Signs that it’s time to replace your old cedar roof

Signs that it’s time to replace your old cedar roof

Cedar shake roofs are well-known for their natural beauty and long lifespan, especially when well maintained. Unfortunately, age will eventually take its toll on a cedar roof. When this happens, your roof will have some tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement, either with cedar or with a new asphalt roof.

City Boss Residential Roofing in Calgary is a professional and high-quality roofing company. They share some tell-tale signs that your cedar roofing needs replacing:

Your roof is leaking

Leaks are a common culprit when roofs start to show their age. Eventual wear or loose shakes are likely causes of leaks, or the cause may be something more significant. Catching a leak before it causes damage, though, can be a problem. It may be a visible water stain on your ceiling, or it may be a subtle drip on the walls. If your roof is old or you suspect there is a leak, call in a professional. If the leak is isolated, it can be repaired by a professional. But, if leaks keep recurring or have multiple sources, it’s time to replace your roof.

Damaged or missing cedar shakes

Some warping is actually natural as cedar ages, but severe warping can damage the roof and cause leaks. If moisture can get underneath the shake, it risks damaging the roof’s structure. If the damage is limited to one or a few shakes, they can be removed and replaced instead. Another tendency of cedar shakes is they naturally split over time, though the speed can be affected by the weather. Hail or tree branches can also cause cracks, as well as walking on the shakes. If cracks are left alone, they can worsen and even loosen the shake. Preventative maintenance and repairs will help keep your cedar roof in good shape, but age will eventually need addressing. Talk to City Boss Roofing about a replacement if needed.

Can a repair fix the problem?

Sometimes the problem can easily be spot fixed instead of replacing the entire roof. If the problem is an isolated shake, it’s more cost-effective and practical to do a spot repair. Be aware, though, that these repairs will cause uneven colouring. As cedar shakes age, they change colour and turn a silvery gray shade. New replacement shakes won’t match this colour change, which will affect the colour blend of your roof. If this bothers you, you might want to consider a roof replacement with either wood or another asphalt product. Another consideration is the age of your cedar roof. If it’s reaching the end of its lifespan, it might be more cost-effective to do a replacement as well. If problems start arising, it will cost more in the long term to continually pay for repairs.

Reroof with cedar or choose new?

The benefits and beauty of cedar roofing are what make it such an undeniably popular choice of roof. When it comes time for a roof replacement, though, it’s worthwhile to consider all factors. While beautiful and long-lasting, cedar shakes are the more expensive options for roofs. Also, consider whether you plan to stay in your home for many more years and if you have the budget. If yes, then a cedar replacement is a worthwhile expense. Otherwise, a cost-effective alternative is an asphalt roof, which is just as popular among homeowners. It offers its own visual aesthetics for your home and is a very low-maintenance option, meaning if budget or maintenance care are factors or you just want a fresh look, consider asphalt shingles instead.

Roofers in Calgary

City Boss Residential Roofing prides themselves on providing high-quality and safe roofing services. Quality customer service and satisfaction are their top goals for every project and client. From start to finish, they’ll ensure that the roof is installed safely and properly and is guaranteed for years to come.

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