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Fireplace Makeover

Dependable Professional Tips on Fireplace Makeovers

Fireplaces and mantels are beautiful additions to any home. These classic structures can be used and enjoyed in several ways. But, when it comes to remodeling a room, it can be hard to work around the fireplace since it is not something that can be moved. Fireplaces can be changed and updated so let’s get creative and see how you can give your fireplace a makeover.

Fireplace Makeovers

A good place to start when giving your fireplace a new makeover is to clean it well. Wipe down and clear the area before you start to work. If you are planning on painting, sanding, and more, put down painters’ cloth to protect your floors around the fireplace so you can work without making a mess in your home.

Whether your fireplace is old and needs updating, or you are looking for a different look, here are some quality fireplace makeovers to consider or try out:

  • Painting the brass surround.
  • Sealing the stone and brick hearth.
  • Retiling with easy peel-and-stick tiles for new colors, textures, and designs.
  • Sanding, painting, and refinishing that mantle.
  • Whitewash or painting the brick and stone of your fireplace.
  •  Replace the Mantle.

Keep in mind what kind of fireplace you have as you make these changes. If you have a gas or natural fireplace, you will need to use heat-resistant and fire-proof materials when completing these updates. Certain paints or sealants will take time to cure and dry so be sure to check the packaging on these items before you use your fireplace again after the update.

There are many ways to update and change your old fireplace with a fireplace makeover. Don’t let fireplaces hold you back from creating the look you have always wanted in your room. A good whitewashing, painting, or retiling can give a fireplace a whole new life. See what changes you would like to make and start planning right away.

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Benefits of renovating the kitchen and bathroom at the same time

Bathroom and kitchen renovations in Calgary are both significant projects. The thought of trying to renovate both these spaces at once can feel daunting. However, there are several benefits to tackling a kitchen and bathroom renovation at the same time.

Talee Renovations offers kitchen and bathroom renovations in Calgary. They share the benefits of doing these two projects at once:

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are often unified

It is typical for the main floor bathroom to have the same aesthetics and finishing materials as the kitchen. You can choose items, like countertops and cabinetry, that the two rooms often share. Then you can make adjustments to each space to make them unique. Because the rooms are often cohesive, you can take advantage of the cost and time savings mentioned below.

You can save money

If you plan to renovate both rooms down the road anyway, doing them together can help cut costs. Purchasing the materials you require in one order from the same supplier can be less expensive than buying them at different times spread apart. Plus, the kitchen and bathroom require many of the same items, including cabinetry, countertops, tile, and fixtures.

Also, doing both renovations at once can reduce labour costs. Trades and installers can come in and complete installations in both rooms in the same visit. In some ways, this helps them be more efficient with their time. When you consider the cost of labour throughout the project, compared to two separate projects, you’ll see that it will reduce the overall cost. Read more ideas for saving money on your home renovation.

You can save time overall

The kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in your house. After the renovation, they’ll improve in function, lifestyle, and property value. Upgrading them both at once might seem insane, but it’s time-efficient compared to two different renovations.

Working with a single company that can handle both home renovations in Calgary can help save time. For example, the demotion stage can happen in both rooms at the same time. The company can install the cabinets in both rooms at the same time. The plumber can come in and deal with all new plumbing installations and retrofits at the same time. When one professional renovations contractor streamlines the labour, it prevents delays.

Tips for a smooth renovation

If you’re tackling both bathroom and kitchen renovations in Calgary simultaneously, there are some things to consider. First, how will your family handle being without the kitchen and a bathroom at once? Will you have to arrange to stay somewhere else during the renovation?

Second, hiring the right contractor for the job is vital. Not every company has the capacity to tackle both projects at once. You’ll need a renovation contractor that has access to reliable sub-trades, supplies, and other resources. They should also have experience, knowledge, and a good reputation in the renovation industry.

Talee Renovations can help you with your significant home renovations, including a simultaneous bathroom and kitchen remodel. You’ll work with their design team to create a plan you’re excited about and then sit back and let the work begin.

Contact Talee Renovations today!

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Why you should finally finish the basement

Basements can easily become an afterthought when building or moving into a newer home. It was one of those spaces that you could “get to later” but just never did. If you have a neglected and underutilized unfinished basement, Talee Renovations can help.

Here are some reasons by you should finally finish the basement:

Expand your living space

Basement renovations in Calgary can turn your gloomy, drab basement into a cozy family hang-out space. Having a finished basement will nearly double your functional living space. Instead of being a dumping ground for storage items, transform it into a space for entertaining, relaxing, playing, and working-from-home.

Your basement can include a family or entertainment room, spare bedroom, additional bathroom, and even a space for a home office. Or, you can create a playroom for the kids, an at-home gym, or a workshop to work on hobbies. Start using that valuable living space with professional basement development.

Improve property value

Having a finished basement will improve the market value of your home. Plus, it will be valuable to you to have while you’re living there. This cost vs. value report shows that a basement renovation can recoup 70% of its cost. So, if you spend around $70,000 on basement development in Calgary, you can add nearly $50,000 to the overall value of your home. That property value increase and ROI are significant.

You can take it a step further and create a legal secondary suite in your basement. If you don’t need the space yourself, renting it out to tenants is a smart way to earn income and cover living expenses. Plus, having a secondary suite will attract real estate investors and drive up resale value should you decide to sell.

Create a space for guests or a growing family

Adding bedrooms and an additional three-piece bathroom in the basement is a great idea for growing families. These spaces are also perfect for households that receive guests. Bathroom additions increase resale value, and bedrooms are so versatile that they can meet your changing needs. They might be a guest room today, a teenager’s room tomorrow, or a home office down the road.

Help with your basement development planning

If your basement is currently a concrete space you’re not fully utilizing, consider basement renovations! Calgary homeowners can increase living space, lifestyle, and property value by finally developing that unfinished basement. If you’re not sure where to start, connect with Talee Renovations in Calgary. They can discuss your needs and ideas and create a design plan to help you develop the perfect basement for your family.

Get started on your basement development. Contact Talee Renovations!

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Three cost considerations for your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations can be a significant investment. Fortunately, kitchen renovations also have a great return on investment. Remodeling’s cost vs. value report shows that a minor kitchen renovation can recover 72.2% of its cost at resale. That’s a significant ROI when you compare it to other home renovations.

Creating a budget is a critical first step for kitchen renovations in Calgary. Talee Renovations shares information on cost considerations for your kitchen remodel.

Consider your options for cabinetry       

The kitchen cabinets are the most significant component of your renovation and will use up the largest share of the budget – about 30%.  The most expensive option for cabinetry is a complete cabinet replacement with new cabinets. Custom cabinets are the most costly. The cost will go up depending on the linear footage of your cabinetry and any custom built-in features.

You can save a little with stock cabinetry if you’re not changing the layout and find stock cabinets you like. Or, if your cabinets are still in good shape, you can choose cost-effective cabinet refacing or refinishing instead of a total replacement. Cabinet refinishing, for example, can save between 50 to 70% compared to a cabinet replacement.

Consider labour costs

The cost of labour will also take up a sizeable chunk of your budget for kitchen renovations. Calgary homeowners can make cost-effective choices that can help reduce labour costs. For example, you can choose to keep your current kitchen layout instead of demolishing it and changing the floor plan. Once you start moving fixtures and appliances, you’ll need to spend more on plumbers, electricians, and gas fitters. Retrofitting and moving utilities are more labour intensive. Taking out walls or making structural changes are also labour-intensive jobs but worth it to some homeowners.

You’ll also have to consider labour costs for cabinet, flooring, tile, appliance, and plumbing installations. These installations will be included in your kitchen renovation plan and shown in detail in your estimate. If you have questions, connect with Talee Renovations.

Consider unforeseen costs

Every construction project, including kitchen renovations in Calgary, should have a contingency budget for unforeseen costs. For example, renovators might find water damage or mould during demolition that will require fixing first. Or, you might run into issues with material supply and have to choose a more expensive product. Adding 10 to 15% to your overall budget to cover these things will allow the process to run smoother.

Also, when renovating the kitchen, there might be permit costs. For example, you might need to obtain a permit for any structural changes, additions or bump-outs, and for changing or installing electrical, plumbing, or gas lines. These costs will be included in your detailed estimate and agreement when you work with Talee Renovations.

Talee Renovations is an experienced and reputable general contractor serving Calgary and surrounding areas. If you have questions about budgeting for a significant home renovation, they can help.

Contact Talee Renovations to get started.

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Tips for an eco-friendly bathroom renovation

Your outdated bathroom might be hard on the eyes, but did you know that outdated bathrooms can waste more water and energy than necessary? If you’re renovating the bathroom, consider making eco-friendly choices to save energy and money on your utility bills.

Talee Renovations offers bathroom renovations in Calgary. They share some tips for an eco-friendly bathroom renovation:

Choose low-flow fixtures

Did you know that a traditional toilet uses up to six litres per flush? If you still have a toilet from the 1980s or older, it can use several times that number! Swap out your water-guzzling toilet for an eco-friendly dual flush model. Dual flush gives you the option for a half-flush, which uses half the water.

Showerheads and faucets can also waste a significant volume of water. An older showerhead can use between nine and 18 litres per minute. However, a low flow or aerating showerhead can reduce that water wastage significantly without diminishing water pressure. For the faucet, a low-flow tap can reduce water use by 30% at the sink! When it comes to saving water, there are many cost-effective options for your bathroom renovations Calgary.

Tankless water heater

If you’re serious about reducing energy use, consider a tankless water heater. These eco-friendly heaters only heat water as you need it. A conventional tank water heater constantly keeps a tank full of water hot, using a lot of natural gas. A tankless unit will use about 20 percent less energy than a conventional tank heater. However, tankless heaters might not accommodate a large household or large family’s water needs. Talee Renovations can help you choose the most eco-friendly choice for your specific needs.

Eco-friendly lighting

Swapping out your older light fixtures for ENERGY STAR certified fixtures can help reduce energy use. Take it a step further and use highly efficient LED bulbs. Did you know that LED lights can save up to 90% compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, plus they last up to 25 times longer?

Letting in more natural light can also help reduce electricity use. You can install a skylight to bring in more light or consider a solar tube natural lighting system.

Consider chemicals in building materials

Cabinets, flooring, and paint can all contain chemicals. For example, some cabinet materials like plywood and particleboard might be held together with glue that contains formaldehyde. In addition, some paints might contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals can off-gas and can cause some health concerns. Talk to Talee Renovations about your Calgary bathroom renovation material choices. They can help you choose formaldehyde-free products and no VOC.

Choose sustainable materials

When it comes to flooring and wall coverings, several options are sustainable. For example, bamboo, cork, concrete, reclaimed wood, and some tile options are all sustainable or made from mostly recycled materials. You can also choose materials that are recyclable in the future. Then you won’t have to worry about today’s materials ending up in a landfill when the bathroom is renovated again far down the road.  

Start your sustainable, eco-friendly bathroom renovation. Contact Talee Renovations!

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Things to consider for residential and commercial renovations

Renovations can be a tiresome and frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right contractors will help you transform the space to match your vision without stress. AMJ Construction in Vancouver specializes in both commercial and residential repairs renovations.

Residential  Renovations

An Abacus Data Report shows that almost half of Canadian homeowners are planning to do home renovations. Then nearly a quarter of homeowners have already done some upgrades this year alone.

The same report explains that most Canadians are staying within their homes more. Eight in 10 Canadians want renovations and upgrades for comfort and relaxation. It is your home, so make it yours. A home renovation can help you create a more functional and enjoyable space.

AMJ Construction can assist with home repairs, upgrades, and renovations. Whether you’re preparing a home for sale, or renovating to improve your lifestyle, they provide quality and reliable services. They specialize in bathrooms, kitchens and basements, as well as additions, lane homes, and decks.

The first step is learning your goals for the space. From there, they’ll help you create a plan for the upgrade and provide you with all the details. Once the work begins, they’ll keep you informed every step of the way. AMJ Construction can turn your ideas into reality and you’re going to love your newly renovated home.

Commercial Renovations

Everything within an office or commercial space impacts the efficiency and state of mind of employees. That is necessary. A positive space creates a positive work environment that positively impacts employees.

When it comes to renovating your commercial space, you want the best possible contractors working on the project. Having experienced and knowledgeable contractors on your team ensure there are no surprises during construction. AMJ Construction is dedicated to its customers, providing consistent and open communication. Quotes for commercial projects include a high degree of transparency and clear deadlines. This transparency will help to avoid higher unexpected costs and delayed projects.

General Contractors in Vancouver

AMJ Construction is a local company. They have been serving the Vancouver and lower mainland area since 2009. Over the years, AMJ Construction has built a sub-trades team that has become like family to one other. From the beginning, it has been a collaborative effort. When you hire a renovation company, you want everyone on their team to work towards the same goal. That goal is your satisfaction. From the day they meet you, they’ll work to make you feel comfortable and confident.

After every project, AMJ Construction stays in touch with its customers to ensure that everything meets their high standards. As a result, AMJ Construction is proud to boast that 70% of its projects are returning customers and referrals. No matter what your needs are for the space, AMJ Construction will deliver.

Contact AMJ Construction today! 

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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5 ways to increase your property value with renovations

Renovations can be expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to do them all at once. With the right renovation plan, you could increase the value of your property and make your home more enjoyable to live in too. Just Right Renovations Ltd. in Winnipeg can create a design and renovation plan that puts property value first.

Here are five interior renovation ideas to increase the value of your home.

Focus on your kitchen

Your kitchen is often the hectic heart of the home. It is where the action happens. It’s also the first thing a home buyer looks at when inspecting a home for sale. The good news is that a homeowner can usually recover 72% of a kitchen upgrade when they sell their home.

The kitchen is essential for increasing the value of your home, but you don’t have to do everything at once. Small renovations in the kitchen can add value as well. New faucets, countertops, fixtures, and sinks will modernize the space and still add value to your property.

Finish your basement

A finished basement adds more comfort and living space to a home. The money spent adding a full-sized bathroom, guest room, family room or entertainment room is worth the cost while you’re there. Then when you plan to sell, your finished basement will appeal to buyers and boost your home’s listing price.

Upgrade your bathroom

Renovating the bathroom is an easy way to boost the sales appeal of your home. For a quick bathroom upgrade consider new countertops, flooring, faucets, and fixtures. Bathtub to shower conversions are also very popular and can make your home more accessible. Just make sure at least one bathroom in the house has a bathtub if you want to appeal to more buyers. You could also turn a half bathroom into a full bathroom or add a new one to increase the value and appeal of your home.

Keep up with home repairs and maintenance

The quickest way to lower the value of your home is to ignore maintenance and repairs. Broken switches, outlets, valves, loose railings, or creaky steps are just a few of the areas to watch. A few minor things can turn a homebuyer away or lower their offer. Also, a home that needs multiple repairs gives the impression that maintenance was never a priority. This lack of maintenance can be a big deterrent for buyers.

These broken things are inconvenient and even a safety hazard while you’re living there. So it’s best to address these issues as they come up with a reputable contractor like Just Right Renovations Ltd.

Don’t forget finishing touches

The finishing touch is important. Areas that are easy to see, like walls, baseboards, bannisters, window and door frames, should all be part of your renovation plan. These areas can sometimes be cheaper to renovate, and when done right, they look amazing. Investing in these finishing touches will freshen up a home and make it feel new again.

General Contractors in Winnipeg

Just Right Renovations Ltd. can help you upgrade the interior and exterior of your home. They can also help with home maintenance and repairs to make your life easier. Serving Winnipeg and the surrounding area since 2002, their team of seasoned trade professionals is ready to get to work on all jobs, big or small.

Get started today with a free estimate from Just Right Renovations Ltd.

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.

More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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Important elements in composite deck building and design

Decks undeniably add value, quality of life, and overall appeal to any home. But before you splurge and build a deck, it’s important to think about the build and design. A well-planned space customized to your lifestyle and environment will be much more appealing and valuable than one that is a cookie-cutter design.

Prestige Woodworks in Edmonton are a professional carpentry company specializing in transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. They share some important tips when it comes to building and designing a new composite deck.

Top-quality materials

The materials you choose make up the foundation and quality of your deck both now and years down the road. Some materials take more maintenance than others or need regular staining to keep them in top shape. With composite decks, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or unexpected repairs. Composite decking is resistant to warping, splintering, or fading, so year after year, it’ll always look brand new. You can also choose between a range of colours and styles, so it will complement your home’s exterior design. Professional installation will ensure a safe and quality installation and the benefits of warranties to protect your new deck. 

Plan the right size

When planning for the size of your deck, there are few elements to consider. First, there’s the space of your yard to factor in. Do you want the deck to be the main feature, or do you want to keep some landscaping elements? Do you want a long deck or a wide one, and how will you reach the yard from it? If you are designing a multi-level deck or a circle or square design, make sure there’s room to walk around the deck. It shouldn’t be awkward or crowded to have multiple people on the deck at one time. With that in mind, then also the factor of any deck furniture or equipment like barbeques. Carefully planning early on will avoid an overcluttered or hard-to-navigate deck design.

Think about railings

Any raised deck will have railings installed for safety and security, so start thinking about the design ahead of time. Do you want a purely aesthetic railing design that complements your home’s colours? Or, do you want a unique, stylish look like one made of glass or matching wood? What about that privacy element? Do you want railings that are spaced apart or close together and tall to create some privacy for your deck? If you have small children using the deck, it may be better to plan for tall, narrow railings regardless to keep your kids safe. Prestige Woodworks can help you decide on railings, and ensure they’re built according to building code.  

Deck Builders in Edmonton

Prestige Woodworks prides itself on building and designing decks that will enhance outdoor living, property value, and lifestyle. Their focus on top-quality materials, designs, and years of experience has made them experts at their jobs. Whether you need a new deck, fence, pergola, outdoor kitchen or more, they are the ones to call.

Contact Prestige Woodworks today!

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

Click to Find >>>> Deck Builders in Edmonton.

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4 questions to ask when building a home

Building a custom home is a complex project and a significant investment. Being prepared for the project, and having a complete understanding of what is involved, can help reduce stress and unwanted surprises.

Sea West Construction Ltd. in Surrey offers custom-built homes and renovations. They share common questions to ask when building a new home.

What does the cost include?

Buying a new home is different than buying a pre-built home. A home building contract can seem massive, and there are many details to consider. Make sure you understand what is included in the base cost of your project. Sea West Construction will ensure you know what is included and what isn’t.

For example, there might be particular features you can and cannot opt-out of, depending on the developer. Also, some home builders include landscaping, while others do not but can recommend a skilled landscaper for your project. Having full transparency from your builder is essential for a smooth build.

When will my house be ready?

We’ve all heard stories of someone’s new home taking way longer to build, sometimes years longer, than first promised. Indeed, a building project often experiences delays, but an honest builder will still give you an accurate completion estimate. Having a general idea of your project’s completion will allow you to plan. Sea West Construction has experience building custom homes and can provide an accurate timeline, including a bit of wiggle room for unforeseen delays. Learn more about the home building construction process.

What is under warranty?

Brand new homes are less likely to have problems compared to older homes. Still, it doesn’t mean issues don’t sometimes happen. Your builder will provide one or more warranties on your home to protect you from these issues. Make sure you ask your builder what guarantees are included and when they expire.

How will I pay?

When you build a house, you typically take out a mortgage for the sum of the home and lot, minus your down payment. Working with the builder, you’ll break down the amount required for each payment and when that payment is due. Often, payments to the builder are due when the building project meets certain phases. You’ll withdraw from your mortgage to make these payments.

Sea West Construction structures its payment system around the type and scale of the job. A 10% deposit is required before the work begins, and the remainder will be paid out according to your specific, negotiated payment plan and schedule.

Custom Home Builders in Surrey

If you’re ready to build your dream home or renovate the home you’re in; you can trust the professionals at Sea West Construction. They’ll work closely with you to create a design plan that best meets your needs for style and function. Transparent quoting, excellent customer service, and high-quality work make them a perfect choice for your next home remodel or build.

Contact Sea West Construction Ltd. today!

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RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, service, and home improvement companies to homeowners.


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Electrical Improvements to make when working from home

In the past year and a half, more people are working from home than ever before. When people moved to work from home last year, there was a rush to get set up. You might not have taken the time to think about small details. If working from home has become a permanent arrangement, there are lots of things you can do to improve the space.

Hauck Electrical Services in Edmonton has four electrical upgrades that can be improved in a home office:

Reduce eye strain with more lighting

Typically, most people have a single overhead fixture as their source of light in a room. Depending on the size of the room or the way your space is set up might require more. Have an electrician install proper ambient lighting, like recessed lighting spaced appropriately throughout the ceiling. Then ensure your desk and workspaces have ample task lighting. Digital eye strain from staring at a computer screen is an issue, but one that can be improved with better lighting. You’ll feel the difference right away in both comfort and productivity.

Install more outlets for your equipment

If your home office is in a bedroom, you likely don’t have enough outlets. You might have your office set up specifically to reach outlets and not to increase workflow. Or, you might be relying on extension cords and crowded power bars to power the equipment you need. An electrician can review your needs and install new outlets throughout the home office to accommodate them.

Improving your panel

Having a home office means running extra electronic equipment such as a computer or laptop, a printer, and other devices. All of this draws power from your electrical panel and runs along the same electrical circuit. If you find that you are tripping a circuit often, you might need a panel improvement. It could also indicate that there is something wrong and you should contact an electrician for an inspection and repairs.

Protect all your devices with surge protection

Make sure that you are protecting your office equipment from potential surges in the electrical system. While power surges can originate in the home, they can also be caused by the power grid and are harder to control. Having a professional electrician install a surge protector right in your electrical panel is a smart decision. Whole-home surge protection is more effective and efficient than outlet-only surge protection. Take the smart steps to protect your computer and other office equipment and devices.

Electricians in Edmonton

Hauck Electrical Services offers safe and affordable electrical services in Edmonton and all surrounding areas. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or require electrical maintenance or repairs, they can help. Electrical work should never be a DIY job. Trust the professionals at Hauck Electrical to ensure an efficient, safe, and functional residential electrical system.

Reach out to Hauck Electrical for your improvements today.

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RenovationFind Certified
RenovationFind Certified is a symbol of integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance.  It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
More than an online directory, we are Western Canada’s fastest-growing marketing platform for promoting and connecting the best trades, services, and home improvement companies to homeowners.

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