5 Things to Think When Buying Home Doors

5 Things to Think When Buying Home Doors

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When it comes to redesigning your home, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Starting from the first and the most important aspect, your home door, needs to be of the best choice. When you look at the home door options available in the market, countless options are available. To select the best fit for your house, you need to consider a lot of things and compare the options available. Here are a few things to consider.

1.    Size

The first thing you must keep in mind before buying your home door is the size of your house and the frame you have. You cannot afford to have a small or too big door. In either case, the door won’t fit in place and compromise on your home security. The standard door size in Canada is usually 6 feet 8 inches by 3 feet 96 inches. However, for newer homes, the ideal dimensions are 30 and 32 inches in width. There are also doors with 8 or 7 feet height and 24 to 42 inches in width, meaning that there is nothing to worry about if the home is new or old. If you have already bought a home door and you realize that it is the wrong size, talk to our door installers. We will try to solve the problem for you with sidelights and transoms to fit the door in place.

2.    Colour

The front door is the first thing what people will see when they visit you. Apart from making a good first impression, you must also think about yourselves. Even you need to feel great about your home door. Therefore, consider the colour of the home doors. The most common home door colours are white, brown, and dark grey. Depending on the home decor and exterior colours, you can pick a door that matches the entire space. Don’t refrain from trying something unusual if you wish to. Purple, red, green, yellow, and poppy blue can be some of your choices.

3.    Style

The style, too, plays a vital role in the selection process. Based on the functionality and overall theme of your house, you can select from the following door styles.

Single or Double doors

The first thing that you can choose from is the number of panes. You can opt for a single-door mechanism if your home has a narrow or traditional entry. If you have ample space for the entryway and passage inside, you can opt for double-door mechanism. These home doors are generally hinged or prehung to the door frame.

Hinge or Prehung doors

These home doors, as the name suggests, are attached to the door frame with two or more hinges and screws. Hinge doors can support the inward or outward swing of a standard or oversized door depending on what you’d like to have. These home doors are ideal for home interiors as well as the main entrance of your home.

Asymmetrical doors

These home doors are just like the usual hinged, double-door mechanism. The difference between double-door and asymmetrical doors is the size of the two panes. In asymmetrical doors, the size of the panels isn’t the same. One panel is always smaller than the other one. Whether you opt for a solid door or the ones with glass in them, asymmetrical door panes are always different in breadth.

Slab doors

These doors sway inwards or outwards, just like hinged doors. However, slab doors are only the door with no framing and are not prehung. Slab home doors are the ideal choice if only the door needs to be replaced. These doors can easily replace the old door on its hinges

4.    Cost

Cost of the home doors is undoubtedly one of the biggest considerations. You surely don’t want to end up buying a home door that doesn’t fit your budget. Therefore, always look at the price tag of the door you consider. Whether buying online or from a local store, shortlist a few options, compare their pros and cons and pricing, evaluate the pricing, and only then buy a door. You can also ask your door installer for some assistance.

5.    Material

The material you pick will affect the performance of your door in terms of durability and maintenance. So make sure that you choose the right material for your home door. Some of the common materials available in Canada include:


The age-old home door material is still a popular choice for most homeowners. You can choose from different types of wood depending on your preference and budget. Almost all wooden doors require regular maintenance and cleaning. Wooden home doors are usually made using frame and panel construction.


Metal doors have been a preferred choice for people looking for sturdy options to secure their home’s entrance. The most common materials used for metal doors include iron, steel, and aluminium. These home doors are considered to be highly resistant to various factors such as chemicals, weather, rot, and damage. This is the reason why these doors are highly cost-effective.


Fibreglass offers an extra advantage over steel that is fibreglass can easily be fabricated into a wide variety of shapes and textures. This makes fibreglass particularly suitable for use in new design treatments. This home door can also be made to mimic natural wood grain. Fibreglass front doors require little to no maintenance. They are also built with an energy-efficient polyurethane solid core interior that provides similar insulation values to that of steel doors.

Make sure you consider all of these aspects, and several others of you have them in your mind, before buying a home door. The process can be overwhelming due to the countless options available. But be practical and make the right choice.

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