighting to see. Design-wise, it adds a unique style by creating an appealing layered light effect. Your cabinets will glow (literally), which helps chase away shadows and create a brighter and more open sensation.

Undercabinet lighting will also help you improve your kitchen counter workspace. Not only can you illuminate the countertops, it provides a cozy atmosphere when on at night.

13. Upgrade interior storage

Upgrade kitchen cabinets not just on the outside but focus on some interior upgrades as well. Clever storage solutions, such as pullout trash cans, a cookie sheet drawer, or a narrow spice drawer, are great upgrades. Not only will your kitchen look attractive, but it’ll also be functionally attractive as well. Adding storage is a great way to further boost the overall value and make your kitchen even easier to work in. If you have the time and skill, you can even tackle most of these storage solutions as a DIY project. Otherwise, there are custom storage companies that can provide a solution for reorganizing your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

14. Maximize storage space with corner drawers

Don’t let those corners in your kitchen go to waste as dead space when there are plenty of uses. Corner drawers, specifically, are the perfect solution to maximize all space and potential storage. Not only do they look visually stylish, but this also creates the perfect space to store things. Everything from pots and pans, baking utensils, or dishcloths and oven mitts can be easily tucked away. To give the drawers even more of a subtle custom look, install different handles from the other cabinets.  

DIY or pro?  

Before getting into all the ways of updating kitchen cabinets, first consider if you want to DIY or not. A professional will be able to complete a full-kitchen refacing in two to four days. They’ll bring all the necessary tools, kits, and expertise to ensure a quality finish at the end. If you choose to DIY, then plan around a week at minimum to complete the work. You’ll also need to budget in buying your own refacing or refinishing kit and any other tools.

The risk of DIY, however, is that any mistakes often result in more costly repairs or having to replace materials. The work is a lot more involved as well, so a certain degree of skill is needed. Keep in mind that either way, refacing and refinishing are both much more cost-effective than replacing. DIYing may save a little bit extra, but a professional will guarantee quality, timeliness, and peace of mind.

Find RenovationFind certified cabinet companies now! 

RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance. 

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15 Kitchen Trends for 2020-2021

Like quartz countertops and all-white cabinets, some kitchen design trends are timeless classics that will never go out of style. Others, however, change year by year as new trends and designs take over. That said, don’t worry about doing a complete kitchen overhaul each year just to keep up. Yes, kitchen renovations have great ROI, but it’s not worth a yearly shift!

Instead, the good news is that these kitchen trends can be broken down into different parts of the kitchen. If you love the idea of a new paint colour but are still happy with your counters, then just focus on colours. There are plenty of trends to pick and choose from, so take a look and start customizing your dream kitchen. We’ve broken them down into the following categories: colours, cabinets, countertops, and other trends.


At the top of the list of new trends are colours, but not just the classic white kitchen or bold black look anymore. Neutral tones are still used, but the latest trend is to combine bright colours and maximize pastels. The colours themselves can be used for countertops, cabinets, backsplash or wall paint. These new shades also lend themselves to specific decors, like modern, contemporary, classic, and rustic.

1. Modern: colour contrast 

Colour contrast is a statement in itself when it comes to modern décor, but not just for neutral contrasts. The new modern trend is to use bold colours to transform the look of your kitchen completely. A good rule to follow is the 70/20/10 guideline. 70% is the kitchen’s primary colour, meaning the cabinets, countertops, or walls. 10% is for the really dramatic accent, while 20% is for a third balancing colour.

For example, make 70% of the kitchen a bright teal or even bold purple, such as for the cabinets and kitchen island. Then focus the 20% on the backsplash or a feature wall using a complementary balance of a pastel pink or blue. The final 10% can be used on light fixtures, barstool or accessories like plants to add a final pop of colour.

2. Contemporary: bright splashes and neutral bases

The new contemporary kitchen design trend is similar to the modern look, with its focus on bright splashes of colour. However, the base colours steer more towards neutral tones instead of pastels to help offset those brighter shades. Imagine stone-grey countertops, blue-green cabinets, and then bold red splashes on the chairs or a feature wall. These colourful pops help brighten the space and highlight a specific feature or area of the room. For example, ceiling-height cabinets or a central kitchen island will equally benefit as the feature choice for a colour pop. Generally, whatever takes up the most visual space in a room will benefit from being the main focal feature.

3. Classic: off tones and simple shades 

A colour trend that is guaranteed to be around every year is the classic palette. With dominating whites and beiges, you can’t go wrong with a classic kitchen. That said, the new classic trend leans towards the off tones and soft touches of colour. Instead of pure white, think white dove or ivory. As for traditional grey, focus on pewter or steel shades. The simple shades lean towards gentle pastels that perfectly complement the off tones. Pastel blue, pink, and even mint green, for example, are all popular choices. Unlike the other colour trends, classic focuses its colour palette on complementary accents and appealing touches here and there.

4. Rustic: natural wood and earth tones

In contrast to the other colour trends, rustic kitchens are starting to make a comeback once again. While before, wood cabinets were commonly painted over, they are now being left natural. To complement that natural wood look, focus more on earthy paint tones. Dark green, reddish browns, and steel blues work as perfect accents to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Kitchen cabinets, islands, and countertops are shifting towards a wood décor. As for wood species, the darker looks are taking over from the traditional lighter styles. The most popular and striking choices include mahogany, walnut, or dark maple.


Like paints and colours, cabinet trends are also constantly changing. First, simple white cabinets were the popular look, followed closely by the striking two-tone style. The look now is changing again as kitchen trends 2020 moves into 2021, where open, easy to access, and eye-catching colours are the focus.

5. Open shelving

Are you tired of your old cabinet doors? Don’t worry about refacing them, because open shelving is the new look. Removing the doors helps create more openness and spaciousness in the room. Alternatively, you can replace cabinets with open shelving, or add some to space you might have in the kitchen. Big or small kitchens will benefit from the look, making it a perfect choice in any home. That also opens up even more décor possibilities. Beyond just plates and cups, plants and ornaments can be added. To add more colourful interest to the look, add some bright paint or wallpaper to the cabinet’s interior. The brighter the contrast to other colours, the more eye-catching they’ll look.

6. Colour is in 

Leave the white accents to the rest of your kitchen because coloured cabinets are in and the bolder, the better. A key part of choosing the right colour also plays in with the way it affects overall moods. Bright red is striking and bold and creates an energetic mood, making it perfect for the kitchen. Just be sure to offset it with some neutral colours to provide some balance to all that energy. Green is another positive and creative-boosting colour, so if you love to cook, then this is a great choice. If you prefer a calmer kitchen, then look instead towards silvers and violet accents. Decide what mood you want to spark in your kitchen and then use those colours accordingly.  

7. Smart storage solutions

Not only is smart storage convenient, but it also maximizes the space in your kitchen and makes it more functional. Deep drawers for pots and pans or a cookie sheet drawer will easily store any bulky cookware without wasting room. Carrousel racks are perfect for corner storage or pull out racks for deep and hard to reach cabinets. Install narrow pullout drawers to store cleaning supplies or spices for easy and convenient access. Even large kitchen islands are the perfect space to install new cabinets to store any baking utensils or add appliances like a microwave or a new mini-fridge. There are plenty of areas to install clever storage, so take a look at your kitchen and see what space can be utilized.

8. Hands-free design

Technology isn’t the only thing pushing kitchens into a hands-free space. Minimalistic kitchens are also rising in popularity, starting with hardware-free cabinets. Hidden handles or touch-release helps create a streamlined design in the space. As a result, the lack of eye-catching hardware shifts the focus to the design, colours, and overall layout. Statement cabinets such as walnut wood or ceiling-height will make the perfect addition in a hands-free kitchen.  


Next in kitchen design ideas are countertops, which are one of the most popular parts of a kitchen to renovate. Countertops are more than just spaces to prep food; they are now one of the main focal points in a kitchen. In addition to practical functionality, appearances are a key factor to consider.

9. Quartz is still in

Ever since quartz was introduced as a perfect alternative to granite, it has continued to remain popular. As a nonporous material, water, wine, oils, and stains won’t be a risk or ever a problem. You don’t have to reseal quartz, and since it is engineered, there are plenty of ways to customize the look. It’s also incredibly durable yet low maintenance, which are two features that many homeowners love. Like white kitchens, quartz is one of those materials that isn’t going away any time soon.  

10. Sustainable materials 

Sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives are two of the biggest kitchen design ideas coming in 2021, and countertops are no exception. Recycled glass countertops are incredibly attractive and very eco-friendly as they’re made from 80% recycled glass. The colourful pieces of glass throughout the counter creates a vibrant addition that pairs well in any kitchen. You can customize how much glass you want or leave it as a more subtle display. Best of all, no two glass countertops will ever look the same, so it’s an entirely unique choice.

11. Bold concrete

Concrete is making its way into the home once again, except this time it’s not for flooring. As a countertop, concrete lends a bold and very modern addition that complements any other décor. The sleek, cool grey and lack of patterns mean you can focus on dressing up the rest of the kitchen instead. It’s also the perfect choice in a rustic kitchen, where earthy tones and wood accents will pair together beautifully with concrete. Functionally as well, concrete is just as high a contender as other materials. It’s heat resistant, easy to clean, resists stains, and will easily last a lifetime given the right care.  

12. Classy marble

Marble countertops are making a return and this time especially ones with thick, striking veins throughout them. The new colour trend for these is to move away from the classic black and white and go for striking gold veins. The warmth of the colour and the marble’s striking beauty add a high-end feel to any kitchen. Don’t shy away from simple appearances either; the bigger and bolder the veins, the better. Generally, either kitchen cabinets or the countertops are the focal features in a kitchen. So, if you are focusing on the countertops, then make sure to choose an eye-catching design.

Other trends

Beyond materials, colours, and styles seeing new trends, there are a few other areas in the kitchen that are also seeing changes. It started in kitchen trends 2020, but as 2021 moves towards greener homes and smarter and simplistic designs, kitchens are likewise following suit. These are a few of the other trends to keep an eye out for in your kitchen from easy storage, new layouts, and smarter appliances.

13. Walk-in pantries  

Pantries have been a staple in kitchens ever since they were first introduced in modern homes. Bigger pantries, in particular, have expanded their convenience and depth of storage and space. However, the new trend is to have fully walk-in pantries, similar in design to walk-in closets. In addition to rows of wall shelving, pantries are now getting their own countertops and cabinets. Dressing up the door or installing stylish lighting is also becoming more popular. Pantries are no longer back of the room storage nooks but are instead becoming new features in the kitchen.

14. Kitchen-living room blend

Open-concept floor plans have consistently been a popular design across the years. It invites more light, a sense of spaciousness, and lends a contemporary and multifunctional style. However, not all homes have a designated dining room space, as kitchen islands have replaced that need. As such, the new trend is to see a blend between the kitchen and the living room instead. The open layout between the two rooms creates a cozy and welcoming design with benefits for each. You can cook and entertain friends at the same time or enjoy a casual social night with the family. The overall design is spacious and very easy to maneuver in. At the same time, the kitchen island still helps create a natural separation between the two rooms.

15. Smart and green appliances

Smart and green go hand-in-hand when it comes to rising kitchen design trends, and it’s no surprise. As technology advances and more convenient kitchen gadgets are introduced, it’s changing how homeowners cook. Everything from voice-controlled lights, Wi-Fi controlled appliances, or smart fridges with a built-in screen is moving into modern kitchens. While technological change isn’t as quickly incorporated as new paint colours, it’s a trend that is steadily becoming more common.

Going green is another trend when it comes to new appliances and one that is quickly making waves. ENERGY STAR certified fridges, for example, are 15% more efficient compared to non-certified models. In costs, that’s the difference between spending $50 a year compared to $300 a year. Even smaller appliances like ENERGY STAR sink faucets will use 20% less water and save more year by year. It’s an all-in-one trend that benefits your home, your wallet, and the environment.  

A renovation company can help

If you want to make changes to the kitchen this year or next, consider hiring a full-service renovation company. They know the latest trends, including the ones that will pass the test of time. From the design stages, construction, through completion, having a project manager take care of all the details will make kitchen renovations easier and fun.

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Work with a handyman to tackle these presale renovations

When trying to sell your house, it’s easy to let the little repairs start to creep up and become major stresses. It is important to fix and update things like chipped paint or outdated fixtures, especially since potential buyers will notice these details. That’s why having a handyman to help with those presale renovations will keep the process stress free.

Handyco Ottawa Inc. in Ottawa is a handyman, renovation, and restoration company. They share how their handyman services can help make your home sell-ready in no time: 

Kitchens: countertops and cabinets

Not all presale kitchen renovations have to mean a full-scale overhaul just to help attract buyers. While kitchens do play a significant role, it’s better to tackle specific, cost-effective renovations. Focus on the countertops and cabinets, which both take up the most visual space. With countertops, don’t automatically go for a personal or necessarily popular choice of material. Granite is attractive, but it might not be cost-effective when trying to sell your house. Instead, talk to your handyman about what gets noticed on the market or what other recently sold houses used in their kitchens. That way, you can make the right choice and ensure your home will appeal to the right buyers.

Cabinets are easier to tackle because you can refresh them instead of spending more to replace them. Keep the colours bright and neutral to appeal to buyers and make the kitchen feel bigger. A cool, dove grey or soft pastel is ideal for creating an attractive space where buyers can still envision themselves living. Another way to update is to install a few glass cabinet doors to add a sleek and aesthetically modern touch.

Bathrooms: paint and update fixtures

If the need calls for it, and you have the right budget, invest in a bathroom remodel. Swap out an old shower for a modern walk-in, update the vanity and sink, and install new heated flooring. The transformation will pay off, especially if the bathroom needs the update. According to the Remodelling Magazine cost vs. value 2020 report, a midrange bathroom renovation can add $13,688 to the resale value.

Otherwise, focus once again on simple changes that’ll help buyers visualize themselves in the room. Repaint the walls a crisp colour like white, light blue, or light green. That’ll help make the space feel bigger and brighter. Have your general contractor install new tiles, for example, a feature wall in the shower. This will add the illusion of height and provide visual interest in the bathroom as well as a luxurious feel to the shower.

Swap out any old sink and shower fixtures and install new gold-toned ones instead to add a pop of colour and warmth. Warmer-toned fixtures and additions help add a lavish and spa-like feeling to a bathroom that buyers will appreciate. Light fixtures as well can be paired with complementary tones to help draw attention throughout the room.

Exterior: landscape and paint

The outside is the first impression of the house a buyer will see, so make sure to give it some attention. A little landscaping will go a long way to dress up a house, making it more attractive and boost that important curb appeal. A simple way is to plant colourful flowers and bushes to add pops of colour and contrast against other greenery. Make sure any trees or bushes are trimmed as well, to create a more uniformed look. Just like the interior, maximize the benefits of painting the outside. Add a fresh white trim to the windows to make the siding pop against them or add a bright, bold colour to your front door for a feature look. It’ll help catch any buyers’ attention and invite them to come inside for a look around.  

Handyman in Ottawa

Handyco Ottawa is there for more than just a quick job; they provide top-quality support and complete satisfaction for all projects. From general maintenance, renovations, handyman services, and more, they are fully skilled and experienced for home transformations.

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Deck Cleaning and Deck Staining Tips

Make your deck look like new with these deck cleaning and staining tips! There’s nothing like reviving your old deck to look new once again. 

Evaluate your Deck for Damage

Before you start cleaning and staining your deck you should always make sure that your deck doesn’t have any damage. Check for rotting wood and broken boards. Replace the broken and rotting wood before you start anything else. This is a crucial step to ensure your deck is safe and secure.

Clean your Deck

You can choose to pressure wash your deck, but always make sure you hire a professional to pressure wash it for you, or you can try using cleaning solutions that help remove dirt, debris and mildew. Pressure washing may be the better option if your deck is really old. It will help remove any old stain so you can start from new. It is also much faster than cleaning and scrubbing your deck by hand. 

Consider Applying a Wood Brightener

Wood brighteners are an easy step and should not be overlooked. During the deck staining process the stain will penetrate better if you use a wood brightener first. Spray a wood brightener on your deck, leave it on for a little while and then spray it off. It’s an easy step and it will refresh your old looking wood. 

Deck Staining Time

Now it’s finally time for the deck staining. Do your research and find the best stain for your wood, your deck and your needs. There are many options to choose from. Always follow the directions on the stain can and only apply as much stain as the wood can absorb, don’t overdo it. 

Take Your Time and Use the Right Materials

You may be eager to get your deck cleaned and stained quickly with materials you have lying around your home but it’s important to take your time and use the right materials. It will take you several days to finish your deck and it’s best to go one step at a time. Using the right materials will only help your deck down the road. The best materials and tools will create the best and lasting results. 

It is also a good idea to regularly wash your deck. This will keep your deck looking new and refreshed for longer. 

Call or text your local Handyman Connection if you need assistance repairing and refreshing your old or damaged deck. Our craftsmen are skilled professionals and have the right tools to get the job done. 

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