What are the benefits of furnace tune-ups? 

What are the benefits of furnace tune-ups? 

Furnace tune-ups, or preventative maintenance service appointments, are an essential part of owning a home. DIY checks and maintenance like replacing the furnace filter is important, but don’t skip out on a professional tune-up as well. Not only can it catch problems before they worsen, or before you’re left without a working furnace during the coldest days of the year, but you’ll also save more money in the long run.

With a company like Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning, your furnace Edmonton tune-up will be in good hands. They share the benefits of annual furnace tune-ups:

Protects your home and family

Part of a professional checkup means they’ll inspect each part of the furnace and heating system. Because most furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, a leak or crack invites severe safety risks. Escaped carbon monoxide is both odourless and colourless, but extremely dangerous. Having a professional Edmonton furnace company inspect your furnace ensures the safety of your home and peace of mind.

Saves money and bills

Reactive maintenance and repairs can cost almost double in repairs compared to preventative maintenance. The same goes for a furnace that breaks down and needs to be completely replaced as a result. Tune-ups and cleaning cost a fraction of the price compared to a new furnace replacement. Skipping out on tune-ups also risks negating any warranties that must be upheld by doing regular furnace maintenance.

Regular tune-ups will also ensure your furnace is running at peak performance. When your furnace is in top condition and clean, it can run smoothly and without strain. That helps cut the amount of energy it uses to heat your home, so your bills stay down.

Keeps your home air clean

Dirty air filters or dirty air ducts means that instead of warm, clean air, it could be blowing dirty air throughout your home. Anyone who struggles with allergies or asthma will be affected even more by the poor air quality. Long-term, indoor air pollution can have negative effects even on healthy people. In severe cases, it can cause eye and skin irritation, coughing, fatigue, and more. Furnace Edmonton filters must be regularly cleaned and replaced to keep your air quality clean.

You should also have your ducts cleaned every two to three years, to ensure the HVAC system is clean and circulating clean air into your home.

Extend your furnace’s lifespan

If your furnace is working harder than necessary because it is dirty or hasn’t been serviced, it could burn itself out sooner. On average, a furnace should have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Without maintenance, however, that time can easily be cut in half or more.

Costly repairs that continuously happen can also build up in expenses over the years. Instead of saving more with an efficient furnace, you end up spending more over it’s lifecycle. Plus, the cost of an unplanned replacement can be a major expense, not to mention a headache. Extend the life of your furnace by having it regularly serviced and cleaned with a trusted company.

Is it time for a furnace tune-up? Contact Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning!

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