Why you should invest in roof deck insulation

Why you should invest in roof deck insulation

There are many parts that make up a roof system, and each plays a key role in safety and energy efficiency. Often the shingles, roof colour, or material are the main focus on residential roofing. Still, an important area to consider is roof deck insulation. For homeowners looking for ways to save money and boost efficiency, this insulation is a key part. Always leave roofing to a professional company like ROOFKING that guarantees quality and efficiency. Here are reasons why you should invest in roof deck insulation:

Extends your roof’s lifespan

Roof deck insulation works two ways by preventing too much heat from getting in or from escaping. Exterior heat will quickly travel through the roof deck and into the attic and home without proper insulation. When the heat transfers back out again, it speeds up the deterioration of the roof. Replacements will be needed much sooner and costly repairs needed for any damage. Installing roof deck insulation helps limit how much heat transfers in or out, which extends the roof’s lifespan.

Prevent ice dams

Ice dams are a serious winter problem that, if left unchecked, can lead to costly damages and repairs. Both residential and commercial roofing can suffer from ice dams. The problem forms when there is excess heat trapped in the attic and beneath the roof. Snow on the roof will quickly melt, and water will run down towards the eaves. There, the water refreezes and forms dams of ice. If water continues to melt and refreeze, it can force water underneath the shingles and cause water damage or rot. With roof deck insulation, excess heat is blocked, so there is no risk of ice dams forming.

Increase energy-efficiency savings

Relying on HVAC systems alone to warm or cool your home can lead to higher monthly bills. If the HVAC is running constantly it can also cause premature burnout. Roof deck insulation helps prevent this by creating a barrier that blocks the transfer or loss of excess heat. Paired with attic ventilation, your home’s efficiency and monthly savings will noticeably go up. A more efficient home also offers better peace of mind and year-round comfort.

Leave it to the professionals

The best time to add roof deck insulation is while you are replacing your existing roof. The process involves removing the old roof and any underlayment to expose the roof sheathing. Once the insulation is installed, new underlayment and shingles are installed. A professional can handle the work both quickly and safely. They have the right tools, experience, and knowledge for a quality-ensured process. Any minor damages or roof repairs will also be handled so that your roof lasts for its full lifespan without worry.

Ready to improve your roof? Contact ROOFKING today for your new roof deck insulation.

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