Dangers of a leaky faucet

Dangers of a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet may sound like a nuisance and nothing more, but they are more problematic. While it is a common problem for many homes, the damage it can cause is nothing to ignore. Hiring Calgary plumbers like Highcliffe Mechanical to repair the faucet right away is so important.

Wasted water

A small dripping may not seem like a big issue, but that little drip builds up over a year. Even just a small drip every ten to 15 seconds can equal half a gallon wasted a day or almost 15 gallons a month. And that’s just a small drip; faster or larger drips will lead to even more wasted water. Don’t ignore the numbers if you notice your monthly water bills are starting to climb higher. Take a look at your faucets and see if you can notice a leak anywhere. If not, still call in plumbers in Calgary to take an in-depth look. 

Water damage

Whether it’s a constant drip or a hidden leak in the pipes, that escaping water is going to cause damage. That might be a buildup of rust on a constantly leaking faucet, or it might be floor damage. If a leak goes unnoticed, that moisture can lead to mould growth and replacement costs. There are many health hazards caused by mould, and it will need to be remediated quickly. Rot is another risk, especially if the leak happens onto wood flooring. 

Causes of a leak

Knowing what can cause a leak is the first step in potentially avoiding one from happening. If it does happen, it will still help to know where to start looking first. Some common reasons are improperly installed faucets, wear and tear over the years, or corrosion. Corrosion-caused leaks, for example, will typically appear from the spout. If the water pressure is the cause, the faucet will only leak at certain points in the day. Typically, this will be when the water is being used for something or when the handle is pointed a certain way. 

Leave it to the pros

Whether you have located the source of a leak or suspect there might be one in your home, leave it to the pros. Plumbers in Calgary like Highcliffe mechanical are fully equipped with the right equipment to handle any leaking faucets and necessary repairs. They also have years of experience which guarantees a quality process from start to finish.

A qualified plumber will also guide or help suggest a better upgrade to a leaky faucet. While a repair will fix the problem, upgrading to a low-flow faucet or new model could save you much more in the long run. 

Need a leaky faucet fixed? Contact Highcliffe Mechanical today!

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