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Home additions let you love your current home 

Before selling your home just because it no longer meets your needs, consider the benefits of a home addition. Whether your family is growing or your needs have changed, a new addition can provide that extra space or missing comfort. It can also boost function and add value you can benefit from down the road.

Four Elements Construction can always find a way to turn your current home into a dream space with home additions in Edmonton

Added space

One of the main benefits of adding to your home is the addition of that extra square footage. Typically, these are done with a whole room addition or bump out and are intended for a specific use. For example, that could be an extra bedroom or bathroom or expanding the living room to create extra space. Bump-outs are similar but focus on adding more space to an existing area. Popular in kitchens, a bump out can create a new breakfast nook or, in the bathroom, turn it into a full three-piece ensuite. 

Second storey

If you love your home and location but need more space, a second-storey addition is a great option. Not only does a second storey add significant square footage, but it also adds resale value. However, keep in mind that this is one of the more costly major renovations in Edmonton. But, a second storey can let you stay in a location and home you love for many more years. With the new level, you’ll need to consider like new plumbing for a bathroom or connecting the HVAC. Before starting any plans, talk with a professional to ensure your home structure can support the addition.

In-law suite

This is one of the more popular additions and can be done in a few different ways. A full basement addition provides extra square footage and full privacy for a new suite using the space you already have. An expansion on the main floor can also be done to add a separate bedroom, bathroom, and living suite. Another option if you have the backyard space is placing a suite there instead.

While designing your in-law suite, customize the design to your needs. Talk with your contractor about the best location and layout for the new suite addition.

Transform the garage

Another way to maximize home additions in Sherwood Park is to look at existing spaces outside the home, like the garage. The garage itself can be converted into a new living space, given a bump out for extra cars, or add a workstation. Another way to add value and potentially new income is adding a room or suite over the garage. That space can be rented out for extra income, and down the road, owners can move in and rent the main home instead. 

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Renovating your entire home properly

Over the years, you may find that your household needs have started to change. For example, maybe you need more space, want to age in place and not sell or need bathroom renovations in Edmonton. In that case, Four Elements Construction can help renovate your entire home, so it meets your needs now and in the future. 

Know your end goal

Before starting anything, think about your overall end goal for your major renovations in Edmonton. It may be to add future resale value? Or maybe your family growing, so you need more room? Some homeowners want to age in place and opt for accessible design. Knowing what you envision your home looking and functioning at the end will help with the design process, choosing materials, and planning a budget. 

Work with a professional

While some parts of the renovation may be DIY-friendly, the whole project isn’t. There are many factors, including materials, labour, permits, and costs, all of which a professional can help handle. Four Elements Construction has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to tackling and implementing a whole home renovation. They’ll help with the delicate design details, order materials, and manage all the tradespeople and installers. The mark of a professional will also play a great deal in ensuring long-lasting quality and value that you can enjoy for years or as resale. 

Make long-term investments

In addition to planning and designing the renovations to what you need or want, consider the future. For example, you can consider expanding the island or adding a breakfast nook for kitchen renovations in Edmonton. That turns the kitchen into a social gathering hub that appeals to anyone, including potential buyers. The added dining option space will also add a unique appeal to your home and boost resale value.

Other ideas include a mudroom connected to the laundry room to streamline washing and maintain a mud-free home. In addition, installing more outlets or dimmer light switches will help increase energy efficiency and create accessible outlets and switches.

Maximize storage

Factor in some storage elements as you move through each room and renovate it to be more functional or updated. A kitchen renovation is a perfect time to expand the pantry, add more cabinets or add more counter space. Clever storage solutions can be installed underneath the staircase, or a new mudroom can increase laundry room storage.

Consider expanding closets or turning your media room into a stylish storage solution with built-in shelving. If you have awkward corners in your home, add a home bench with built-in storage for a convenient place to store shoes or backpacks. With more storage, you can enjoy your newly renovated home without the old clutter returning. 

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Creating a great room

Designing a great room or open concept main floor involves more than just removing walls. While the base concept links two rooms into one large, spacious design, planning is key for major renovations in Edmonton. Four Elements Construction can help implement the work and design, but having an idea always helps.

The structure

At its core, a great room should combine at least two rooms located in a central spot. These rooms should also already have two different functions to maximize the design. Popularly, a great room looks to merge the dining and living room areas, and often the kitchen too.

Another structural element is tall ceilings that add to that sense of greatness in the space. It helps open up the room, adds grandeur and helps let light and airflow more. A tall ceiling is also a great chance to install a skylight for a natural flood of direct sunlight.

Follow design principles

When it comes to the design of your great room, finding inspiration online is a great start, but so is following design principles. These basic concepts help create a well-balanced space that can provide multiple benefits. For example, emphasis in the room or creating a focal point is a pivotal way to establish the function and style for home renovations in Edmonton. That could be a fireplace in the seating portion of the great room that draws the eye. It could also be a feature wall made of stone or bright paint.

Transition and repetition with colours are other key elements that help create a sense of rhythm. While the great room is a spacious, open concept, it should still feel connected to the rest of the home.

Create “rooms”

While the idea of a great room is to remove the walls and open things up, you don’t want it to feel too open. An expansive space can feel overwhelming or empty instead of grand without the proper design. That’s where creating the illusion of rooms can help add order and style during those major renovations in Sherwood Park.

That can be done with furniture, such as an oversized rug in the seating area for a living room feel. It can also be done using materials like a stone feature wall for the dining area or wood accents in the family area. If you have the space and budget, creating a sunken living room is another stylish way to make that room illusion.

Add function

Don’t just have a great room that looks stylish but feels awkward from empty spaces or a lack of use. When creating a great room, think about how you will use the space. For example, do you enjoy hosting friends and family? If so, a designated seating area would suit that need. Maybe part of that would include adding a secondary seating spot but with a TV for some entertainment. Or another setup could consist of a designated office setup, so you enjoy the convenience of a spacious room and easy kitchen access. If you have children, a section of the great room could flow into a kids’ corner with a table and chairs for work or creative fun. 

Get started on your main floor renovation! Contact Four Elements Construction to help!

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Why you should renovate your kitchen or bathroom simultaneously

The idea of having both your bathroom and kitchen in a state of demolition and construction may be daunting. However, experienced general contractors in Calgary can make this process doable, efficient, and low-stress. In addition, there are several significant advantages to renovating your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

1. You save money

Home renovations in Calgary can be expensive, but it’s almost always a smart investment. When you embark on a remodel, it’s valuable to consider how you can most effectively lower your costs. Although it may seem counterintuitive, combining multiple renovation projects can sometimes make it more affordable.

When you renovate your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously, the cost to remodel each room tends to decrease. There are several reasons for this.

First, general contractors in Calgary can negotiate a better deal on materials. The larger the order, the better the price. And with two renovations, the order is always larger. Moreover, you can take advantage of additional savings by using some of the same materials for the bathroom and kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, and even flooring are good examples of products often used in both rooms.

Second, labour plays a huge factor in the total cost of any renovation. For example, renovating your kitchen and bathroom separately means you need to book plumbers, electricians, and other contractors for multiple appointments. So you’re essentially paying for two plumbers! On the other hand, a simultaneous remodel means you only need one.

2. You save time

Saving time saves you money. However, it also means you get to enjoy your new home sooner. When you combine your kitchen and bathroom remodel, things tend to go much faster. This is because subcontractors can work on both rooms simultaneously. For example, an installer can tackle installations in both rooms during the same visit to your home. As mentioned, things like cabinets, counters, plumbing work, and tiles can be done at once. At the end of the day, this is far more efficient and cost-effective.

You will have to endure a period where both your kitchen and bathroom are under construction. That being said, the total construction time is less than if you renovated these rooms separately. A beautiful new bathroom and kitchen will await you on the other side.

There is no denying that two simultaneous renovations are complex. Therefore, hiring an experienced general contracting company like Calvert’s Construction is vital.

3. Cohesive design

Your home’s interior design should flow and make sense together. Unfortunately, remodelling rooms one at a time often results in a disjointed design. This is because styles and preferences change over time. Sometimes materials go out of fashion or out of stock. Regardless, the result is a series of rooms that feel disconnected from one another. Learn more about how to decorate the rooms in your home.

This can be avoided by renovating multiple rooms at once. For one, it allows you to choose a cohesive design that unites your home. It also means certain design elements can be shared between each room. For example, you may use the same pattern, shapes, cabinets, or colour theme. 

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom with Calverts Construction!

Calvert’s Construction has more than 25 years of industry experience. Their expertise, diverse skillset, and efficiency make them uniquely qualified to take on your simultaneous kitchen and bathroom renovation. Or, if remodelling one room at a time is your pace, Calvert’s Construction can help you too. So whether your home needs a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or living room remodel, your house is in good hands with Calvert’s.

Contact Calvert’s Construction today!

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Adding a second story to your home

Removing your roof and adding a whole new storey is a significant renovation that can feel daunting. Still, second story additions in Edmonton can add great value and the space you need with the right considerations and planning. Skilled major renovation companies like Four Elements Construction can help with the planning and construction phases to ensure you get the best return on your investment. 

The benefits

A second story can provide the perfect solution if you love your home and location and don’t want to move. The added square footage can provide room for extra bedrooms, more living space, or added bathrooms. Building up instead of out also means you don’t lose out on any backyard space and outdoor living. Down the road, if you decide to sell, the added value of the second story will help maximize the resale value. 

Decide your needs

Before planning the layout or budget, start with deciding what needs you have that a second story will fix. For example, maybe your family is growing, so more bedrooms are needed? Are you working from home more often and need a designed workspace with a meeting seating area? Or maybe you want to add more living and play space to add a kids’ room or secondary living room. Knowing what you need from the new addition will make creating the design, layout, and budget much easier. Read more tips for creating a renovation budget

Remember the exterior

While planning how the inside of your new addition will look or function, don’t forget about the exterior elements. Things like the walls, roofing, or a new porch may play into any major renovations in Sherwood Park. In Sherwood Park. This type of addition allows you to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior to maximize curb appeal.

New windows and doors can add extra energy efficiency and an eye-catching appeal with some colour pops. New siding can be either matched with the existing home or given a complementary look. When planning any exterior changes, talk with your contractor about the best approach. While maximizing value and appeal, you don’t want to go over budget.

Hire a professional

Adding a second story is not a DIY project, so always work with a skilled and experienced contractor for any home additions in Edmonton. Aside from helping with the planning and design, a contractor can also help you create a realistic budget. Different factors such as your home’s layout, the type of addition, materials and structural work affect the budget.

With Four Elements Construction, they bring a tried and tested 4E Process to every project. They engage with you, evolve the idea, execute the work and exceed expectations in the end. Working with a skilled contractor like their team ensures you don’t feel overwhelmed at any stage. The money you put into the project will be worthwhile, pay off, and provide an improved home you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Looking to add a second story to your home? Contact Four Elements Construction today!

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Deck Installation: 4 Factors to Consider When Installing a New Deck

There are four main areas you will need to think about when planning a deck installation: location, style, budget, and maintenance.

  1. Location – Where will you place your deck? Will it face south or north? Is there shade nearby? How close is the house to the street? Are there trees nearby? All these questions will affect the amount of space you need for your deck.
  2. Style – Do you prefer modern, traditional, or contemporary designs? There are many different styles available including board & batten, gable roof, flat roof, cantilever, arched, curved, etc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some styles work well with certain types of homes while others look better in some locations than others. For example, a gable roof may not look good if it’s too low to the ground.
  3. Budget – How much money do you have to spend? Decks come in all shapes and sizes so you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right one for your home and lifestyle. You can save money by choosing an inexpensive option but remember that an inexpensive deck won’t last as long as a more expensive one.
  4. Maintenance – How often will you use your deck? How big is it going to be? How old is it? These three questions will help you determine how often you’ll need to maintain your deck.

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get started with your deck installation.

Contact Handyman Connection

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What services to look for when hiring a general contractor

General contractors must have a diverse skill set and a wide range of expertise. On renovations, their guidance and oversight ensure quality control. They manage subcontractors, order materials, and keep things running smoothly. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the entire renovation process. You want them to understand every aspect of the project!

Calgary Roofing Exteriors Ltd in Calgary provides various general contracting services, including home remodels and roofing. Here are a few areas of expertise and services to look for when hiring a general contractor.

Full house renovation

Some general contracting companies specialize in certain rooms or exterior or interior remodels. Consequently, it’s important to ask if your prospective contractor has the right experience for your project. Ideally, your general contractor has completed a variety of different home remodels and offers whole house renovations. For example, Calgary Roofing Exteriors have experience renovating every aspect of residential properties, from basements to kitchens to roof replacements.


Experienced general contractors install flooring faster and better than avid DIYers. So whether you envision hardwood, laminate, or carpet, your contractor will get the job done right the first time. Furthermore, some contracting companies (like Calgary Roofing Exteriors) offer factory direct pricing on flooring. Factory direct pricing means they can help you find the perfect flooring for your home and your budget.


Poorly installed plumbing can mean big problems for your home. A burst pipe or even a leaking one often results in serious water damage. Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your home, cause mould growth, and be very expensive to repair. Whether renovating your bathroom or simply maintaining your current pipes, leave the plumbing to the professionals. Experienced general contracting companies can complete your plumbing project or oversee more extensive remodels.


A fantastic painting application begins with quality drywall installation. It’s hard to have one without the other. Therefore, ensure your general contractor has experience hanging, taping, and mudding drywall. Once complete, the walls should be flat and smooth with no obvious seams. This is the perfect foundation for a beautiful coat of paint. Learn more about the different types of drywall.


Attempting to DIY your own electrical work is incredibly dangerous. No matter the size of the project, always rely on professional electricians and general contractors with proper electrical training. Otherwise, you risk electrocution, electrical shock, or an electrical fire. Faulty electrical work can threaten the safety of your family and home.

General Contractor in Calgary

Calgary Roofing Exteriors Ltd provides extensive home improvement and commercial construction services. They specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial roofs. Additionally, they offer general contracting services such as complete home renovation, flooring, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and more. They also provide financing options for their Calgary customers.

Contact Calgary Roofing Exteriors Ltd today!

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RenovationFind Certified

RenovationFind Certified symbolizes integrity held by only the most trustworthy companies in home improvement, service, and maintenance. It increases consumer confidence in your business, giving you an edge over your competition while validating you as the best.
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Tips for redecorating your bathroom

Redecorating your bathroom can be a stressful job, especially when you don’t know where to start. There are so many different designs to choose from and it can often seem overwhelming. Thankfully, our expert plumbers in London have put together some useful tips to help with your bathroom renovation project, from modern marble to traditional tiling, they are here to help.

Kickstart your project

The first step in your bathroom transformation, should be to consider which elements require work. You can do a lot to a bathroom, stripping it from head to toe, but sometimes it only needs a few tweaks to leave it looking brand new. Perhaps you need to replace a shower? Or repair a dripping tap? These are small areas that can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom. Our team of London handymen can help with these jobs, as well as the more gross jobs like unblocking a toilet!

fix a dripping tap

Out with the old, in with the new

Next, think about if you want to take it a step further with some bigger renovation tasks. Do you need to install a new basin? Or maybe you are looking to install a new shower? Use this time to search for inspiration and consider which design elements will best utilise your space. There are so many different options to choose from. For example, you could have a corner shower, a waterfall shower or even a walk-in shower depending on the size of your bathroom. Once you have decided, why not get one of our London plumbers to help with the installation job?

Let’s decorate

Now that you have chosen your bathroom fittings, we suggest finding a colour or tile to match. It’s best to pick your bigger pieces first like sinks, baths and showers and then match a colour accordingly, rather than the other way round (as there are countless colours to choose from). Painting bathrooms is an easy way to bring colour and life to the room, without spending a fortune.

painting bathrooms


Another popular option is tiling. Unlike wood and carpet, tiles are water-resistant making them the most suitable option for a wet and damp environment, like a bathroom. Our handymen can help with tiling walls and tiling floors, replacing your worn carpet with a beautiful set of new tiles. Alongside this, they also specialise in grouting, which is a great way to leave a fresh finish to your bathroom. You could even use glittery grout for that extra wow factor!

Other plumbing services

Hopefully, this has sparked some ideas for your bathroom transformation, and you can start thinking about what you need to complete your dream vision. We understand how important it is to leave a bathroom looking pristine, thanks to our many years of experience, and we would love to help with your project. You can stop tirelessly searching Google for ‘plumbing services near me’ and instead, let us do the work. Contact our handymen today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to request a booking. We also offer a wide range of additional services including applying silicone, fitting a washing machine, repairing a radiator and so much more.


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How to improve your home electrics

As we are all aware, energy bills are on the rise and so, finding ways to use our electrics cost effectively is becoming more and more important. That’s why at the Handy Squad, we have put together some useful ideas and services to help reduce the cost of your energy bills, saving both the environment and your wallet!

Where to start?

One of the best ways to reduce heavy energy usage and become more eco-friendly is by implementing energy saving lightbulbs throughout your house. This may sound like an obvious suggestion but it can have a huge impact. At the Handy Squad, we have a team of East London electricians who can help with changing light bulbs, replacing light fittings or even testing light circuits to ensure the current flows.

Changing a light bulb

Plugs and sockets

Next up, would be to look at your electrical plugs and cables. It’s important to remember to turn electrical plugs off when possible, as every little effort helps with reducing your energy bill. An easy way to ensure you switch off all appliances at the end of the day is to connect bundles of plug sockets to an outlet. If you need extra help, our handyman services includes cable tidying where we can neaten up lose cables to stop pets nibbling away at them or prevent them from causing danger hazards.

Light switch- London electrician

Blinds and curtains

Installing certain types of blinds and curtains is a less obvious way of saving energy but a very effective one not to be forgotten! Our handyman in London can hang curtains and hang blinds, helping to trap in heat during the colder months and then conversely keep cool air in during the warmer months. This prevents wasting money in the winter on heating bills or in the summer on expensive air conditioning units and fans.

Fitting a blind- London Handyman

Other services

Our team can also help with a variety of other electrician services. From finding faults and repairs and replacing plug sockets to replacing extractor fans and much more. So, perhaps start by implementing some small eco-friendly changes and work your way up to a complete home transformation with our electricians in East London or other London handyman services. Call us today 0800 0 12 12 12 or fill in our online form to request a free quote.

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Decorating ideas for your summer retreat

At the Handy Squad, we understand the importance of creating an inviting outdoor space, particularly now that we are in the depths of summer heat waves. We have put together some of our best outdoor decorating ideas to help you create the perfect summer retreat, right in the comfort of your garden. If you need a helping hand, contact us today to learn more about our services and get your transformation underway.

Start with some colour.

Why not start by painting garden fences and sheds with a fresh coat of paint, giving them a new lease of life? We recommend using light colours for this, creating a modern and summery aesthetic which is ideal for the new season. If, however, you require further advice on what colour palette would best suit your design, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We have been offering handyman services for over a decade, providing us with an abundance of expertise and knowledge when it comes to painting, decorating and design.

Our painters and decorators London can help with any decorating job big or small. Not only do we offer our painting services inside residential and commercial properties, but we also paint home exteriors and paint doors, ensuring your property is appealing from the very first glance. As well as this, we can also gloss doors, gloss skirting boards, gloss fences and many other surfaces.

London painters

Uplift garden furniture.

Perhaps you have an old garden chair that has turned an off-yellow colour from weathering. Well, with our useful glossing skills we can revive furniture, helping to reshape the appearance of your garden. This is also a great money saving idea, as it gives a second life to old furniture, as opposed to cashing out on new pieces.

If you do require new furniture instead, then we can help with assembling garden furniture or assembling patio furniture, to save you time and hassle. Alongside this, we can lift and shift furniture too, allowing you to relax those muscles while we take over!

Remove dirt, moss and grime.

Next to consider is the star of all garden transformations, jet washing. Jet washing has become a popular trend for garden renovations in recent years, removing moss, dirt and grime throughout your garden. We can jet wash paving stones, jet wash garden furniture and jet wash stone steps, to name a few, leaving your garden looking like it’s never even been touched! This method has been known to make one of the most powerful impacts on garden transformations, and one that we highly recommend using in the guide to your summer retreat.

Jet washing London

Finishing touches.

Complete your perfect summer retreat with some comfy furniture, colourful cushions, flowers and plants or even contact one of our London electricians to help install outdoor light fixtures. Hopefully, we have given you some useful tips and tricks to create a relaxing outdoor haven! If so and you want the help of a handyman in London, call us today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to request a booking.


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