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5 Revealing Tips to Find a Reliable Commercial Renovation Contractor

As a small business owner, your business property says a lot about your company. It doesn’t matter if you own a retail store or a financial consulting company; you need to make a good impression on your customers and clients.

However, if you need to make changes for a more aesthetically pleasing environment, it may not be in your wheelhouse to do so. In this case, you need Edmonton commercial contractors. They can completely change or enhance your building within the parameters of your budget and bring valuable insight into your project.

The only question is, how do you find the best contractor for your business? Keep reading to find out.

1. Use Social Media to Get Recommendations

If you know other business owners who have hired commercial building renovation contractors, you may be able to reach out to them for advice. However, you can address a larger portion of your community by joining a Facebook community page.

People use these pages for buying, selling, and trading. However, these community pages also provide a great platform for people to ask for recommendations about local services.

2. Check Out Reviews and Testimonials

For more information, you can also find local commercial contractor websites to find out more about them. These businesses often publish customer reviews and testimonials. Customer reviews will tell you all you need to know about their customer service, quality of work, and professionalism.

3. Take a Look at Their Previous Projects

It’s one thing to hear positive reviews and another to see the evidence for yourself. One of the best ways to find a commercial renovation contractor with the touch you’re looking for is to review images of their work.

Most websites have a page dedicated to their previous projects. Here, you can get a good idea of their workmanship, style, and abilities.

4. Ask for a Free Consultation

Before hiring a commercial renovation contractor, reach out to several local competitors for a free consultation. Most will come out to your building to see first-hand what they’re dealing with. This will provide you with the opportunity to talk to them about your vision and your budget.

Before they leave, make sure they give you a quote. However, in most cases, they’ll need to return to their own office to draw up numbers and figures before getting your an accurate estimate.

5. Compare and Contrast Pricing

Finally, after you’ve spoken to several potential contractors, compare and contrast the quotes they’ve given you. Remember that a low bid shouldn’t be your only determining factor. You also need to consider things like references, project pictures, experience, warranties, and more.

The best commercial remodeling contractors for your project aren’t necessarily the cheapest.

Do You Need a Commercial Renovation Contractor for Your Business?

Being a business owner in today’s world means doing everything you can to gain a competitive edge. Use your business space to send the right message to your customers or clients. But don’t do it without a qualified commercial renovation contractor.

We offer a myriad of services, from new builds to renovations. Contact Invicta Construction today to get a quote on your commercial renovation project.

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How to Maximize Space in Your Mudroom, Laundry Room and Basement

Discover How to Maximize Space in Your Mudroom, Laundry Room and Basement

The change of seasons has a way of making you notice the clutter or crowded spaces in your homes. Whether it is winter slush and salt, fall and springtime mud, your mudroom is filled with the scattered shoes of your family, the laundry room has heaps of clothes, laundry baskets, and the ironing board in the way, and the basement has become a dumping ground of boxes and containers full of who knows what. If the clutter is overwhelming, it’s time to consider how to maximize space in your mudroom, laundry room, and basement today.

If you are trying to find a way to maximize space in these rooms, organization and having a plan are key. There are many options to reorganizing a room. You can purchase or have items customized to fit your unique needs such as: cabinetry, closets, built in shelving units, family coat racks, hooks, and more. All these options provide more surface space to store or hang up your belongings. For example, investing in shelves to store your family’s shoes is not only neater, but takes up less space than a bunch of shoes on the floor. If every item has a specific place to go, it will be easier to maintain a clean and organized.

To maximize space and make sure all your needs are met, consider hiring a professional contractor and carpenter to build what you need in your mudroom, laundry room, or basement. All contractors begin with an estimate so you can discuss what needs must be met, what your ideas are, and the limits of your budget. A custom-built job might be more efficient than buying multiple pieces of storage-furniture to maximize space. A built in set of cabinet and shelves will handle all organization challenges at once.

Make the most out of your space. Building shelf space or installing cabinets will turn an empty wall or corner into a space of opportunity. With more places to store your belongings, these tough rooms will become more manageable and enjoyable with the new updates. Make the most of your space and begin looking for what projects work the best for you today.

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Kitchen Makeovers: Top Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2020-2021

A kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000.

However, regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are a number of simple ways to reduce that cost, such as giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

By looking at kitchen remodel ideas for 2020, you can find lots of new trends and tips for how to update your kitchen and not break the bank.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2020

Over the last ten years, we saw a lot of open-concept and all-white kitchens.

However, as we enter the next decade, don’t be surprised to see lots of open shelving, colorful tile, and more dramatic flooring.

The good news is, you can achieve a kitchen remodel and keep up with the current trends by changing just a few key aspects.

Cabinet Make-Over

Buying new cabinets can be quite costly, especially in larger kitchens. But by changing the color of your cabinets, your kitchen will feel like a whole new room.

In contrast to the all-white kitchens of the 2010s, 2020 is looking for color.

Many companies offer kitchen cabinet painting, including deep cleaning of your cabinets. Their chemicals can remove years of food and grease build-up, making sanding and priming much easier.

Whether opting for bright white, or something more adventurous, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

Try a New Backsplash

Subway tiles are no longer the go-to for your kitchen.

Bold backsplashes, from brick to mosaic tiles offer a focal point and unique statement to your kitchen. Aqua shades are particularly popular for 2020.

For those on a budget, Peel and Stick Backsplash tiles are a great way to achieve a quick remodel without breaking the bank.

Another effective look is to continue your countertop in the backsplash. Though a little costly, it provides a sleek and impressive look.

Statement Floors

Kitchen floors take a lot over the years. From spills and general day-to-day life, they can become dirty and worn out pretty fast.

However, if your floors really need the upgrade, it can be an excellent way to add some color and new life to your kitchen.

From reclaimed wood to colorful tile, a brand new floor will make all the difference to your kitchen.

Doggie Cantinas

This pet-focused 2020 trend involves incorporating a feeding and storage area into your kitchen remodel.

Using the lower cabinet area, create an alcove for your dog’s bowls and a dedicated cupboard for their food and leash.

A fun way to dress up the area could be to add different hardware to the draws.

Give Your Range Hood a Makeover

The exhaust hood in your kitchen is used daily but often overlooked.

After saving money by painting your kitchen cabinets, investing in a new hood will complete your remodel perfectly.

Copper hoods with embellished designs are especially striking and will become a conversation piece.

Revitalize Your Kitchen

Now you have some of the hottest kitchen remodel ideas for 2020, you can easily take the next steps and create a whole new space.

For more information on kitchen cabinet refinishing in Toronto, check out our Platinum Pro Painters

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Canada’s 6 Best Toilets for your Home

Planning a bathroom renovation has plenty of components to consider, especially with the plumbing. Sink faucets or showerheads may change over the years, but a good toilet can’t be understated. As one of the most used fixtures in the home, finding one with the right shape and size is essential. Energy efficiency is key, as it determines how much money the toilet can save each month on water bills.

Buying the best toilet, however, is more involved than just choosing one at the bathroom supply store. Different flush mechanics, how much water is used, and the overall cost all affect what makes a good toilet. Personal needs, like the height of the seat or bowl shape, also affect the final decision. Once homeowners start looking into toilets, you’ll find you have a lot to choose from.

To help with the decision and make the whole process much easier, read this guide for the six best toilets for your home. The guide will also breakdown some tips when looking at toilet qualities and designs:

What to look for 

Before looking at the best toilets Canada models, it’s important to know exactly what to look for when considering different toilets and features. That way, you can make the most informed purchase for your home and needs. Visuals aside, the way a toilet is shaped will also affect how comfortable and efficient it is.

Bowl height and shape 

Depending on your reasons and needs for a bathroom renovation, toilet height will play a key role. Aging-in-place renovations, for example, will benefit more from a raised toilet that is easy and comfortable to use. Standard height toilets range between 14” – 15” and are suitable for most people. Comfort height raises the toilet to around 16” – 17,” making it much more accessible for wheelchairs, the elderly, or people with mobility limitations.

The shape of the toilet or the bowl will vary based on the bathroom’s size and shape. Smaller bathrooms are better suited with round-fronted bowls that are a little smaller. Elongated bowls can increase the overall comfort when using the toilet. The added space is also ideal for younger children to use.

Flush and water use 

The flush capacity of a toilet refers to how well it can flush large amounts of waste without getting clogged. The higher the rating, the better the toilet’s flushing capabilities. 1000g is the best toilet rating, while 700g is a great second choice and 350g is standard.

Water use refers to how much water is used in each flush. Ideally, you want to save water without losing efficiency, because that means less money is lost each use. Dual flush toilets, for example, are one of the best options since they give more customization. The next best rating is 1.28 gallons per flush, while 1.5 gallons still maintains enough flushing capacity. Keep in mind that it may not save as much as the first two options.


Toilet design is both a practical and visual consideration that should be planned into early renovation plans. Each design also offers different perks and considerations to keep in mind.

Two-piece: This means that the toilet tank and bowl are two separate units. The main benefit of this is it’s easier to customize the height and shape and is less expensive. As the standard style for toilets, it is also very easy to find replacement parts. They are harder to clean and more involved when installing, so a professional plumber is recommended.

One-piece: As its name suggests, the tank and bowl are one unit, which creates a seamless, modern appearance. It also makes the toilet easier to clean, while the compact size takes up less overall space. It is much heavier as a result and can be more expensive to buy.

Wall-mounted: These toilets have no visible tank or base and are installed directly onto the wall. Visually, these are an attractive option as there is minimal space taken, and the floating-style opens up more floor space. Wall-mounted toilets are the most expensive option and also require the most skill to install. The work is much more extensive as the plumbing and tank must be installed behind the wall.

Best toilets Canada

With all the factors and considerations in mind, it’s time to address the question: what is the best toilet to buy in Canada? These six top-recommended toilets are great options to consider for your home.

1. TOTO UltraMax II

As far as the best toilets in Canada that also offers the best of everything, the TOTO UltraMax II is the best choice. The main attraction of this is its “tornado flush” system that thoroughly flushes in a 360-degree swirl and cleans the toilet with each use. As a one-piece unit, it is slim and small enough to fit into any sized bathroom. With a soft close lid and universal seat, this toilet is perfect for all age groups and will match most bathroom designs.

Cons: Harder to reach nooks may be more difficult to clean. The SanaGloss coating limits the cleaning products, so harsh chemical or hard toilet brushes are not recommended.

Design: one-piece.

Height and shape: elongated bowl and 17” seat height.

Flush capacity: tornado flushing system uses 1.28 gallons per flush.

Colours: colonial white, cotton white, chrome, bone, Sedona beige.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range between $570-$710.

2. Kohler K-3978-0 Wellworth

If the budget-friendly and quiet best toilets in Canada are on your list, then the Kohler Wellworth is your toilet. It offers a classic, simple design that is comfortable and efficient. This Kohler uses 1.6 gallons per flush, more than other models, yet it is quiet when used. It also refills just as quickly, so there is no delay between uses. Pricewise as well, the Kohler is one of the most cost-effective options. You still get the same quality and longevity as other models.

Cons: Does have a higher water consumption than other toilets, which won’t help with monthly water bills. It also has fewer available colours to customize its appearance.

Design: two-piece.

Height and shape: elongated bowl and 12” height seat.

Flush capacity: 1.6 gallons per flush.

Colour: white.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range between $216-$280.

3. Glacier Bay Elongated All-in-One 

With a great price range and extra flush control, the Glacier Bay toilet is among the best toilets for a dual flush. For a long-term investment with even longer payback, it is a great option to consider. The dual flush offers light 1.1 gallons per flush or heavier 1.6 gallons per flush. Low-flow toilets, if not powerful enough, sometimes need to be flushed twice, which doubles the water costs. The stylish one-piece design is also made from white vitreous china, making the toilet less likely to crack or fade compared to porcelain toilets.

Cons: Does not come with its own toilet supply line, which must be bought separately.

Design: one-piece.

Height and shape: elongated bowl and 16.5” height seat.

Flush capacity: dual flush system with 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush.

Colour: white.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range between $169-$342.

4. Kohler K-4007-0

While this toilet has a much simpler appearance and design, it makes it the perfect fit for smaller bathrooms and is considered one of the best toilets in Canada. Unlike the traditional box styled toilet tank, the Kohler has a rounded, petite tank for a more compact appearance. The size doesn’t affect its capacity in any way, as the Kohler still conserves water with each flush, so you save more money in the long-term. The flush uses an Aqua Piston canister for a 360-degree swirl with enough power to clear the bowl. The design also means that cleaning is much easier to do without the risk of bacteria growing in any nooks.

Cons: Higher-end price makes it a less budget-friendly option for some.

Design: one-piece.

Height and shape: rounded bowl, 17” seat height.

Flush capacity: uses 1.28 gallons per flush.

Colours: white, biscuit.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range around $530.

5. Kohler K-6300-0 wall hung

For bathrooms with limited space, or just for the illusion of more room, wall hung toilets are a perfect addition. Like floating vanities, the open floor space beneath creates more floor space and so a sense of more room. The wall mount also adds a sleek, modern look that is attractive in any bathroom renovation. This Kohler wall hung is ideal if you want to later upgrade or customize the toilet without buying a new unit. Self-heating seats and a bidet option are both available upgrades. It also comes with dual flush options, using either 0.8 gallons per flush or 1.6.

Cons: Tank and carrier must be purchased separately, and it requires a skilled plumber to safely and properly install. The installation is much more involved as well, as with any wall mounted toilet.

Design: wall-mounted, one-piece.

Height and shape: elongated bowl, 15”- 23” seat height.

Flush capacity: dual flush, uses 0.8 or 1.6 gallons per flush.

Colours: white.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range from $885.

6. Ove Decors Smart Toilet 

Smart home renovations, both in the kitchen and bathrooms, are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners. Smart fridges and appliances are becoming common additions, but now smart toilets are also making headway. Having a smart best toilet may seem like a luxury, but one that offers many perks. The Ove Decors offers a heated seat, bidet functions, self-cleaning, and an LED light for nighttime uses. It also uses just 1.27 gallons per flush, so it saves money as well as adds luxury.

Cons: The installation is much more complicated, so a skilled plumber is a must to install. The toilet also needs its own power outlet to run, which may mean an electrical retrofit.

Design: one-piece.

Height and shape: elongated front bowl, 16” seat height.

Flush capacity: uses 1.27 gallons per flush.

Colour: white.

Cost: prices vary depending on the seller but range between $1,199 – $1,810.

Hire a pro to install 

While installing new best toilets in Canada may seem like a simple DIY project, it’s better left to a professional. Without proper installation, toilets can risk flooding, becoming damaged prematurely, or continuously break down. Others, like the Ove Decors toilet, are heavier units that need extra hands and care to install safely. With a professional, you don’t have to worry about incorrect installation or damage to your home.

Any additional installation, such as with wall-mounted toilets, will also be handled safely. Opening up walls may risk exposing unknown mould or damaging pipes and wires behind the wall. A professional plumber will know where to look and what steps to take to avoid any such damage. You can also get advice or tips when deciding what is the best toilet to buy in Canada or what water-saving features to consider or add.

Hiring a plumber will add more cost to the overall price, which is something to keep in mind. Factoring all costs into a detailed budget will avoid any unexpected costs. If you do want to save some costs with DIY work, then toilet removal can be done with instructions. Wall-mounted toilets are an exception, as their removal is a lot more involved.

DIY work 

As with any DIY work, if the time or skill involved proves to be too much, leave it to a professional. Investing a little bit more into a professional is always a cost that pays off in the end.

Before you start DIY dismantling, make sure to turn off the water supply line. Flush the toilet to empty the tank and bowl, and then detach the water supply tube. Next, remove the nuts and bolts holding the tank to the bowl, then remove and place it to the side. Follow the same bolt removal process on the floor bolts, attaching the toilet to the ground. Rock the toilet gently side to side to help break the seal, then place the bowl on its side also out of the way.

Scrape away the wax ring seal and throw it away as you won’t need it again. Clean the ring as well as you can, then stuff the drain hole with a rag to stop any sewer smells from escaping. For one-piece toilets, skip the stages to remove the tank and continue the steps from there. Once removed, your old toilet can be recycled, and the new toilet installed by a plumber.

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Types of Insulation

Whether choosing new insulation for your new home or upgrading an old home, there are many types to choose from. Insulation is installed to help improve thermal performance and slow energy from transferring in or out of a home. By doing so, it can help save upwards of 15% on heating and cooling costs and an average of 11% on yearly energy costs, according to ENERGY STAR. Attics and basements are the biggest culprits of heat loss, making high performing insulation especially important.

Picking the right home insulation comes down to a few factors beyond just cost or ease of installation. Factors such as where you need insulation, how much additional R-value is required, and the type all play a role in the final decision. A skilled contractor can help with the process, but knowing yourself is valuable when making an informed choice. To learn more about the different types of insulation, how they work, and their benefits, read on through this handy guide.

Things you should know about insulation 

Before getting into the specifics of insulation, it’s necessary to understand the terms often used when discussing insulation and how it works. That way, when looking at the different types and choosing the best insulation for your home, you’ll be better informed of what you are getting.


The thermal resistance, or R-value as it’s more commonly called, refers to the insulation’s resistance to heat flow. Insulation with higher ratings offers better insulating properties. The R-value is also affected by the type of insulation, the thickness level, and density. Any moisture exposure or the age of the insulation, can also change or have negative effects on the R-value. Loose-fill insulation tends to compress as it ages, and so will decrease in its R-value over the years. Since heat travels through studs and joists, the R-value for walls will vary compared to ceilings or attics. Since the R-value can vary so widely and differs across Canada, it’s best to talk to a contractor for an accurate estimate for your home insulation.

How it works 

Most insulation types work the same way by slowing the flow of energy through the material. Typically, insulation slows conductive heat, which is heat that passes through an object. It can also slow convective heat, which is heat that moves in liquids and gasses, but to a lesser degree. In the summer, insulation helps prevent heat from outdoors from reaching the interior of your home. In the winter, the opposite happens where it prevents interior heat from escaping to the outdoors. That plays a role in keeping your monthly bills down, and extending your HVAC system’s lifespan.

Radiant insulation barriers are a different type of insulation and they work differently. Radiant heat travels in a straight line and heats anything that is solid and in its path. The shiny barriers help limit how much radiant heat is gained by reflecting the heat away before it can be absorbed. The most effective use is to have free air space surrounding the barrier so that the heat can be reflected.

Factors affecting R-value

Like many energy-efficient additions, some factors can affect the efficiency and overall savings. Insulation, as a major source of energy savings, is no exception. Things such as who installs the insulation and how well, to the type and where it works best, will all affect the insulation’s overall efficiency.


As mentioned before, different areas of the home affect the R-value needed to insulate that area properly. Attics, for example, benefit more from insulation types that can seal any gaps and nooks to maximize its efficiency. Either spray foam or loose-fill insulation are popular attic choices for their sealing abilities.

Installation is also dependent on the skill of the installer and any required strategies. While some insulation can be DIYed, it is generally better to leave higher quality and more complicated insulation to a skilled and experienced professional. They’ll already own any specialized tools, know the local building code requirements, and take care to prevent compression while installing certain types of insulation.


Different insulation types offer different benefits, protection, and savings that all affect the insulation’s performance. Low-quality loose-fill insulation, for example, will compress over the years as it settles. As it does, the R-value is slowly lost as heating and cooling gain and loss increases. In comparison, spray foam insulation dries into a hard barrier that benefits homes with its absolute seal. However, that also means the home needs proper ventilation to allow the right airflow and exchange throughout the home. Otherwise, condensation, stale air, and resulting mould can become serious issues.

Types of Insulation

There are many types of insulation that range from soft materials to bulky and rigid. Each has a different means of installation and protection methods. Like bulky insulation, some are better at resisting conductive heat gain. Others, like rigid foam boards, are better at limiting convective heat gain. The list below will outline the different insulations, their R-values, and the benefits and uses of each type.

Blanket: batts and rolls 

This is one of the flexible insulation options and is made from fibreglass and rock wool. It is used for insulating between wall studs, attic rafters, and floor joints. Each batt is cut to a standard size for these areas, making it an easy and inexpensive DIY project. As a roll, it must be cut to shape before it can be used. For extra safety as well, always wear protective gloves and eyewear. Fibreglass itself is both a lung and skin irritant, so never handle it without protection.

R-value: Standard fibreglass is between R-2.9 and R-3.8 per inch of thickness. High-performance goes up to R-3.7 and R-4.3 per inch of thickness.

Installation method: between studs, joists, and rafters. It is DIY friendly.

Foam board or rigid foam board 

This type is more expensive than blanket insulation, but it is better suited for exterior and interior wall sheathing. Since it can limit how much heat conduction passes through wood, it’s also ideal for basements, foundation walls, and unfinished floors. It provides a high R-value, despite not being excessively thick. It is typically made of polyurethane, polystyrene, or polyisocyanurate, which are all types of strong foam materials.

R-value:  R-4 and R-6.5 per inch of thickness.

Installation method: unfinished walls, floors, basements. It is DIY friendly.

Loose-fill or blown-in 

Similar to blanket insulation, loose-fill is made of fibreglass, rock wool, or cellulose materials. As its name suggests, it is blown into spaces using a specialized machine that releases the home insulation in a loose spray. That means the insulation can easily reach and fill any location, including irregular shapes or hard to reach nooks. It is typically used in finished homes, such as behind walls and attic floors. The installation process can be DIYed if you rent a blower machine. Still, it’s best to hire a professional and avoid compressing the insulation.

R-value: Depends on the material. Fibreglass has an R-2.2, while dense cellulose has an R-3.8 value per inch of thickness.

Installation method: attic floors, behind finished walls. It is DIY friendly with rented equipment, but hiring a professional is still best.

Spray foam 

This type of insulation is becoming a popular choice for its superior benefits and high R-value. Spray foam or foam-in-place is applied with a spray gun that releases the insulation as a foam. The insulation rapidly expands as it is applied, filling any small nooks and crannies before it dries into a hard barrier. It is available as either closed-cell or open-cell, with each offering different benefits and uses.

Closed-cell is the more effective of the two and is highly dense, so when it seals and dries, there are no gaps in the insulation. It is also able to resist moisture and air leaks better. Open-cell is less dense and has air between the foam cells. It’s best to talk to a professional for advice on which type of spray foam insulation to use, as the costs and conditions will vary.

R-value: Open-cell has an R-3.7, while closed-cell has an R-6.7 value per inch of thickness.

Installation method: existing walls and attic floors. Hire a professional to install as special equipment and safety measures must be followed. Homes must also be vacated during spray foam installation as it releases off-gassing during the process, which can be harmful if inhaled.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs)

This best insulation is used for both residential homes and light construction and offers a much higher performance rating. Each panel is made of a strong foam core with oriented strand boards (OSB) on either side. OSB boards are made of wood strands and adhesive that are bound by compressing the layers. SIPs are made to fit any building design and are typically used in new builds to form walls and roofing. They also take less time to build, which saves on labour costs, and offer superior insulating values.

R-value: Expanded polystyrene insulated panels have an R-4 to R-5 per inch of thickness. Polyurethane or polyisocyanurate insulated panels have an R-6 to R-7 per inch of thickness.

Installation method: internal and external walls, floors, and roofing. Hire a professional to install.

Rigid fibre foam board 

Rigid fibre foam board is made of either fibreglass or wool material and can stand up to high temperatures without losing efficiency. It is used to insulate both interior and exterior air ducts. Air ducts that were installed poorly or never insulated can be a source of heat and cooling loss and add unnecessary strain on your furnace. Insulating the ducts helps prevent that loss, boosts energy savings and extends the lifespan of your furnace. Because the installation process is more involved, it’s best left to a professional to handle. The insulation also varies in thickness, from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, so that you can get the right size for your home.

R-value: R-1 for ¼-inch thickness, to R-15 for 3-inch thickness.

Installation method: interior and exterior air ducts. Hire a professional to install.

Reflective or radiant barrier 

Unlike traditional types of insulation, this type works differently. Reflective or radiant barriers work by reflecting heat away and so prevent heat gain. The barrier is often paired with a different type of insulation and is installed like a wrap over the top. Using radiant barriers in attic insulation is one of the most effective means as there is both open air space to reflect the heat, and it’s the most significant location for heat gain and loss. While you can DIY the installation, it’s better to hire a professional to ensure maximum savings and benefits.

R-value: Not measured with R-value as it reflects heat instead of absorbing.

Installation method: unfinished walls, ceilings, attics, and floors. It is DIY friendly, but hiring a professional is still the best.  

When should you replace or update insulation?  

Home insulation ranges in lifespan depending on the type, climate, and if it has been damaged or not. The best way to ensure your insulation is always at top performance is to have a professional do an inspection of your insulation. Likewise, doing a home energy audit is another way to tell if your insulation is starting to fail and needs to be replaced.  

What to look for in a contractor 

For insulation that needs a qualified professional to install, you want to pick the right contractor. Before you settle on one contractor, get a few estimates for costs and R-values from various other companies. That way, you can ensure you get the right match and at the right price. Also, look for experience and knowledge about different insulation types and the needs of the house. Upgrading ventilation and sealing air leaks throughout the home are also recommended and important steps.

Be sure to look at reviews from previous customers and see how the contractor handled the job or any extra steps and the care they took. Then, ask lots of questions about the process, installation method, and for references or to see any certifications. You want the best insulation choice for your home, so take the time and care to find that match properly.

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Design feature ideas for your next kitchen reno

Every good kitchen renovation must have an eye-catching feature that pulls the entire look together. That may be the counter, tiles, cabinets, or something unique. As the heart of any home, giving your kitchen that “wow” factor will boost both its value and lifestyle enjoyment.

Artifex Custom Contracting in Winnipeg is a professional general contracting company. They share some custom kitchen feature ideas for your next renovation:

Not just a simple island

Kitchen islands are a standard in many modern kitchen layouts, but it doesn’t just have to be an island. Doubling, or even tripling, its purpose will add a multifunctional addition that can’t be beaten. Extend the countertop for more space to prep food, but also gather for socializing or meals. Add shelving and storage beneath the countertop to store baking supplies, dishes, or bulky cooking utensils. You can even install appliances in the island, or something special like a wine fridge. There are many possibilities, so start by prioritizing what will benefit your lifestyle the most.

Built-in refrigerator 

The built-in look is a perfect way to blend elements and save some space, especially with bulky appliances. Most refrigerators sit on their own or at the end of the kitchen area, making them stand out. However, if your cabinets are the main focal point of your kitchen, then keep that look by hiding the refrigerator. Shallow-designed fridges sit flush against the wall while still opening and functioning just as well. Custom-built panels as a cover will create the illusion of seamless cabinetry. The final appearance is modern, sleek, trendy, and highly aesthetic.

Walk-in pantry

Instead of building or allocating storage for spices, bulk items, and other less-used items, build a walk-in pantry. As a custom design, there is no limit on the space, layout, or storage additions. Just customize the layout to your specific needs and lifestyle goals. Storing lesser-used cooking ingredients or bulky countertop appliances is a great way to free up space in the rest of your kitchen. If you need ideas, browse online, or talk to your general contractor for help. They’ll be able to maximize the space in your kitchen and design a perfect walk-in pantry for your specific layout and design plan.

Coffee and tea bar

Sometimes it’s the little additions that add the most eye-catching appeal, especially in a kitchen. In addition to your main kitchen island, build a small mini bar to store all your hot drink appliances. Place coffee machines and tea kettles on the counter and build custom drawers or cupboards for all the teas and coffees. Not only is it a visually unique addition, but it’s also highly functional. You’ll never have to search for your mugs again, and it frees the rest of your counters of small-appliance clutter.

General Contractors in Winnipeg                                       

At Artifex Custom Contracting, skill, quality, and passion for their work are reflected in every project. Their services offer a range of help, from basement remodeling, renovations, custom designs, and more. Your happiness is their goal, and they look forward to exceeding your expectation on your next major renovation.

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Why You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof Before Winter

It’s hard to know when it’s a good time to repair or replace your home’s roofing. Small damages may not seem like a big deal. However, with the change in weather in the winter season, there’s a greater chance that small problems can grow and affect other components of your home. Roofking in Langley is there to help. Here are some reasons you should get your roof repaired or replaced before winter comes:

Repairing leaks

Roof leaks can cause significant damage to your home and expensive damage at that. If a roof’s leak worsens, it can cause mould and rot, which will cost a fortune to repair down the road. The more water that comes in, the more extensive the water damage to things like your framing, insulation, drywall, ceiling, and other parts of the home.

If mould starts to grow, you have another expensive issue to deal with. Inhaling mould can be bad for your health, putting you and your family at risk. Mould will have to be removed by a mould remediation company, adding to the cost of damage.

Particularly in winter, there’s the threat of leaks and damage worsening as we are hit with winter storms and endless rain. It’s best to repair leaks as soon as you notice them; that way when winter comes, you’ll know you’re prepared for any weather that may come.

Winter roofing takes more time

When part of a roof is fixed or the entire roof is installed using an adhesive, it needs sufficient time to dry. Ideally, in warmer summer or fall seasons, roofing adhesives can dry much faster from the warmer temperatures. While it’s not impossible to install a new roof in winter, it can take much longer from the colder climate and that can bring up labour costs. Plus, your roofing team might have to take pauses to wait out bad weather days. Get roofing fixes done now so they can be done efficiently and quickly. Then your home will be well protected when those winter storms roll in.

Saving money on bills

Old roofs are made out of outdated materials that do not have the same thermal performance compared to new roofing materials. If your roof is old and worn out, and you’ve noticed a rise in energy costs, it might indicate it’s time for a replacement. A new roof can boost energy efficiency, so you can regulate the temperature in your home. This will help your home feel warm and comfortable in the winter, and can reduce cooling costs in the summer as well.

Roofing in Vancouver

Roofking provides solutions for any and every roofing need. With a combined 75 years of experience, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible products and services in the industry. They will treat you and your property with the respect you deserve, always leaving customers satisfied with a job well done.

For more information, check out Roofking today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Accent walls: tips for your painting project

Accent or feature walls are great painting renovations that can really create a unique focal point in the room. With the right colour choice and location, an accent wall can add a lot of visual interest and appeal.

DreamArt Painting in Edmonton is a professional painting company. They share some pro tips and tricks for picking the perfect accent wall and design in your home:

Pick a focal point wall

The key to a good accent wall is to pick a wall that tends to be a focal point already. It can be the first wall you notice when walking into a room or the one that is directly opposite the entrance. Another idea is whichever wall is most often looked at. That may be the kitchen wall facing the island, the view from a chair in the living room, or the head of a bed in the bedroom. Keep in mind that each home will vary with what looks best, so start by walking around each room and seeing what you notice first.

Accent colours should be bold

The idea of an accent wall is to be different and eye-catching from other walls in the room. While you still want to pick a complementary colour, you still want it to stand out. Typically, accent walls use a shade darker than other existing colours in the room. You can also draw on furniture colours to use on the wall and really help draw all the little details and colours together. Accent walls in an all-white room are also possible and, when done right, can be stunning. Still, it is trickier to get the right colour and wall, so talk to a professional before you do for some expert advice.

What to avoid

The biggest thing to avoid is competing with other focal points in a room, like a statement art piece or a large fireplace. Choosing the same wall to turn into an accent competes with the look and takes away from the design impact. You can still have a focal point and an accent wall, but pick a different wall or focus on the original focal point instead. Pick a slightly different colour from the rest of the room to help make the two pop. Another thing to avoid is picking a wall with lots of windows. The main reason for this is that natural lighting will affect how the paint looks and may even take away from the feature. The view outside and the windows become the two focal points and accents, making a paint addition a lost feature.

Hire a professional painter

Once you have the right accent wall picked out and the right colours, leave the painting to a professional. Accent walls should accentuate the wall, and a smooth, professional paint job plays a big role in that. Painters will handle all the pre-work steps, ensuring the wall is clean, free of damages or blemishes, and ready to paint. They apply the right primers, paint layers and finish so that the final look is a flawless, stunning result.

Painters in Edmonton

DreamArt Painting doesn’t just provide quality painting services; they provide results that exceed expectations every time. Their professional painters are highly skilled with an eye for detail that ensures quality results. They have every painting service you need from interior and exterior painting, accent walls, vinyl siding painting, and much more.

Contact DreamArt Painting today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Home Flooring: A Guide to Flooring Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Discover Home Flooring Tips and Tricks in a Guide to Flooring Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

You want to update the flooring in your house, in the kitchen and bathroom in particular. Both of these rooms get high traffic use and have specific needs that must be met. When you are picking out what flooring works the best for you, here are some tips and tricks for home flooring.

What You Need

Every part of your home has a different purpose and use. As a silly example, the living room can be carpeted for comfort, but carpet in a kitchen would be a nightmare with the threat of spills. Before you pick out a type of tile because it matches your color scheme, consider your needs and options.

Different kinds of home flooring have different benefits. Make sure you do your research. For example, authentic hardwood floors may be sealed and stained, but they can still be stained by water. This is why linoleum or laminate flooring might work better for a kitchen or bathroom. There are many choices but think if your flooring needs to be waterproof, if it needs to be scratch resistant for pets, and more.


Luckily for you, home flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and materials nowadays. You can choose the authentic classics like stone, wood, and ceramics, but more affordable and durable options exist such as linoleum and laminate flooring which can mimic those natural looks or any color and style along with scratch resistant, waterproof, and cheaper costs.

Your budget isn’t just for the flooring either. Make sure you set money aside for padding, waterproofing, and/ or caulking floors such as tile around the base of a built-in bathtub.


Depending on the type of flooring, there are different methods of installation. Linoleum flooring and other synthetic types can come in rolls to be cut to fit your room, or in pieces and tiles to be placed, and wood floors might have tongue and groove installation. Considering how much time it might take to install a floor on your busy schedule, hiring a professional contractor to complete the job is another option to save you the hard work.

When you are ready to pick out and install your new update of home flooring, our contractors and carpenters are here to lend you a hand or any advice that you may need. Take your time and pick out the home flooring that best fits your home and lifestyle.

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Major renovation that should come in twos

There are always certain rooms that are the most popular to renovate. These rooms, such as kitchens or bathrooms, offer the most return on cost and boost in home value. Combining any major renovation may seem like double the stress, but it actually saves time. Tackling two rooms at a time cuts back on reno time and offers double the benefits as a result!

Argyle Construction and Stucco Ltd. in Calgary are a professional general contractor company. They share which major reno rooms that work best when done together:

Kitchen and bathrooms

Since bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most common rooms to renovate, it makes sense to combine the two. Not only are they the most used rooms, but they add the most home value after a reno. Many of the renovations that go into both of these rooms will also be the same, which saves time. Both rooms will benefit from new cabinets, storage solutions, and new flooring. Any major construction, such as expansions, can be combined to lessen the disturbance of the work.

Living room and bedrooms

Chances are the bulk of the renovation work for these two rooms will be in the living room. Unless a bedroom expansion or walk-in closet is planned, the renos will focus on flooring and new paint or décor. With living rooms, everything from the floors, walls, new fireplaces or shifting into an open concept are all possibilities. Still, both living rooms and bedrooms have a focus on comfort and creating a welcoming space. That’s why these two renovations go hand-in-hand so well. Design ideas or materials for living rooms can be used for bedrooms as well. Any expansions or construction plans can also be combined so that any disruptive work is finished together.

Basement and outdoor living

Basement renovations offer a huge return on investment and have a lot of potential for design and use. Likewise, major home renovations that combine the outdoors add a lot of home value and quality. Is your basement a walkout basement? If so, combining the two and converting your basement into a walk-out if possible brings out the best of both. Even with the addition of a walk-out, basement spaces will still work as different rooms. Second living rooms, entertainment spaces or basement bedrooms all work and benefit from a walk-out design. Your entertainment space can now spread both indoors and out, inviting more use of your basement and yard during the year. Draw some design ideas and room decor for your walk-out from these beautiful walk-out basement photos.

General Contractors in Calgary

At Argyle Construction and Stucco Ltd., no matter the size of the project, they guarantee quality service. From interior renovations or construction, they have the services and skills to transform your home. When you work with them, they guarantee that you will love the outcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact Argyle Construction and Stucco Ltd. and get a quote!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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