Reasons when tree removal is the best choice 

Reasons when tree removal is the best choice 

Tree removal shouldn’t always be the first decision that comes to mind with a problematic tree. Other steps like pruning, maintenance, or professional help may be able to solve the issue instead. Still, there are times where tree removal is the best option, especially when it’s a safety issue.

MSJD Services in Calgary is a professional landscaping company. They explain when and why tree removal is the best choice to make:

The tree is encroaching

Pruning for trees is quite healthy and helps the tree to grow stronger and look better overall. With encroaching trees, there’s a limit to how much pruning can help. Sometimes new buildings or utilities are built near to the tree, and the problem comes from underground. The root network of a tree is very large and can easily cause problems like damaging foundations or clogging pipes. In that case, removing the encroaching tree will save a lot of costly damage and potential safety hazards.

Damaged or diseased

Calling in a professional to care for your tree, especially when any disease starts to show, is always a great choice. They have the training and tools to help treat the tree, but sometimes the damage is too much. Other times, the disease on the tree is contagious, and either risks or is spreading to nearby trees. In that case, removal may be the best choice. If the disease can’t be contained or stopped, it’s only a matter of time before the tree will die. The same can be said for a damaged tree, either from bad pruning or from a storm.

Unless the damage can be removed or the tree helped, removing the tree will save you from the risk of dealing with a large dead tree. In both cases, always call a professional in first to get their opinion.

Leaning or landscape issues

Sometimes a tree becomes too large and too heavy and starts to lean to one side. In the case of residential trees, a leaning tree risks doing so towards the house. If the tree falls or a branch breaks off, it will cause costly damage to the roof and risk personal safety. In that case, if pruning the branches doesn’t work, removing the tree may be the safest option to prevent a future disaster.

Another problem is with landscaping, particularly when the tree species tend to drop needles, sap, or cotton fluff. Needles and sap can end up killing the grass beneath the tree and ruin any landscaping goals or designs. Netting can be placed beneath the tree to catch the needles, but sometimes the work is too much or too costly with constantly dying grass. Cotton fluff as well can cause severe allergic reactions for people with pollen or dust allergies. Talk to a professional first about the best course of action but removing the tree may be the best option.

Tree Removal in Calgary

MSJD Services offers year-round services and care for your yard, so no matter the seasons, they can always help. They offer everything from landscaping, lawn care and maintenance, tree care, and much more. Whatever landscaping or yard project or work you need, their professionals can help.

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