Update your office paint colours and improve productivity

Update your office paint colours and improve productivity

Choosing the right paint colour for your office or commercial space is a slightly different process than choosing paint colours for your home. When you chose colours for commercial painting in Edmonton, you want ones that will boost the mood and work productivity, while still being visually appealing.

JV Painting and Decorating offer residential and commercial painting in Edmonton. They share some tips for picking the right colours:

Double the benefits: better mood and lower bills 

It comes as no surprise that a happy workplace means increased productivity all around. Choosing the right colours in a room can help do just that. Beyond just boosting mood though, the right colours also play an important role in energy savings as well.

Dark colours tend to absorb more light and will reflect less. Light colours, on the other hand, tend to do the opposite—absorbing less and reflecting more. So, if you find your office space constantly needing the lights on, take a look at those wall colours! For the best energy savings, use lighter colours on the main walls to improve the lighting. Save those darker shades for other specific rooms, or use them as accent colours with the light shades.

Neutral shades: peaceful, calm and orderly

Neutral shades are great for offices with lots of open space or for offices with glass walls. Think of shades such as creams, light teals or beiges. Since these colours aren’t too bright or dominating, they promote a sense of calmness in the workplace. One thing to keep in mind though is not to have too much neutrality, otherwise, it’ll spoil the beneficial effects.

Pairing it with other colours is a great way to balance peace and still keep a sense of productivity. If you have company brand colours, use those to pair together with your neutral shades to pull everything together. Need some ideas? Check out this guide about how to work with neutral paint colours.

Soothing colours: creativity and productivity 

If you need a healthy boost of creativity in your office, then yellow is the way to go. Yellow has been known to stimulate emotions, specifically to do with happiness and creativity. If you use colours like these for your commercial painting services, you don’t necessarily have to paint the entire office. Instead, use stimulating colours on specific rooms like the board room or meeting spaces. That way, when it’s time to discuss ideas or meet with a client, you have the perfect setting for creative flow.

Bold colours: balance and innovation  

Blue, green and red, are the three main primary colours, but they also play primary roles in affecting people’s moods. Blue is all about the mind, so it helps stimulate productivity and focus. Red is about the body and creates a sense of urgency. While green is all about balance and is quite popular for financial offices, as the colour is also associated with money. Depending on how you play with or pair up these colours, you can easily create a specific mood in your office. You can also use them as accent colours to add splashes of balance or productivity, instead of as a main colour. Or, use one colour for a private office or executive space to create the perfect work environment. 

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