Common furnace problems and how to handle them

Common furnace problems and how to handle them

Even a high-quality furnace model installed correctly can still have troubles without the proper maintenance. Common problems can be from wear and tear, but lack of maintenance or a secondary issue like a leak can also cause issues. Knowing what to look for will let you know if you need furnace repair in Calgary from Highcliffe Mechanical. 

The furnace is not producing enough heat

If you have your furnace turned on and to a high setting, but it’s not putting out adequate heat, there’s a problem. Likely, the issue is a dirty filter or an excess build-up of dust and dirt. It may also be the thermostat, so check it’s working and programmed correctly. If it’s under direct sunlight, it may be affecting the heat output by misreading the temperature. If it’s not the furnace, check there are no leaks in your home that let the heat escape.

Strange noises

Your furnace should run smoothly, especially with a high-efficiency model. Don’t ignore the sound if you hear any squeaking, rumbling, or grinding noises. Those are tell-tale noises of a mechanical problem, and you’ll need a repair. Not only is it affecting the airflow and output, but it could also be causing damage to the furnace. If a part is loose or damaged or can’t run because it’s not properly lubricated, it’ll cause those noises. These repairs shouldn’t be handled alone, so turn off the furnace and call HVAC companies in Calgary to help. They’ll safely handle the repairs and ensure your furnace is back to normal and safe to run.

Follow general maintenance

Even if you have a professional do a routine inspection every year, there are some DIY tasks that you can also do. For example, changing the filter every three months, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions, is one task that protects your furnace. A dirty or clogged filter not only pollutes the air but also makes the furnace work harder than necessary. That wear and tear will eventually wear out of the furnace. Another tip is to turn the furnace on at least once every season you’re not using it. Powering it up again lets you catch any problems early before you need it running full time.

Schedule professional inspections

In addition to a DIY check and minor repairs, you should invest in regular professional furnace service. An experienced professional will do a thorough inspection of your furnace. They may catch issues you missed before or do minor repairs that will prolong the life of your furnace. An HVAC technician will inspect all working components of your furnace and ducts, tune them up, and suggest repairs. An inspection is also a great chance to see about upgrading or replacing your furnace. If furnace repairs in Calgary are becoming a regular occurrence, a newer, more efficient model could save you more in the long run.

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